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Ipsum. A mega-city that is located beachside, with mountains and a river surrounding its expansive homes and towering buildings. The city is beyond beautiful... yet none of the residents have any idea how they arrived, and have yet to leave, because Ipsum is a city you can never leave -- not by choice. People appear here without any knowledge where they are, no one knows what country or world they are even in. Yet, the city still provides for her people. Jobs, homes, goods are all readily available, and there is a place for everyone, be it the good or bad — Ipsum shall provide.

Please make yourself at home… you will not be returning to yours any time soon.

We are an Intermediate to Advanced RP Forum that offers a sandbox world for our members to play in with plot driven events! Please read all the rules before joining, and please be sure to register your OOC account first, with your name, then please register your character account in PROPER CAPITALISATION after you make a reserve. Please ensure you have registered with the proper naming convinctions of your character's country. We have no word count, we are rated L3|S3|V3, and are pleased to have you join us.


JULY 19: RULES UPDATE: We will now allow Silent Protags on a case by case basis. Please use the inquiry forum if you wish to apply for one of these.

JULY 14: RULES UPDATE: You must have a reservation. If you have not had a reservation in 10 days, your app will be dropped. If you have not had a reservation for a month, character account will be dropped, even if you have asked to hold the character in a recent Activity Check.

JULY 6: TAG BOX CHANGES We have some updates to our tag box, read about it here

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 Ready for Review?, Post here when you finish apping.







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Feb 16 2018, 08:11 PM

Ready for Review?

Once you are done with your application, please make a post so we know that you are ready for us to look everything over. PLEASE INCLUDE A LINK to your application, with your characters name included.

In the second post, once your app is accepted, PLEASE TELL US YOU HAVE FINISHED YOUR CLAIMS AND FILLING OUT YOUR PROFILE. Be sure to tell us what character!

If your application has been pended and you need it re-reviewed, you also need to post here WITH A LINK TO YOUR APPLICATION again and your character name like the first time.

Simple, no? That's what we aim for! We will try to get to any apps in order, however, please don't be offended if someone is reviewed before you. Please give us up to three days to look over your app, as well. Thank you for apping with us!

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Welcome to Lorem Ipsum's cbox! It might seem quiet, that's because we're happily chatting away on the Discord Server! Link above! However, if you wish to chat here, please feel free to leave a message, we don't bite! We'll happily chat here as well! Please be sure to read the rules! We're excited to have you!