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 Yamazaki Sousuke, Roswell [Free!]








as played by Roswell
Player Pronouns Any
Player Age ∞


Jul 20 2018, 06:50 AM

Yamazaki Sousuke



AGE Eighteen

RACE Human (Japanese)


SEXUALITY Homosexual

JOB Unemployed

USERGROUP Nadir or Denizen?

Water is the driving force of all nature.
- Leonardo da Vinci

For as long as he can remember, he has loved the water.

His is a normal childhood, full of school and friends and vague expectations regarding the family restaurant. It is not his dream to work there, but he will grow up learning the business and refining his skill in the kitchen. Even if he has a different kind of life in mind, he does enjoy cooking, especially for others. If his dream does not come true, it is nice, too, to know there is something for him to fall back on.

There is one other boy that is a constant presence in his life when he is young. The Matsuoka siblings are regulars at his home, a habit which increases after the loss of their father, and Sousuke and his family do their best to make the two feel as welcome as possible. Rin is his best friend, Gou is like a sister to him, he will do anything to help the two. Even at such a young age there is a protective streak in him when it comes to the pair.

He and Rin are friends, yes, but rivals, too. This is true in almost everything, but swimming stands above all when it comes to competing with his friend. They belong to the same Swim Club in their youth, and Rin's obsession with the relay is nothing new, but it is something Sousuke has never fully understood. Oh, he understands the history, the fact Rin is fixated on living out his dad's dream. He dislikes the idea of sharing a win, though, and the idea that a loss should be anyone's fault but his own. He tells his friend this, too, after a competition, and, later, he'll regret it.

It is surprising, and upsetting, to learn his best friend will be transferring schools. And he doesn't know which hurts more, the boy leaving him behind, or the way Rin talks about his new friends. The three others he's built his relay team with. The way he makes it sound as if they're the reason for his switch to Iwatobi.

He doesn't say anything, of course. This is important to Rin, and his friend's happiness is important to Sousuke.

But when the redhead leaves shortly after to attend school in Australia, it seems like a part of himself is missing.

Even after Rin's letters stop, Sousuke keeps writing regularly. But despite his rival's absence, he cannot let himself fall behind the rest of their peers. Swimming competitively is still important to him and, yes, maybe the extensive training is a way to help keep his mind off the void left by his friend's absence and silence. After a while, there is almost no one who can match him, and his goal of being good enough to someday race his friend again seems well within reach.

But everything comes with a price.

It starts as something small, just a little discomfort that is written off as straining himself. Something that will fade and heal and be forgotten quickly. Only it doesn't. He ignores it, and ignores it, until he can't anymore. Until he's forced to accept he's over-trained, he's hurt himself and by ignoring it he's only made it worse. It will not be a quick or easy fix and it sets him back. Seeing his teammates surpass him because of it, realizing his dream may never come true, it is enough that he decides to quit. It's hard to accept, and he doesn't quite know what to do if he leaves that world behind him.

He's almost made peace with the decision when he gets the news from Gou. Rin has finally returned and that dream he'd tried to bury comes clawing its way back into his head. He can't face his friend as he is, though, can't bear to let Rin see him injured and broken, can't stand the thought of making his friend cry. Because he knows that's what will happen, even with years and distance between them, he still knows the redhead.

Still, he keeps tabs on his friend, he attends the tournaments where Samezuka competes, though he does not yet seek out a reunion. It is during one of these competitions that something happens which he doesn't fully understand at the time. He cannot figure out why Rin would swim with the group from a rival school, the same team from Iwatobi Swim Club years ago, and it frustrates him, seeing such potential wasted in a group event. He can't help but blame Nanase, for dragging Rin into such a situation. And for what? To get his own school disqualified in the end?

Eventually, he transfers to Samezuka, even managing to get into the same class as Rin. Their reunion is bittersweet on his part, and he doesn't want to lie, but he can't bear to crush his friend. So instead of admitting he's ruined, he claims he's been scouted, that he just wants to spend what free time he has left swimming the way he wants, with who he wants.

It's fine, for a while. He manages to hide the injury, to compete and practice, but he knows it's only a matter of time until another flare up. The intense training, practice, and competition cycle is hard on him, and he can feel the work he's done to repair himself slowly being undone.

But it doesn't matter if he ruins himself - all he wants is to finish out his final season swimming with his friend. He knows, when it's over, he'll have to quit and figure out something else to do with his life, and he's okay with that. There's always the restaurant to fall back on.

It's Nanase who notices first, an unfortunate moment in the elevator at the hotel where their teams are staying for regionals. An innocent effort to help right a fallen housekeeping cart, a motion cut short by a sudden pain. He is annoyed, for a while, that his secret is out, that Kisumi has mentioned it to others, but he can't fault the guy for long. Still, he orders Nanase to keep it from Rin; it's too early for his friend to find out. They still have a competition to win.

It flares again in the warm-up pool the next day, though, and he knows, then, he may not be able to hide it much longer. Not with that worried look Rin gives him. It isn't long until he's confronted - he knows, as soon as that can leaves Rin's hand and sails toward him, that it's over.

In a way, it's a relief. He hates lying to his friend, his team, he really does, but it was the only way he could see to finish out his last season as he wanted. So, with no other options left to him, he confesses. It's all a lie, the scout, the school, his continued career. He tells Rin everything (unaware that certain others are within ear shot), the training, the injury, the physical therapy, being surpassed more and more each day by his team, his decision to quit, and his desire to finish out his last season on the same team as his friend.

Even if he knows it will happen, it still pains him to see his friend cry, to know he's the reason behind it. Despite the protests, though, he insists he can finish the competition, he can - will - do the relay. It may be his very last chance, he can't let it go.

They lose, though, and he tries not to blame himself. He had hoped, maybe, he could get through the race without incident, but in a sport based on speed, where less than a second is the difference between victory and defeat, a little lost momentum is enough to put them at a disadvantage. But, when it's all said and done, he understands, finally, why the relay is so important to Rin.

After that, he's effectively retired. There is nothing left for him to do but to finish out the school year and figure out where he'll go next. But that can wait, without the pressure of moving on to a respected swimming school, he can afford to take a little time and decide on a plan.

The rest of his year is relatively uneventful. The season is over, but he can still sit in on club practices, and help to coach and offer advice. It's at the end of the year that something interesting finally happens again, and it all starts with a package of mysterious cookies left in his room that leads to a trail of clues ending in a pair of tickets to a local onsen. As it turns out, it's a gift from Momotaru and Aiichiro for himself and Rin. It ends up being the four of them going as a group, and it's much more enjoyable an experience than he thought it would be.

The last thing he remembers from his own world is the night at the Iwatobi Swim Club, the party thrown for Rin before his departure back to Australia. A pool full of balloons, inflatable animals, confetti, and friends. He knows that, upon stepping out the door after the party, instead of the parking lot, he sees a strange courtyard, and is ushered to a place that is supposed to be able to answer his questions.

Being a fish out of water is tough, but that's how you evolve.
- Kumail Nanjiani


HOBBIES Swimming

LIKES Swimming, cooking, winning, cola, pork

DISLIKES Losing, having to retire from his sport early

DOB September 14th


ABILITIES Just above average athletic ability


  • Loyal
  • Calm
  • Dedicated


  • Directions. Sousuke would get lost in a hallway if you don't watch him.
  • Overprotective streak
  • Bad right shoulder

PULL POINT End of Take Your Marks, just after the balloon pool party

SORTING His athletic ability could probably qualify him for Denizen, but he's not able to swim at the same level he used to, or seriously compete, without aggravating his bad shoulder, so Nadir's just as likely. Idc put him wherever XD

as written by


AGE Old, kay EXPERIENCE years LOCATION East Coast US player triggers
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as played by Kitten
No, this is not about me, I see you thinking I'm a missing piece to the puzzle that you use for life. I'll wait a minute while you try to come for mine
Player Pronouns she/her
Player Age Twenty-five


Jul 26 2018, 04:00 PM


Ros! You have done wonders with this app and bringing to life the beloved whale shark of Samezuka! You went into great detail to bring his past, present and looming future to light and I cannot praise you highly enough for making me feel all the things. I always am a touch soft when it comes to Sousuke, he is one of my favorites of the series so... I really can't wait to see him prosper within the cityscape of Ipsum! Hopefully, he will continue to take it easy and not work himself too hard, no one wants the poor thing to break down his arm once more.

Welcome to Ipsum Yamazaki Sousuke! You have been sorted into NADIR! Please be sure to fill out your Claims (Character List, Member List & Employment) and your Mini Profile, and let us know that you have finished that here, so we can properly sort you!

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