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 Roy Mustang, Roswell [Fullmetal Alchemist]


Fullmetal Alchemist



Parliament Member


as played by Roswell
The power of one man doesn't amount to much. But, with whatever little strength I'm capable of... I'll do everything humanly possible to protect the people I love, and in turn they'll protect the ones they love. It seems like the least we tiny humans can do for each other.
Player Pronouns Any
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Jun 17 2018, 08:44 AM

Roy Mustang

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

NICKNAMES Flame, Flame Alchemist, Chief, Colonel, Hero of Ishval

AGE Thirty One

RACE Human


SEXUALITY Demisexual

JOB Syzygy(?) Leadership

USERGROUP Syzygy, probably

♔ ♔ ♔
From French, "I adjust". A player says "j'adoube" as the international signal that he or she intends to adjust the position of a piece on the board without being subject to the touched piece rule. The verb adouber, literally "to dub" (raise to the knighthood) is rarely used in contemporary French outside of this context. A local language equivalent, e.g. "I am adjusting" is generally acceptable.
If there are moments which define a life, the first of his comes the day of a great loss. Orphaned, suddenly, and shuffled into the care of his paternal Aunt, the experience is the catalyst which leads to the formation of the drive and desire which will carry him through the following years. It is a tiny spark at first, but it will grow into an inferno with time, this determination to protect.

Chris Mustang - more widely known as Madam Christmas - is the woman directly responsible for much of the way Roy conducts himself as he grows. Despite her gruff demeanor, and their snappy banter, he cares deeply for her, and always will. If not for her, his life could have taken a very different turn, and he is very aware of this fact.

Under her care, he is taught many things designed to mold him into a good man, and a fine gentleman. There is, however, one thing she cannot help him with and when the boy displays signs of alchemic talent, a proper teacher is quickly found.

Berthold Hawkeye will play an important role in the young alchemist's life - as will his daughter, Riza. Master Hawkeye is a difficult man more often than not, but he is brilliant and innovative, and Roy cannot ask for a better source of knowledge. It is frustrating, then, when the man refuses to share his notes regarding Flame Alchemy, no matter how persistent he is in his requests. A power like that can surely be abused, yes, but it can also be used to protect.

Still, he learns much under Berthold, despite the lack of faith shown him by the refusal to pass along the secrets of Flame Alchemy. It is only due to increasing aggression at the borders of their country that he finally makes the choice to leave his master and enroll in the State Military Academy. He cannot sit idly by, safe well behind the front lines, if it is within his power to assist the military and defend the citizens of Amestris.
♔ ♔ ♔
From German, "war game". Kriegspiel is a chess variant played by two opponents who can only see their own board, and one monitoring umpire who makes the moves of both players on a neutral board. It requires three chess sets and boards. The players make their moves based on limited information from the umpire. It was introduced in 1898. It is sometimes referred to as blind chess, not be confused with blindfold chess.
In time, he will learn the true reasons behind the violence raging at the Amestrian borders, and, indeed, the dark secret behind the country itself. Until then, he must do what he can with what knowledge he has. He devotes himself to the Academy and keeps tabs on the trouble brewing at the edges of his country.

It is during his time in the Academy that he meets the man who will quickly become one of his closest friends. Maes Hughes is a cheerful and idealistic young man with whom Roy shares his lofty dreams for the future more times than either can count.

He dreams of becoming part of the foundation of their great country, of helping to defend the nation and her people and contribute to the betterment of Amestris as a whole.

The choice to enter the Academy will turn out to be another defining moment, a decision that will alter the path his life may have otherwise taken. By putting himself on the board, he will become an unwitting pawn in a game of a scale he cannot yet imagine. In time, his skill with tactics and seeing the much bigger picture will develop. He will learn to delay gratification for the sake of a long-running plan, and the payoff at the end. The foundations for these skills are strengthened during this phase of his life: his combat prowess and budding talent for the art of manipulation.
♔ ♔ ♔
From German, "in-between move". An "inbetween" move, or an intermezzo, played before an expected reply. Often, but not always, this involves responding to a threat by posing an even greater threat, forcing the opponent to respond to the threat first
Upon leaving the Academy, he returns to his old master - in search of new and deeper knowledge, yes, but also in the hope that he has finally managed to prove himself worthy of learning the secrets of Flame Alchemy, and to convince Berthold to lend his skill to the State, to share his brilliance with the rest of the world.

He does not expect to find his master in such a state and, determined as he may be, it pains him to see the man so ill and living in such squalor. Berthold's death (that very same day) is a heavy blow, and his final request is one Roy cannot refuse. Not out of guilt, or duty, it is something he would do regardless - protect and look after Riza, for as long as it is within his power to do so. The Hawkeye family is important to him, and he will always protect those he cares for.

He tells Riza of his plans, his dreams to strengthen the government, to pave the way for a brighter future for Amestris, and to use his own power to keep those he holds dear safe. Idealistic, perhaps, but genuine.

In turn, she entrusts him with her father's research, encoded and tattooed on her back. Once deciphered, he soon masters the skill he has desired for so long. It will be the very skill that sees him through the State Alchemist certification exam, that will earn him the codename "Flame Alchemist" and will bring destruction and hope in spades.

As a fully certified State Alchemist, an enlisted man ranked equivalent to Major, it is not surprising that he, among others, would be sent out on the front lines when the conflict in Ishval reaches extremes.
♔ ♔ ♔
Alekhine's gun
A special form of battery in which a queen backs up two rooks on the same file.
They call it a war, but that is not entirely accurate. It is a milder name for what occurs in the desert nation of Ishval in response to the native resistance to being annexed by Amestris. The truth is, the civil war has no reason to escalate into full-blown genocide. He does not understand the reasoning behind the orders he, and the other State Alchemists, receive, to move in and exterminate the remainder of the Ishvalans, but he has a duty to his country and lacks the right to refuse.

He does not keep count of the lives he personally ends, but the faces will haunt him. The unmistakable scent of charred flesh is seared into his memory, along with the knowledge it is the very power he sought to protect others that has enabled this devastation. The Ishvalans are, technically, Amestrian citizens, and he has vowed to protect all those he can within his country. What would Master Hawkeye think of him?

If there is a bright spot during this time in his life, it is reuniting with Maes Hughes and, later, Riza Hawkeye. It has been years since he has seen either of them, but it is their companionship and support that sees him through the remainder of the war. Hughes, with his optimism - thought muted by the rampant violence - and Riza, he's sure, is personally responsible for keeping them both alive on more than one occasion.

His dream, thus far, has been relatively vague: use what power he has to protect who he can, become part of the foundation of the country and lift it up from the inside. It is the Ishvalan War that gives him a sharper focus. He will rise to the top, he will take control of the country, and he will use that power to protect those close to him who, in turn, will protect those close to them, and so on, until it spreads to the whole of Amestris. He finds unwavering support in Hughes, and Riza, and will forever be thankful for that.

The Hero of Ishval is the reputation he earns through it all, and he hates it. He is no war hero, simply a walking weapon bound to the orders of those above him. Many who call him by the title truly believe it, but the bulk are civilians and cannot fathom the hell he has marched through.

When it is all done, he is not surprised by what Riza asks of him - to scorch the notes inked onto her back in order to prevent their use by anyone else. He agrees, despite how he hates to cause her pain, he understands the necessity.

Following their return to Eastern Command, he makes sure to secure her as his personal aide and bodyguard. As she once did with him, he entrusts his back to her. The circumstances are different, true, but she is the only person he will ever trust to keep him on the right path. Should he stray, should he allow himself to edge into corruption, she is to shoot him down from behind. Because if that happens, if he loses sight of his dream and his true self, he surely will not deserve to die like a man, facing his executioner, but only to be put down like a senseless beast.
♔ ♔ ♔
Moving a piece or pieces toward the center of the board, where they will not only control the center, but their influence will extend to other areas. Pieces are best placed near the center of the board, because they increase their power and maneuverability. Knights in particular benefit from being centralized.
Much happens in the aftermath of the war and his return to East City, but there are several events that will forever stick out in his mind.

The first is a fateful trip to a little farming town called Resembool, following a lead on a possible candidate for the State Alchemy program. He does not expect to learn the boy is only a child, nor is he prepared for the horrific scene in the boy's home. Human transmutation is a serious taboo among alchemists, and for very good reason. It is unheard of, the fact the boy not only survives the rebound, but has managed to rip his brother's soul back from the beyond and bind it to a suit of armor. Edward Elric may appear, at first glance, to be a broken and traumatized youth - and perhaps, on some level, that may be true - but what Roy sees in the young alchemist's determined gaze is more than enough to convince him to extend the invitation to join the State Alchemist program, under his command. It comes with a suggestion, and a promise - the two may be able to restore themselves using military resources, and Roy will remain silent about what they have done in exchange for their loyalty.

There is the disgusting abuse of power and the sickening, sad, fate of an innocent little girl at the hands of her desperate father, and Roy will always regret introducing Edward and Alphonse to the man and inadvertently causing them to witness the results of Shou Tucker's twisted experimentation. There is, also, the appearance of a mysterious scarred murderer who very nearly manages to take Edward out, and he shoulders a portion of the guilt for the killer's presence and vendetta. A survivor of the Ishvalan War, seeking vengeance - Roy cannot condone, or allow, his actions, but he understands the motivation.

Despite everything endured, and done, under orders or at will, there is nothing yet that cuts so deep as the sudden loss of a man who has been a dear, close, friend and one of his most steadfast supporters. To lose Maes Hughes is akin to losing some vital part of himself, it brings a level of grief he has not yet known. Not upon the loss of his parents - he was too young to fully grasp the situation - nor upon the death of Master Hawkeye, and he is driven to do everything in his power to get to the bottom of his best friend's murder. Roy is not a man easily given to tears, but with them comes a deep and burning desire for justice. Those responsible will pay dearly for taking such a good man from the world, and his young family, long before his time, and Roy will be the one to pass judgment with his own hand. If he failed to protect the man in life, the least he can do is avenge him.

There are still moments where he expects it to be Hughes' voice on the phone with fresh news about his wife or daughter, or the man bursting into his office with new photos to shove in his face.

With his transfer to Central made official, he does two things. He vows to solve the mystery of his friend's death, and he ensures his subordinates are transferred with him. A complicated game is only beginning, and Roy will need all his pieces on the board. His Pawn: Kain Fuery, his Bishop: Vato Falman, his Knight: Jean Havoc, his Rook: Heymans Breda, and his Queen: Riza Hawkeye.
♔ ♔ ♔
A tactic (also known as removal of the guard) in which a defensive piece is captured, leaving one of the opponent's pieces undefended or underdefended.
There are many surprises awaiting him in Central, and he adjusts easily with each new revelation. Reevaluating a situation to account for changing or unexpected variables is not a new skill for him. One cannot rise or thrive in a life such as his without a little flexibility.

He does not believe for one second Maria Ross is the culprit behind Hughes' murder. Her arrest is handled suspiciously, her guilt reported long before a fair trial, and it reeks of misdirection - especially after the information gathered from the armor-bound soul of Barry the Chopper. However, the framing of Ross does provide an opportunity to draw out the mysterious enemy described by Barry.

It is a drastic plan, but necessary if he intends to save an innocent woman from the firing squad, and to keep himself free of suspicion. It is a simple task, to construct a human-shaped dummy, to burn it to a charred and unrecognizable husk. He's well-acquainted with incinerating corpses, and he has connections in all the right places. So it goes off as planned - except for the arrival of Edward Elric, and the forced improvisation because he cannot afford to reveal himself and if the boy's temporary rage is something he must endure it is a small price to pay.

Eventually his efforts put him on the trail of one of the mysterious individuals described by Barry. What ensues down in the underground laboratory he and Havoc find is a display of violence not seen from the Colonel since his days in Ishval. The Homunculus Lust is not the one responsible for Maes' death, but she makes the fatal mistake of injuring someone else under Roy's protection. Havoc will never walk again because of her.

Determined to survive, and punish the creature, he carves his specialized transmutation circle into the back of his own hand. He sears his own wounds shut. He cannot die, not when he has so much left to accomplish, and so many still depending on him. As he stalks Lust, he can hear Riza's desperation, and it tears at him. If he had not been determined to end the homuculus before, it is his Lieutenant's pain that would drive him to it. There is no mercy in him for the thing, rage manifesting as a relentless firestorm.

She is not the last of her kind he will face, but the most shocking is none other than the ruler of his country himself. One wrong move sets off a chain of events that will temporarily weaken his position, one comment to the wrong person that puts him at a disadvantage and scrambling to adjust his strategy. The Fuhrer scatters his remaining pieces to the far corners of the board and there is little better way to wound him than to take his Queen from his side.
♔ ♔ ♔
Armageddon game
A game that is guaranteed to produce a decisive result, because if there is a draw it is ruled a victory for Black.
As things begin moving quicker and quicker, there are several events that rise above the rest in importance for him.

Securing the First Lady is the move that begins his counteroffensive. With her, he and his allies stage a coup while aiming to vilify the upper military brass and set himself and his supporters up as the would-be saviors of their country.

Envy is another of the homunculi, a disgusting and infuriatingly cruel beast, and a fool at the end. To admit to, and brag about, Hughes' murder is tantamount to signing his own death warrant. Unlike with Lust, Roy intends to take his time destroying Envy. He toys with the creature, hunting him through a maze of tunnels and picking away at him. Rage consumes him, and the thirst for vengeance, the overwhelming desire to make Envy pay.

It is Riza who pulls him back from the edge, who helps him resist the urge to give in to his desires for revenge, who does as she has promised and helps to keep him on the right path. She saves him from becoming a kind of monster himself, unfit to rule as he dreams. He can never thank her enough.

What awaits them deeper underground is an event that will leave lasting marks - both physical and mental. A desperate and challenging fight is nothing new to him, but he has never been forced to confront such a desperate situation. It is an impossible choice: commit the ultimate taboo and mark himself as a human sacrifice or allow the most important person in his life to die. It would destroy him, to go on without her, but he knows that glare all too well. Should he give in to demands, she'd likely kill him herself for resorting to such methods.

Under different circumstances, though, he may have willingly sacrificed any part of himself to ensure her survival. To play into the enemy's hands will mean the destruction of all they know and love and that is unacceptable.

He owes much to the little Xingese girl, for saving Riza.

Resistance in this matter, it turns out, has been futile from the start. Pinned by Wrath - the truth behind the facade of Fuhrer King Bradley - in a transmutation circle made of the shadows controlled, and part of, Pride, and then restrained by Pride himself, he is forced to commit the ultimate taboo against his will.

He sees The Truth, and then nothing.

Robbed of his sight as payment for venturing into the realm beyond their physical world, it is all he can do to simply survive the struggle which follows. It is difficult to follow by sound alone, and impossible to resist or fight back in such a state. If there is one thing he truly hates, it is being rendered useless, and there is real fear felt for the fate of his fellow sacrifices - the Elric brothers, their father Van Hoenheim, and their teacher, Izumi Curtis - as well as his country and world as a whole.

It is only with the help and support of his Queen that he is able to assist even slightly in the final battle against the Homunculus behind the very creation of Amestris and every act of war and excess violence in the country's history. With her direction, he is able to aim his flames. He does what he can and leaves the finishing blows to those more capable than himself. It is not at all surprising, to hear the crowd cheer Edward on as they do. It is somewhat surprising that their small, determined, force manages to destroy the creature who would wipe them from the earth without a thought. To call it an impressive victory would be a vast understatement. There are no words to properly describe the triumph of humanity over anything with the sheer power to call itself a god.

In the aftermath, there is nothing left but to pick up the pieces and try to move forward. He must learn to adjust and adapt to his new condition and he does not give up on his dreams over something so trivial as the loss of his sight.

It is intensely disorienting, though, to have the familiar sounds of his hospital room suddenly replaced by something entirely unfamiliar. It is only the presence of Riza that eases the sudden transition and keeps him calm enough to think rationally.
♔ ♔ ♔
A position in which a player's king is in check and the player has no legal move (i.e. cannot move out of or escape the check). A player whose king is checkmated loses the game. Often shortened to mate.
It is hard to accept, the idea that they can never return to the world they know, the country he has dreamed of leading for so many years. Roy is nothing if not adaptable, though, and his drive to protect will not be dampened by a new universe. Riza is all the support he needs to adjust. He will settle, he will make a new path for himself, and he will rise, again, to do good in a new place.

He will not accept blindness as a disability, but just something else for him to adapt to. There are many things he wishes he could see again, yes, but he is alive and it does not hinder his dive into Ipsum government. No matter the universe, it seems people and politics are fundamentally similar, and it is a game he knows well.

With his Queen at his side, he will carve out a new life.

HOBBIES Slacking off, information gathering, playing chess

LIKES Chess, dogs

DISLIKES Rainy days, those who abuse their power, being called useless

DOB 1885, Amestrian Calendar

ABILITIES Aside from his notable skill in standard Alchemy, the talent that earned the majority of his recognition (including his State License and his code name), is his proficiency in Flame Alchemy. While he once had special gloves made of "ignition cloth", he now bears the thin scar of his specialized Flame Alchemy Circle on the back of his right hand which allows him to use Flame Alchemy with any source of ignition (such as a lighter). The Circle allows him to manipulate the density of oxygen and create paths and pockets in which he can direct the flame from his gloves (or other source). After he was forced to open The Gate, and saw The Truth, he also gained the ability to transmute without a circle, which has expanded his combat alchemy tactics well beyond just flame. (more in-depth information can be found in the FMA Wiki)

However, he gets very little use out of his specialized skill these days. It's very difficult to aim on your own when you can't see, but he's learning and adapting as quickly as he can.


  • Intelligence
  • Patience
  • Strategy
  • Determination


  • Temper
  • Blindness
  • Rain
  • Riza

PULL POINT The start of his hospital stay after the fight with Father, before his eyes are cured. He's been in Ipsum just over a year.

SORTING Roy is a formidable opponent, extremely skilled in Flame Alchemy as well as other general combat tactics and covert operations. He's remained standing, and fighting, despite suffering extreme injuries and had pinpoint accuracy with his flames previously. He's also among the very few who have been able to entirely destroy at least one Homunculus (near-immortal, regenerative, powerful beings) single-handedly.

That said, even with his newer ability to transmute without a circle due to seeing The Truth, or his gloves thanks to the alchemy circle scarred into his hand, he's entirely blind and has only been living with the condition a little over a year now. So, while he retains the power and ability, he's still in the process of re-learning how to handle himself and still requires support and direction in order to aim accurately. He likely has the potential to be Xephyr, if not for his relatively new blindness holding him back.

CREDITS The descriptions of the chess moves were taken from the Wikipedia Glossary of chess because I'm too lazy to re-write them.

as written by


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Jun 21 2018, 06:53 AM


First off, how dare you make Roy blind. My heart is weeping. Secondly, holy cow, Roswell, this app is breathtaking. -hides Riza app-. I think this is one of your best apps yet. I have shamelessly been reading it between writing my own app and dare I say I love how you have captured Roy so brilliantly and show what a truly wonderful man he is. And the chess moves added on top of it... It is just so brilliant and wonderful. Finally, Take this son of yours and go do your thing. Syzygy is lucky to have Roy as a leader.

Welcome to Ipsum Roy Mustang! You have been sorted into SYZYGY! Please be sure to fill out your Claims (Character List, Member List & Employment) and your Mini Profile, and let us know that you have finished that here, so we can properly sort you!

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