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Ipsum. A mega-city that is located beachside, with mountains and a river surrounding its expansive homes and towering buildings. The city is beyond beautiful... yet none of the residents have any idea how they arrived, and have yet to leave, because Ipsum is a city you can never leave -- not by choice. People appear here without any knowledge where they are, no one knows what country or world they are even in. Yet, the city still provides for her people. Jobs, homes, goods are all readily available, and there is a place for everyone, be it the good or bad — Ipsum shall provide.

Please make yourself at home… you will not be returning to yours any time soon.

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as played by Lynn
I think we should name him Yorak.
Player Pronouns She/Her
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Jun 17 2018, 08:01 PM


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scout's log day 1, year one
location: earth orbit

Rannveig has sent me and one of my fellow soldiers out to scout this odd planet in an eight planet solar system. There has been word of signals coming off one of the lions. We're not entirely sure which lion it is, but word coming down from above says it's the blue lion.

From what I've researched about the primitives, they're the ones who have taken over the planet itself. They're a young species slowly advancing in terms of technology, but severely lacking in terms of space travel. From what I've read of their histories, their first trip off of their planet was in the Earth year 1969 and only to the planet's moon.

Why would any of the lions be on this planet? Maybe it's its young existence that drew one of the lions here.


Only time will tell.

You should have known your fellow scout wanted the power for himself.

Your race was a warfaring people, and it only made sense that one of the others would take power above recognition from the superiors.

It didn't surprise you that he would shoot you out of orbit.

What was surprising was your rescuer.

You'd crash landed in his farmstead and he was a primitive, but he was the first thing you saw when you regained consciousness in the cockpit. His silhouette looked concerned from his outline against the stars.

He let you stay, and he nursed you back to health.

It was strange as you'd expected him to run screaming from you in terror. Most primitives seemed to do so when they saw a Galra, but...he was different.

He was interesting.

He was...different.

scout's log day 10, year 1
location: kogane farmstead

Kogane is...different than what I expected.

He listened to my story of why I crash landed on Earth.

He was willing to bring me back to a healthy state.

He's not...afraid of me, and he's been showing me the ways of Earth.

I still say it's such a young planet, but it's so unlike Galra, that I...I wouldn't mind staying here away from the war.

But I don't think that would be an option. My dagger has been silent so far, and I think they're hoping that I'm scouting for the lion, but I can't say that's everything I've been doing.

At least I can count of Kogane to let me stay as long as I can on this world.

It hadn't taken you long to find the lion.

The sensors were only among the only things on your ship that hadn't gone up in flames, and it was odd to find that the lion had found its way to Earth.

Perhaps Quintessence was the reason; or "magic" as Kogane said the humans called it..

You would stay on Earth even if it was just to protect it.

If your staying with Kogane would turn into something more, who could say. You enjoyed his company, and he hadn't turned you into the Galaxy Garrison. Maybe there was something more there.

Again only time would tell.

scout's log day 50, year 2
location: kogane farmstead

It's been more than an Earth...year? Is that the term?

These Earth words are strange even after this time on Earth. My blade has still been silent but at least Kolivan knows that I'm here to protect the blue lion.

Even after a year this planet has no resources for me to fix my ship, but I can't say I miss the war. If I could I would stay on Earth for the rest of my life. I would stay on Earth with the man I've come to care for.

I barely remember not trusting him as he treated my wounds, and everything has gotten better from there.

Love is an odd feeling and I never thought I would fall for someone while I worked as a spy, let alone someone outside my own race. Interracial marriages aren't uncommon, but as far as I know no Galran has fallen for a human.

Of course, I'm proud to say that our love has borne fruit. An odd phrase, but a human phrase that fits our situation best. He says it will take nine months, but I'm expecting a kit. A baby, that's the human word. We're having...a baby

Keith was so small, and you were afraid you would break him the first time you held him.

Galran children were never that small unless they were premature, but Kogane's reassurances that this was a normal size for a human baby slowly assuaged your worries, and you let your love for your little kit fill you.

He was so furless and pink, but he was yours, and no one could tell you otherwise. The nine months of not being able to watch over the blue lion as before were worth it. He was such a happy and innocent baby, and you were happy he was at least able to live in a world without war with the Galra.

Earth had its wars, but the wars were nothing like your wars.

Maybe he would be able to live in a time of peace, and be given a choice of whether he wanted to fight. It was one of your greatest hopes for him, but even you had to admit that this was unrealistic, and the war could still find you here one day.

On the other hand, Yorak would have been a wonderful name for him...but Keith worked too. There was always a middle name.

.scout's log day 70, year 2
location: in transit to the blade of marmora
I was able to juryrig some Earth parts to get my ship in working order again.

Keith's father helped by bringing parts from the Garrison he spoke of on the first day I saw him, and I wonder if they will come to question why he needed those parts.

As I stare down at the baby pictures of my son my husband left me, I can't help but wonder what they're doing now. Is Keith still crying for me? Will he ever forgive me for having to leave him?

They say everyone has a choice, but who would make the choice to bring their own child into war if they don't have to.

The day the alarm on my blade went off was the most frightening day of my life. The Empire had found out about the lion. I should have known it had been a matter of time.

It had been difficult to leave Keith at the house, but we couldn't take him on the mission. That became clear when his father got hurt.

We took them down, but I know they'll be back again if I don't report in.

It's why I'm here now.

But it still hurts to know I can't go back.

I left my heart on Earth, but one day I hope I can tell Keith my story and he won't hate me for what I had to do.

Returning to work had been the most difficult for you, but it was not impossible to get back into the swing of spy work and your work for the blade.

Kolivan had questioned why you had come back without your luxite blade, and you had to tell him of the small family you had left on Earth. There had been anger, but at the same time approval of your actions of returning to your work and your reasons.

He asked you if your actions as a spy would be compromised because of your new status as a mother, but you were only slightly hesitant as you denied the possibility of compromise.

You could go back to your work knowing that your family was safe from the war for the time being. You would continue to fight to make sure that they remained safe for as long as possible.

.soldier's log day 184 , year 18
location: rannveig's base

I've been doing this spy work for more than 18 years now, and I can't help but wonder why Kolivan would send someone new to bring me out of my current post.

This base is the optimal place to keep an eye on the Empire and to keep the supposed superweapon in its cage. The Empire doesn't know what this creature actually is, and I've seen many a soldier come to try to claim the creature, thinking it is a weapon to spin the war in their favor.

Ranveig was foolish to think he could create such a creature, and many of my people are just as foolish to think they could control such a creature.

But who is this operative that is...bringing me back?...It's been eighteen years...I...Kolivan mentioned someone new joining the Blade, but I left him on Earth.

I'd hoped he would find me, but I hoped he would find me when the war was over.I can still see him crying for me as my ship took off. I can still say that was the most difficult thing I have done.

I should have known he would inherit my personality, and be stubborn enough to find his own way off the planet.

Seeing your son again almost felt as heartwrenching as it had been to leave him the first time.

Keith was still so small, but there was no denying that he was your Keith. His features were mostly the same as he had been when you held him as a baby, but he didn't remember you.

He even had your old luxite blade, but your little boy didn't remember you.You didn't blame him for questioning you, but you had to wonder at his rather clueless nature at your hints.

Was he that much out of touch with his origins?

Looking at him, you couldn't believe how much he looked like you, but you could also see some of his father in him.

The thought of your love back on Earth made you wonder what the man thought of Keith having gone to space.

Of Keith having gone to fight in the war.

soldier's log, year 20
location: ipsum

This new world is even more strange than Earth, and that suits me just fine. but there is no Galran War here, and that is what makes it the most strange.t fine, but there is no Galran War here, and this is what makes it the most strange.It's been a...long time since I haven't had to focus on going from one battle to the next, and I suppose it's time to get used to a time of peace.

I've had two years to get to know Keith, and I got to meet the team that has kept him safe while I couldn't.

I wish I could have asked them some questions before I got dragged here.

There was a lot Keith and I needed to tell them.

A lot about Lotor and what he was actually doing to get Quintessence for his people.

There was so much they needed to know, and so much I can't tell them now that I'm here in this place.

I don't even know if any of them ended up on this...Ipsum.

I've taken up a post as a soldier, and it's been a...long time since I haven't had to focus on going from one battle to the next, and I suppose it's time to get use to a time of peace.








ABILITIES As a Galran involved in the war, Krolia was trained young to prepare her for having to fight for the cause. Her primary means of fighting are blades and firearms. As a member of the Blade of Marmora, she has a luxite blade that normally is styled as a dagger, but in the hands of a Galran or a part-Galran with enough of his or her DNA awakened, the blade extends out into a kukri-like weapon for a longer range and a more versatile style of fighting.

Her gun is for when she is disarmed from her blade.When not using her on the ground weaponry, she is a skilled pilot, well versed enough to pilot a ship that is the size of a base. As a Galra she is capable of activating Galran technology with her touch as it can only be used by those that have enough Galran DNA for it to register in the system


  • Krolia is very protective of those close to her to the point that she was willing to leave her small family behind on Earth to make sure that they stayed out of the war. Of course, stubborn Keith didn't stay behind on Earth and instead found himself in the war she'd hoped to keep him from. At least over the past two years she's gotten to know her son as an adult.
  • Loyalty is also something deep rooted in her. Though she's worked for millennia as a spy, she's still loyal to the cause she actually believes in and this will carry over to her work as a soldier on Ipsum
  • Though not in the highest echelons of the Blade, she is still considered one of the leaders, and thus her leadership skills are fairly great in comparison to the average soldier. She also knows how to work both sides of the coin in terms of to whom she appears loyal. She can play both sides of the field


  • At times Krolia can be a bit of a hothead like her son. She has many more years under her belt than Keith, but everyone has their weaknesses when it comes to personality.. This coupled with a fairly stubborn streak can spell a bad combination for those who may have to deal with her in the long run.
  • Showing her deeper emotions is something she hasn't gotten the hang of just yet. A spy is not usually able to show how they truly feel when out in the field.
  • Having been at war for most of her life, it will probably be difficult again for Krolia to adjust to a relative peace. Being well clear of the Galran war and yet again on another world will help with this, but knowing that Keith had found himself in the war even though she'd tried keeping him out of it doesn't help in the readjustment process.

PULL POINT Post Razor's Edge

SORTING I had Krolia on here before and Krolia may not have magical abilities like some of the Galrans out there, but her willingness to go to extra means to protect those she cares for as well as her skills as a pilot, spy, swordswoman, and gunwoman do qualify her for Syzygy, I believe

as written by


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as played by just snow
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Jun 18 2018, 12:24 AM


Lynn, I am… floored. You took the little canon information that we do know of Krolia, and you blended them together to make a beautiful character, one that is so well built. A mother Keith has longed for, that tried so hard to do what was right for her son and her husband. And while she never thought she would see her boy again, he’s here in Ipsum, right under her nose. I cannot wait to see how their beautiful reunion goes, I expect violently, and how she takes to all of Keith’s friends, I expect him to get protective.

Welcome to Ipsum Krolia! You have been sorted into SYZYGY! Please be sure to fill out your Claims (Character List, Member List & Employment) and your Mini Profile, and let us know that you have finished that here, so we can properly sort you!

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