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Ipsum. A mega-city that is located beachside, with mountains and a river surrounding its expansive homes and towering buildings. The city is beyond beautiful... yet none of the residents have any idea how they arrived, and have yet to leave, because Ipsum is a city you can never leave -- not by choice. People appear here without any knowledge where they are, no one knows what country or world they are even in. Yet, the city still provides for her people. Jobs, homes, goods are all readily available, and there is a place for everyone, be it the good or bad — Ipsum shall provide.

Please make yourself at home… you will not be returning to yours any time soon.

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Upon appearing in Ipsum, all persons must fill out a citizenship form and take a physical ability test. There is no limit on where people can work, just suggestions - nothing to hold back anyone. The whole purpose of the categories of the citizenry in Ipsum is purely for the reason of knowing what others are capable of. They can apply to level up when they master a skill, they can do whatever they desire. The only two with "significant power levels" are the last two, and that is for governmental purposes -- so they can be watched, paid attention to. The "Categories" are as follows:


This is the main category for most citizens of Ipsum. Category one, Nadir citizens are just your normal joes, with normal jobs and normal abilities. While they possess no special abilities or exceptional strengths, they are the most important part of Ipsum’s infrastructure, and keep the city running and thriving. These people are valued. In return Ipsum provides people to keep them protected. Nadir citizens can have powers, but only powers that are minor or weak.

Common Jobs

You can find most Nadir with jobs that can include School Student, Clerks, Waitress and Officer Worker. They can be in parmilent, run shops.

Common Media Sources

Slice of Life Anime/Manga, High School Anime


Who would you call a Denizen? They are the entertainers who have a star high in the sky, the Police officers who are physically fit, the athletes that are exceptional at their sport, the soldier and the martial artist who have the skills the average man does not. Category two, Denizen citizens are those who have trained to be beyond the norm. They are weapons enthusiasts, martial artists, and those who could cause damage if they had to fight, or have minor powers that can aid in such battles, protective powers.

Common Jobs

You can find most Denizens taking up professions in Law Enforcement, Military, Medicine, Athletics, or Acting. They can also be found in other lines of work, however.

Common Media Sources

Sports Anime, Video Game characters with small or no magical abilities, healers


The planets have aligned for those within the Syzygy, the cream of the crop so to say. Category three, Syzygy citizens are semi-normal beings or powered beings that are not to be trifled with, they are the Exeptional. They are the expert martial artist, they are the hawk-eyed sniper of the military, they are the police chief. They have abilities, to attack, to protect, to defend themselves and others, be it their own power or by their own means. They are those that stand out the most among the normal people, with either their ability, their exceptional powers and abilities, or their pure strength as a being in general.

Common Jobs

You can find most Syzygy citizens working as Heroes (super or otherwise), Generals, Police Chief, Villains, within the Mafia. However, they can and do take other jobs.

Common Media Sources

Military Themed Anime, Batman, Heroes/Sidekicks from comics and animes, Sailor Moon, Hetalia, Cyborgs, most Heroes from Anime.


It is rare for a newcomer to Ipsum to be placed in category four, Xephyr. It is reserved for those who require an extra eye on, those who are to be worried about. Their destructive power is exceptional. No normal being will ever find themselves on this list, only those with powers that are beyond the pale. These are those born with abilities that could be cultivated for extraordinary good or evil, They are the people that are hard to kill, if not completely immortal-- But this factor alone will never qualify you for Xephyr. Those who are Half Demonic, Half Angelic, or a Demi-God, Those who are considered superheroes. To be placed in Xephyr labels you as “Ultra-Powerful” and your arrival and image are announced to the masses. This not only is an honour but makes you a target.

Common Jobs

Xephyr citizens are revered or feared, taking the duty as Superheroes or Supervillains. While they can and do take other jobs, they usually have a hard time blending in.

Common Media Sources

Superheros, Fate/Servants, Some BNHA Students, Final Fantasy Characters with strong offensive magical abilities


The rarest of citizen, to be placed in category five, Zenith, is to be considered otherworldly. These citizens are considered the most dangerous, the ones to either avoid or worship. Zenith Citizens are hardly normal, they hold the ability to destroy humanity, to cultivate it. They can create life, they can destroy it, as well. These are citizens that are regarded with fear and are usually watched carefully by superheroes. Anyone placed in Zenith is announced to the masses, just like Xephyr citizens. They are Divine Beings (angels, demons, gods) in their own right, or hold powers that equate to such beings. And they are not to be messed with.

Common Jobs

Those labelled Zenith can usually be found living a life of luxury, yet rarely take a job as they are too far from normal to consider such a life. They usually just do philanthropy or run evil syndicates.

Common Media Sources

Divine Beings


Unprocessed Citizens who refuse to take the processing test. These are undocumented peoples with no abilities to gain legal employment or education. Usually, they work for the underbelly of society, can be mercenaries or assassins, as well. If caught, they will either be forced to take the Registration Process or be incarcerated for the remainder of their lives (or time in Ipsum) in a prison high in the Mattis mountains. (These never happen, however, unless you want it to!… enjoy being bad :D)

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