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Ipsum. A mega-city that is located beachside, with mountains and a river surrounding its expansive homes and towering buildings. The city is beyond beautiful... yet none of the residents have any idea how they arrived, and have yet to leave, because Ipsum is a city you can never leave -- not by choice. People appear here without any knowledge where they are, no one knows what country or world they are even in. Yet, the city still provides for her people. Jobs, homes, goods are all readily available, and there is a place for everyone, be it the good or bad — Ipsum shall provide.

Please make yourself at home… you will not be returning to yours any time soon.

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 03. About Ipsum







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Here you can find important tidbits information about life in Ipsum. Please be sure to read them through. You can find laws and normal actions, how money works, social structures and important locations around Ipsum. Thank you for reading.

Tidbits about Ipsum

All new citizens must take the processing assessment tests. Failure to do so will not only bar you from government allowances and rights, but will bar you from the ability to legally work or own a home, hold credits, marry… It would leave you with few options and could have serious consequences if you are caught.

Upon finishing the processing assessment test, each citizen is sorted into a category that is boldly printed on the back of an ID card. It is advised never to lose this card, as it not only is your identification, it is also a means to gain access to credits are that deposited to your account so that you can pay for goods. It is also used as a means to use public transport and acts as tuition and/or insurance. All members of Xephyr and Zenith are also announced across the city on large screens with their ID photo, name, and their placement on the scale.

Technology from new citizens’ homeworld is allowed, except cell phones. All citizens are given a new phone upon their acceptance that is up to par with the technology of Ipsum. The phone turns on with a press of the screen, scans its owner’s face and is tied to that fingerprint and face scan for the rest of its existence. The phone projects its screen upward at an angle and has many built-in, required apps for living in Ipsum— banking, GPS, Citizen Registry and more. They are heavily customisable and come in a variety of sizes and colours. But they are a requirement. Besides, cell phones and other similar devices simply do not work in Ipsum.

Heroes and Superheroes must register with the Officia Desser Heroes office, in order to earn credits for their work. The government pays its heroes, seeing as they won’t have gainful employment otherwise. Any target taken down alongside another hero will result in the payout being split down the middle. Heroes cannot go attacking whoever they please, however. The Heroes Office posts a "wanted list" for its employees, and sends the list to each phone of registered heroes, with a list of criminals and how much each would pay out with apprehension.

Sixteen is the age of consent when children are considered thus adults. 16-year-olds can find work, drive, drink (within a limit), rent or own a home, marry… They have the choice of leaving school or continuing their education with the government paying for it until they graduate.

The Military will recruit new members as young as 17, and they accept Syzygy and Xephyr citizens as officers, after some training. The Military is small but powerful as many would-be heroes have joined the ranks.

Students in Ipsum are given a weekly credit allowance to fill their account up to 500 credits, If you were to spend all but 1 credit, your account would return to 500 at the end of the week, however if you retain 500 credits or have above 500 credits in your account, you would not gain an additional 500. This is for supplies, clothes and shopping; however, older students use it at the bar often. This is frowned upon, but not against the rules... University students get an increased amount of 1000 credits, as books are now factored in.

Ipsum is a boon of Equal Rights for all members of its social structures, offering Universal Healthcare, Free Education, Transport and Job Training, a livable wage for all her workers, and protections to non-humans, LGBTQ+, races and creeds. It offers a place of worship that offers services for any religion; Internet and power are free to all registered citizens; and it's programmed to help those in need who are registered. Ipsum's willingness to support her citizens is primary to the government, as willed by the Queen.

Money in Ipsum

Credits are what the monetary system is called in Ipsum, and it is 100% automated. Each new citizen is assigned an account number, placed on a chip embedded within their ID card. This is the only means to use your credits, as it is not a physical money but digital.

Ipsum Bank is damn near impossible to hack, with so many safeguards and locks around its systems that any attempted penetration is detected almost immediately.

If your friend needs credits, or you have to pay for goods personally, there is a way to transfer funds from one account to another instantly. There is an app on all phones issued in Ipsum that connects the user to their banking account. With a few taps, credits can be safely transferred, with just a name or ID number needed.

Did you come to Ipsum with currency from your current world? No problem, Ipsum has the ability to exchange the currency for credits, even currency kept in a bank account. As long as you have access to the account, Ipsum can exchange it. Don't ask what happens to your money, some things are left unanswered.

School and University

Both the School System and the University level of Ipsum are run differently than one would expect on Earth. Here are some important tidbits for thise RPing with characters in either school or Univeristy.

Excepteur Institute

All students in Excepteur are separated by "class". Students between the ages 11-15 are considered underclassmen while students ages 15-18 are considered upperclassmen. The age groups, or 'years', are separated by floor in the dorms, each "new class" filling the vacated floor in the new year.

The breakdown is as follows

First Year: 11-12
Second Year: 12-13
Third Year: 13-14
Fourth Year: 14-15

First year: 15-16
Second Year:16-17
Third Year: 17-18

The new year starts in the spring of each year. In early April. there is a four-week break starting in late July until late August, then the school will resume until late November, until there is another break and it again resumes in early January, where final exams are taken. February and March are break periods for cram school or for remedial classes of students who need it.

Underclassmen have a curfew of 8pm, whereas Upperclassmen have an 11PM curfew on weeknights and 1am on weekends. The only reason students can be excused is with a police or work waver, otherwise the student will be subjected to punishment, be it community service around the dorms, or detention.

All students are required to wear uniforms while attending class sessions. There is a summer uniform and a winter uniform, the summer having a white uniform jacket and for winter it is black. Otherwise they are the same.


Boys are required to wear black pants, a white button-up shirt and a black tie. All school patches are required to remain on the jacket and shirt. They are permitted to wear tennis shoes; however, it is preferred that boys wear black leather shoes.
Girls are required to wear either the black pleated skirt or black pants, and a white button-up shirt. Girls are permitted to wear either the black tie or a black ribbon. All school patches are required to remain on the jacket and shirt. Socks can either be thigh high or knee high and must be primarily black. Girls are permitted to wear tennis shoes or mary janes; however, shoes with elevated heels are prohibited.
Shirts may be either tucked in or untucked, but they must be buttoned up all the way. Jackets can be removed during the school day, but students must keep track of it and be able to present it at any time. All uniforms are to be clean and pressed at all times.
Non-Gender conforming students (and all students) are allowed to choose to wear either gendered uniform as long as they are within dress code. i.e. boys can wear the skirts if they so wish, as long as it does not show their underwear.

The Uniform
Both Gender summer and winter


Each year has a colour based on year, which is reflected in the bottoms, cuffs and tie/ribbon of the uniform. It is currently:
First Years: Green
Second Years: Blue
Third Years: Red

Boys are required to wear either the uniform black pants or the uniform plaid pants in the colour of the school year they are in, a white button-up shirt with cuffs in plaid that match their assigned colour, and a plaid tie with their school year colour. All school patches are required to remain on the jacket and shirt. They are permitted to wear tennis shoes; however, it is preferred that boys wear black leather shoes.
Girls are required to wear either the plaid pleated skirt or black pants. Skirts have an optional lace bottom, which is a separate skirt worn under the uniform skirt. All female students are required to wear awhite button-up shirt with cuffs in plaid that match the assigned colour. Girls are permitted to wear either the plaid tie or a ribbon in a bow in the colour of their class colour. All school patches are required to remain on the jacket and shirt. Socks can either be thigh high or knee high and must be primarily black. Girls are permitted to wear tennis shoes or mary janes; however, shoes with elevated heels are prohibited.
Shirts may be either tucked in or untucked, but they must be buttoned up all the way. Jackets can be removed during the school day, but students must keep track of it and be able to present it at any time. All uniforms are to be clean and pressed at all times.
Non-Gender conforming students (and all students) are allowed to choose to wear either gendered uniform as long as they are within dress code. i.e. boys can wear the skirts if they so wish, as long as it does not show their underwear.

The Uniform
Examples of all the girls uniforms

Montes Arcu University

Students who choose to attend M.A.U. are offered several subjects to choose from. Though there is only one level of degree here, there are still programs where they take longer than others. Some programs, like a medical program, can take 3-7 years, where an art program just takes 4, and a Mathematics program only takes 2 with optional extensions. Getting a Degree in Literature is still useless.

M.A.U.'s mascot is a Brown Bear, and its colours are Navy and Gold. M.A.U. does not offer sports programs as there are no teams to play against. However, it does offer the pool and the track for student body use, to make clubs for the activities if they so see fit.

Gender and Religion

Within the city of Ipsum, gender identity of all natures is widely accepted. Laws have been thoughtfully put into place to keep businesses from using it as a tactic not to hire any certain individual for any given reason other than a means of not being able to perform a skill, and it is heavily frowned upon to cast judgment on a person due to the way they choose to present themselves. One cannot be turned away from healthcare services due to being non-conforming to the sex assigned upon birth, nor can it be a factor within anything socially (i.e: career paths, social clubs, etc).

Ipsum provides for all of her people. This includes those of her transgender, androgynous, & non-binary community. The bathrooms within all public establishments have a third option for those who do not feel comfortable with the conventional male/female rest areas. In addition, school dormitories offer various options when it comes to its students and what fits them as a person. If it is made clear that you are caught abusing these rights by any means, one can be punished by law.

Religion is viewed openly and is fairly respected on all grounds. Places of worship do not cater to just one, but to all religious practices, and all who are housed within the bosom of Ipsum have the right to worship freely to whatever high power they place their full beliefs into. Discrimination of any sort regarding religion or the lack thereof is prohibited and there is no exception to the rule.

Social Structures


Officia is the business centre of the city, with commerce, the bank, Parliment and the Royal courts found in the metropolis. The Military centre can also be found here, in Officia Deser Plaza, as can most governmental buildings. Officia is very business and politically driven. Seeing men and women in business wear is more common than not. The streets are filled with expensive cars and public transport, and you will often find university students roaming around as well. There are many medium priced restaurants and shopping found along the street sides of the large buildings... along with condos and business buildings above.
To the west, on the border of Officia and Malesuada, is the Red Light District, which boasts strip clubs, whore houses and places to gamble and drink. You can often find businesspeople in the street at night. To the east, Vestibulum and Officia's border offers nightclubs and live music, which draws in younger business workers and university students. Officia bleeds something like British Royal Culture with Asian Business culture surrounding it.


Tristique is much slower than its southern neighbour, being mainly residential with only shops offered to ease the lives of her residence. It resembles a middle-class middle America-like living, with cookie cutter homes with perfect yards, corner stores and bigger shopping centres between neighbourhoods. There is a massive mall that all of Ipsum flocks to, the only real monetary draw for Tristique... along with the Ski Slopes.
Tristique offers a good school to the residents of Ipsum, offering room and board to all children without a place to stay, and offering the top education for them. Just off Dolor Lake near the base of the mountain, there is a hot spring that is run by an old couple that is a cheap draw for many residents. Tristique is like a mix of Japanese family values and American Building Standards if we are speaking in earth standards.


Vestibulum is the home of high fashion in Ipsum. if you buy it here you will spend many many credits. Coupled with the height of society is the rampant beach culture that Vestibulum offers, with many surfy teens flocking here for the waves and the over-abundance of beauties that sunbathe. Most of the beaches of Vestibulum are privately owned by the rich and elite of Ipsum, but some are open to the public.
Boasting a heavy number of Ipsum's rich and elite, Vesitbulum is where most people can find every luxury imaginable. From high fashion brands to expensive cars to the very best restaurants in the city, Vestibulum is very much the crown jewel of the city of Ipsum. And her shining diamond is Minima Cay.


Being the exact opposite of every other area of the city, Malesuada is very much the slums of Ipsum. With most homes in a state of disrepair to the point of condemnation, Malesuada holds the highest amounts of both crimes and homeless. And it is teeming with illegal gun sales, drug exchanges and even many murders. Crime is rampant, and it's very much dog-eat-dog here.
However, there is order to the chaos. Most criminals have aligned themselves with a crime boss, and have their own turf within Malesuada. The Police leave these syndicates to the Heroes of Ipsum, and much of their work can be found within this section of the city. Both Crime and Hero-work thrive here, and it's not looking like it will stop anytime soon.


The southernmost part of Ipsum is a beautiful area that reminds most of her visitors of the nations of Europe in a way, with its open markets, good beer, beautiful homes built in an artistic array of colours. The narrow streets and architecture are a sight to behold for most visitors, and while you can buy a home here, it can be on an upward scale. The closer a home is to the lake or Malesuada, the cheaper the house. However, it can be worth it, if you enjoy the freedom and carefree nature of the place.
Buildings boast wall art and their own grandeur. Art culture is rampant here, along with the relaxed European lifestyles of countries like Portugal, Spain and Greece. It's a beautiful area that offers arts, acting, racing and just a carefree atmosphere that attracts many sorts.

Other Important Information

The Royalty

The Queen is a beloved figure of Ipsum. She is young, having taken the throne and crown in the last decade. She's always flanked by at least three armed guards. It is hard to approach her, and yet she does love her people dearly. She is just a figurehead, however, a symbol for the people to rally around, as it is parliament that holds all the power. However, they will usually refer to her wishes and make them happen, being she is the monarch.


Ipsum has been blessed with a very temperate climate, with the beach to the east and the mountains to the west. However, it can and does rain often. But this aside, it is always pleasant, even in the summer. Never too super-humid, even though the beach is so close. The City can have its fair share of winds, and often. But the breeze is nice in the summers.


Ipsum has four very distinct seasons, all that seem to coincide with the northern hemisphere of Earth's seasons. However, Ipsum's seasons do seem to have key differences, depending on where you are from. The rains come mostly in the fall, whereas spring is sunny and warm and is usually very green and colourful. Summers near the end can get rainy, and if the rains last too long, homes have been known to be flooded in Tristique and Ligula, and Malesuada will have landslides that affect the homes closest to the mountainsides. Winters always bring snow, but not a lot. Just enough to build snow forts, ice the roads and require a thicker jacket and gloves. All in all, seasons are very pleasant.

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