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Ipsum. A mega-city that is located beachside, with mountains and a river surrounding its expansive homes and towering buildings. The city is beyond beautiful... yet none of the residents have any idea how they arrived, and have yet to leave, because Ipsum is a city you can never leave -- not by choice. People appear here without any knowledge where they are, no one knows what country or world they are even in. Yet, the city still provides for her people. Jobs, homes, goods are all readily available, and there is a place for everyone, be it the good or bad — Ipsum shall provide.

Please make yourself at home… you will not be returning to yours any time soon.

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 playing with [fire], tag: open


Sailor Moon



Hero / Flower Shop Assistant



as played by Nara
In the name of the Moon, I'll punish you!
Player Pronouns she/her
Player Age 16


Jul 20 2018, 01:17 AM
shallow waters never meet i'm not needed
Walking around the Hero Office in either form felt so wrong. After two whole years of living in Ipsum almost a year of certified hero work Usagi still felt exposed walking through the office. No matter what the reason was. Considering she had to enter as Usagi, transform somewhere and then keep moving because she didn't want anyone to know who she was? It was just so complicated. Wait was she actually meant to keep her identity hidden? The Director probably knew who she was right?

UGH why couldn't she just catch a break?

Making matters worse? She didn't even have a mission right now so she had to actually... train. She'd had enough of that when she'd been living in Tokyo with Luna but then.... she'd seen people on missions. The superheroes. She was only a hero, while they were capable of like.... leveling the entire city if they wanted to. They didn't even need to transform.

So right now? She (as Sailor Moon obviously that was the only way she can use her power) was standing in the middle of the training room waiting for the sequence to activate. It hurt but her powers weren't really combative. She was a healer with her only attack being her Tiara. Which meant she needed a partner with her all the time.

Well NOT this time!!!!

"Okay you're going to be amazing and are going to nail this." She was ready. Okay. Nothing could stop her now.

open pls join


Ao no Exorcist






as played by Lynn
I'm not your weapon; Demon King or savior! I'm Rin Okumura! And when I'm done, I'm going to be the best Exorcist you ever laid your eyes on
Player Pronouns She/Her
Player Age 27


Aug 3 2018, 04:50 PM
fire with fire
Rin had been in Ipsum for only a few months, and he still hadn't gotten a hold of his power upgrade. It had only been a matter of time before he was caught nearly burning something down because his instincts were telling him that he should do it because it would make him happy.

Because it made that darker part of himself, that part he most often wanted to forget, feel good. He could never forget that demon side though as it was something that now stared him in the face every time he looked in a mirror. At least in this new world he didn't have to worry about the stigma that came with dealing with his own world's exorcists.

It was annoying to say the least, but there hadn't been much he could do about it without having to worry about execution. It wasn't the best way to live, but it was how he had to deal with things. And dealing with things was why he found himself here. Rin had heard the Hero Office had a place where people could hone their skills. A place where he could be dangerous for himself without worrying about burning something important down.

And maybe a place he could take out his frustrations and worries. He hadn't been in a good place before being dragged off to Ipsum by unseen forces and Rin was worried about all of those he'd left back home, but none more so than his brother.

He'd noticed that Yukio had been spiraling ever downward and it seemed that everything had finally come to a head and his younger brother was in his own personal hell. The old Yukio would probably have been proud of what Rin was trying to do in this new world; of the fact that he was taking responsibility for his new self and trying to learn what control he once had.

Rin shook his head at his thoughts as they wee beginning to turn morbid, and then asked the front desk the way to the training room. He needed to at least get a start on learning control and there was only one way to start.

At arriving at the room and pushing open the door Kuro, perched on Rin's right shoulder said, There's someone in there just as Rin caught the tail end of Usagi's comment and eh stepped in with a sheepish smile that showed the tips of his upper fangs, and he brought a hand up to scratch the back of his head. "Sorry, I should have guessed someone else was in here." If this lady wanted to practice alone he'd go, but all he said after was, I'd asked about a place to practice and they directed me here."

Tsukino Usagi ☼ thanks evvie!
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