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Ipsum. A mega-city that is located beachside, with mountains and a river surrounding its expansive homes and towering buildings. The city is beyond beautiful... yet none of the residents have any idea how they arrived, and have yet to leave, because Ipsum is a city you can never leave -- not by choice. People appear here without any knowledge where they are, no one knows what country or world they are even in. Yet, the city still provides for her people. Jobs, homes, goods are all readily available, and there is a place for everyone, be it the good or bad โ€” Ipsum shall provide.

Please make yourself at homeโ€ฆ you will not be returning to yours any time soon.

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Houses here are fairly inexpensive, depending on how close to the River they are. The more prone to flooding, the cheaper the home. However, each home is charming, and all houses here boast a certian charm with popped colour and quaint little yards. Children of all ages play in the streets in the evenings and the river boasts a great place to picnic, camp, or enjoy the stars at night.
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Exea Square is a very arts and niche open market that offers good from all the worlds collected by Ipsum. From rare spices, to strange alien technology, to paintings done by local artist, if you can't find it anywhere else in Ipsum, it is more than likely in Exea Square. It is open sun up to sun set every day of the week, and some stalls even stay open longer. Seeing as there are hundreds upon hundreds of stalls, you are likely to find at least one thing to please your fancy.
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Once built in the hopes of not only achieving air travel beyond Ipsum, but to accommodate the bigger ships and mecha of individuals that come to Ipsum, it has since been abandoned. While the hangers are still in use by many people, rented out by the government to house larger vehicles of it's citizenry, it, for the most part, is empty. It's almost an eyesore for the residence of Ligula.
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To the northwest of the residential district is the Mollitanim Wall , a massive cliff that jaggedly cuts off from the Mattis' southern mountain face. From this cliff falls a beautiful waterfall into the Velitesse River. The government has taken it upon themselves to make the Mollitanim falls a bit of an attraction for Ipsum residence, by adding a light display for important dates. It's a very romantic date spot, but be careful of the currents of the river.
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Built near the river in the fields that border it, Ipsum's Military has a long tradition of being small but strong. A 5:30 am call for PT, and a 8:30am work call is to be expected of all soliders within the army, as is the life they have elected to live.
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From the Mollitanim Wall is the start of the large, yet short river of Velitesse. This river is home to many fresh water fish, and though it is short, it is wide and has very fast and turbulent currents in the center. However, the shore is safe for all people to play, as long as they don't go out to far. The rocky shores are great for cookouts, enjoying the stars, even camping on some of the larger boulders. Many teens can be found here at night star gazing, or having a bon-fire.
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