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 Gino Weinberg, Snow [Code Geass: R2]


Code Geass: R2


M.A.U. Student


as played by Snow
So many things I would've told you If I knew that I was never gonna see you again-- Don't you dare surrender! Don't leave me here without you; 'cause I could never replace your perfect imperfection.
Player Pronouns Any
Player Age


Apr 18 2018, 09:40 PM

Gino Weinberg

Code Geass:R2

TITLE Lord Weinberg, Knight of One

AGE Nineteen

RACE Human


SEXUALITY Heteromantic Pansexual

JOB M.A.U. Student - Second Year


Dearest Love,
What is Eleven but just a number? It is a meaningless number in a string of numbers that one people felt proper to impose upon another. But to me, you will never be a number, nor will you be lesser than I. You and I, we are more than what fate has given us. I may be high born and you low born, but to you, I give you my heart and soul. And once we are old enough, once I have taken up the title that my father shall bequeath upon me, I can use such clout to raise your status. You simply must wait, my love.
> Father has said that numbers are below us the Britannians, but I fail to see how that is... We are all human, we all have the same muscles and we all have the same origins. How could one breed of people be better than another just because of geography and skin tone? It would be like saying a golden retriever is better and above the value of an Akita. Both dogs have merit, value and appeal. Just because they look different does not make one better than the other? Who decides that, anyway? Who is honestly to say that a Germanic person is not better? An Aboriginal could be better in the eyes of the Lord and no one knows, right? I will never understand the rhetoric that father speaks and don't you either, my dear. It is simply not true.

Keep our love secret, keep it safe, keep it close to your heart. For you I would die, for you, I would fly. For you, I would give anything. You and I, we will marry one day. We will have many children and live together in a world united under the great Kingdom we call home. Every night we will party, and instead of the maid dress you bear now, you will dress in bright colours and diamond and pearls. You will drink cherry wine and eat the finest of foods. No longer would you hold the silver but dine off of it at my side. You would never again have to worry about anything, and I would ensure it.

My sweetest love, we just have to wait four more years, for my 18th birthday to come and pass. Then, together, we will be free. I will then be an adult with my own titles and my own money, and my own manner for you to run while I make nice with the royals and my fellow nobles. Honorary Britannians exist in this world, and I could assure you a spot as one. I am sure there is a prince or princess alive who would grant you that right. Yui, my love, you and I will be together, I will assure it.

Please, however, after you read this letter, burn it like you have the others. Lest father finds out what we have planned, what we have between us... I fear how he would react...
Your Beloved Gino

Dear Mum and Dad,
Upon finding this letter, I am sure you will realise I am gone. Yep! I left, I'm sure hours ago without you noticing. By the time you read this, however, I will have already signed my name to the papers that sell myself into the service of the Britannian Armed Forces. Yes, your son, father, is now in the service of the king and will take up arms to defend his nation. It is likely! And it is almost guaranteed I will see battle, as I am to be a Knightmare pilot once I finish the academy. I'm probably being shipped off now! Don't worry, even if you try to use your title and influence to get me out of this 'situation' as you put it, I was assured you could not force me to come home once I had enlisted.

So there you have it, Father. You told me to make a man of myself, and here I am. Doing just that, sacrificing everything for this nation. I waited two years for the opportunity to conscript. After you put out my beautiful Yui-- you beat her and left her outside the gate afterwards. Locked it and locked me away in my room to suffer and wonder. I hope you realise that was the day I came to hate you. 'You need to act in your station.' you had said, but who cares about your stupid title? Your pride is built on hate and xenophobia, and I don't want that legacy on me. I want to believe there is a different way, to have a legacy one can build for themselves... Not inheriting a title built on the backs of others who are oppressed and left to die after a beating in the cold outside the gate.

In case you cannot tell, Father... I will never forgive you. Keep your money and die with your title. I don't want either. I'll be making enough money as a high ranking officer in the Britannian Knightmare Corps to care for myself, and I will earn my own title, one better than your shitty, tainted one. You might be saying now 'You will never earn a title higher than Earl' and I'm going to be a knight, I will once again be Lord Gino Weinberg, but it will be a lordship I have earned, not inherited from my cowardly father. My father, who would beat a thirteen-year-old girl because his son had fallen in love with her. My father spews hate at the dinner table toward numbers while those very numbers bathe him, cook his meals and clean his home. My father, a man who donates to the genocide of Europeans who's only crime is wanting freedom.

I'm sure you and mother are looking at this letter, confused about my intentions. I won't tell you, however. It would be pointless. All you know is anger and hate, my intentions would not only confound you but make you even angrier. Just know that I'll be safe, careful, and strong. I'm not going to do anything stupid, I just want to earn my own way, make my own self. I hope that instead of shame, I bring you pride, that instead of horror you are pleased with me. But if you are not I honestly don't care.

I do love you both, but I am angry and I hate this life. I will make my own way, and you cannot stop me.

Your Son,
Lieutenant Gino Weinberg

Dear Anya,

How about you? I’ve been ready to go for about an hour, but I’m going over my checklist again just to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything. Maybe I should write you a checklist too. Last time we left Britannia you forgot your toothbrush and underwear…

I’ll just write it on the back of this letter. ANYWAY! So the few things I know about area 11 is from Suzaku and my childhood. I know that ‘Sushi’ sounds disgusting but is amazing, hand to god that’s what I’ve been told. We gotta get some, I promised Yui I would have some one day. Also, I have heard that Elevens love noodles, so we have to eat all the noodles we can, got it? What else. OH RIGHT. Area 11 has these trees called “sakura” that bloom in the spring and at the prettiest shade of pink. Like your hair! We must go see them, please. What else what else. Lemme pack some more while I think.

OH, I THOUGH OF MORE! Apparently, there is a penis festival in Japan. we. must. go. That is if they still do it. But I mean, penis. festival. It sounds like an amazingly good time. I’m laughing just thinking about how wonderful and stupid and great it would be to watch short elevens carry around a huge dick and worship it like it’s God. I’m sure you don’t even care, though. But at least you could record a penis and remember what it looks like.

That was a low blow, sorry Anya. Suzaku just told me that it doesn’t happen anymore anyway. I’m sorry.

I want to experience being a commoner, Anya. I hope that my title and rank can be ignored while we are in Area 11, but it won’t happen while we are among the military. Maybe we could get second jobs! I want to flip burgers, just to see what it’s like. I could see you selling news papers on the corner!

Man, the first thing I’m gonna do though is test the defences of Tokyo Settlement. Suzaku said he’ll meet us at the government building. So we should break in! Maybe we can get a good fight!

Gino, your BFF :D

PS: Record this so you remember it!

Dear Milly,
I was unsure if I should address you as Lady, Prez, or by senpai. So I just put Milly, better to not mess up, right? These new commoner words are still hard to get used too, but I’m glad to know them! I’m actually honoured to be accepted into Ashford, even though I know you have said that having me is a greater honour. I’ve never got to live as a normal teen, I’ve always had expectations on me that were heavier than most have to bear.

Being given the opportunity to live a normal “high school” life is amazing. I didn’t know you could buy bread in a plastic wrapper, and I didn’t know that you could buy food for so little! And it’s still GOOD. Like, I mean, I have had MREs, which are disgusting as hell and leave you sick as a dog half the time. I always assumed that all commoner food was akin to that… But it’s just like the food I had at home but just a little more sloppy! The flavours are different, not terrible or anything, just odd and not something I’m used too— BUT IT’S GOOD!

Oh! I wanted to thank you for my uniform. I know it’s not often you get a student that is 194cm tall, like me, so for you to so quickly have a uniform custom made for me was flattering. I hope that you have a future in politics, honestly. You would really get things done. PLUS YOUR HOLIDAY CELEBRATIONS WOULD BE AMAZING! That welcoming party! The Pizza! I loved making it, honestly. And the festival to boot, all for Suzaku! Man, I would love to see how you celebrate something like Christmas!

You know, I see Lloyd daily. He has spoken of you, but honestly, why would you want to marry a man like that? Both of you are odd, yes, but why would you want that hot mess? I dunno, to each his own, and I am not one to pry. But, just gonna say, I think there are better choices of men who are your age. Like Lelouch Senpai and Rivalz Senpai! They seem like better stock, plus they are more your age.

Oh, just ignore me, I’m scribbling away my thoughts and not really paying attention to how rude or bothersome I may be. I look forward to the graduation ceremony, it sounds like a lot of fun. I expect to get a good run out of it, for sure. I hope your future is bright! See you during the ceremony!

Gino Weinberg

Dear Kallen,
Kallen Kozuki, Kallen Stadtfeld. You are two sides of the same coin. You are an eleven, you are a Britannian. You are a terrorist and yet you are a noble. I cannot understand your motives for being a black knight, with your skill you could have been among the knights of the round. I cannot understand how you can hate the monarchy, the system that raised you like it raised me.

You have chosen instead to fight what you have known. Not only are you beautiful, you are fascinating. Princess Nunnally adores you, Suzaku doesn’t trust you, and me… I’m curious about you. Every time I visit you, every time so far until today you would frown and glare at me like you expected me to act as Bradley had. Don’t worry, Kallen, I will not act in such a vile way. You are a political prisoner, it is why we have given you such a fine dress and have treated you like we would any imprisoned noble.

And yet you still glare at me.

Honestly, I have tried to understand you, your reasons, your personality, the way you feel about things, how to make you smile. To me, you are a conundrum. A beautiful, intelligent conundrum. I wish, honestly, I could talk to you for hours much like Nunnally does. I wish we could talk daily of mundane things. I wish I could trust you enough to walk with me in the building and discuss more than just Suzaku and Zero. I want to ask you opinions on politics, how things could be better, how things could change. I want to understand your view, understand you…

But, to see your smile, even if it was when I informed you that Zero was coming, it was worth it. Kallen, when you smile… I want to make you smile like that one day. Like your real self, with such a beautiful, a bright look in your eyes. Even if after tonight you are freed and we are enemies once again, you will always have my heart. You took it with that beautiful smile.

Let’s enjoy any time we have together.

Yours, Gino

Dear Suzaku,
I fear my penmanship will be impossible to read, I doubt this letter will ever reach you. I don't know how to send it to you now that... You have taken such a false moniker and have aligned yourself with the very man you swore to kill. Lelouch is Zero, and yet you help him ascend to the throne... You defend him, you killed your own comrades for him.

You will never understand… How can I forgive you after you plotted that coup de grâce in front of me?— You HAD to know how I would have reacted! To be stripped of my cloak and coat because I objected. You and Schneizel both… Planning to kill the king like you were talking over drinks about plans for the next battle! Lloyd, poor Lloyd, how did you expect us to react? With support? With AGREEMENT!? You are a fool— No I am a fool for trusting you. I wanted to trust you until you killed them… The other knights… I wanted to trust


You have no honour. You are nothing but a man who rises in the ranks by betraying all who come in contact with you. You are a TRAITOR!

You asked me

You once said to me you would become Knight of One to protect Japan. I can't for the life of me figure out how... how this leads down that path!? Killing the King, using Geass on the people of Pendragon-- MY PARENTS!!!-- To recognise Lelouch, and you just stand by his side grinning!? He's taken everything from us. My title I worked so hard for stripped away, my family fortune seized, my childhood home was taken away-- All by a fucking ORDER from a god damned child king. And you feel that these things can be JUSTIFIED!?

I have th

This is not what Britannia stands for, this is not the Britannian way. Is what she does right, no. But when I became a Knight of the round, I took up the seat not because of the king. I did it because I wanted to do the right thing! I wanted to make sure that people wouldn’t get hurt! That’s why I always checked the readiness of the areas we visited! That’s why I tried to do what’s right.

You’re wrong. Your actions are wrong. I misjudged you, Kururugi. I thought deep down, you were a good man, one that just hid behind his stoic manner. I was WRONG! You are nothing more than a psychopathic traitor, a man who will find a way with his own means.

I have decided. You asked me before destroying my Tristan and leaving me to watch as you killed the other knights helplessly, “If I was Britannian, why would I attack my country?” I have an answer for you, Suzaku.

Because the Britannian you protect is not a Britannian I wish to have my name connected too. The Britannian you are building with your false Emperor is an ugly, ugly country that uses bully methods to make its subjects suffer. You and the king of lies are nothing but a pair of snakes, two snakes I would rather have bite me in a battle head on then in the back again. I will never side with you again. You and I, we are no longer comrades, we are no longer friends.
Your New Enemy...

Dear Mum and Dad,
I am sorry. You will never read this letter, mother. You will never see your son again, father. I pray your death was quick. I pray you didn’t feel pain. I pray the light took you away quickly, without you even knowing what happened… I am proud to say I am your son, proud to claim your lineage and name. There is so much pain in my heart, I wasn’t always the best son. I have not seen you in years, I didn’t even invite you both to my knighthood ceremony.

I hold so much shame, I still remember the good times, like bright sunshine in my memories. I remember the bad times, like a dark stain of ink, spilled on the past, like blood that seeps into one’s uniform and will never wash away completely. I fear that the pain I caused you will forever be a blood stain on my soul. I was a terrible son, and I continue to be one. I cannot fully justify my actions, and yet I can see no other path that will lead to peace than this…

It was Lelouch. Lelouch put you in the cross hairs of danger. I blame him, the people he imprisoned in his curse… The royal family was even caught within the geass, forced to be soldiers, to be maids, to work so below their station with so little respect shown. A geass cannot be removed, a geass cannot be changed. Death is the only escape… My heart is so torn.

It’s not fair… It’s not fair! You shouldn’t be dead, I shouldn’t be alive. I should be dead, I should have known, I could have stopped it! I wish— I wish Suzaku had killed Lelouch… But he’s not… but he…

I wanted to write this letter as closure, but my heart is so bitterly broken… I know I will be shaming you one more time, one more way. The man who set of the weapon that took you away, the man who set forward the actions that led to Suzaku betraying the thrown and making it so that Lelouch could ascend… I will be following him into battle. Yet it is not himself I am aligning myself with…

It’s the Black Knights.

From Lord to Lieutenant, to Knight, to peasant, to terrorist… Your son is truly a shame to the family name. I pray, father… Mother… Please, watch after me, keep me safe. Let me live through this final battle. I don’t agree with anyone in this battle but one person. One lone person, who I trust my life.


I honestly wish you could have met her… Just once… She’s from the Stadtfeld family, good breeding, strong willed and beautiful. So… beautiful. I mean, I don’t know how you would have felt about her, but I honestly wouldn’t have cared. I trust her, I care for her… If you knew her, how she really is… You would have loved her…

Please, watch out for me, protect me, and guide me. I love you both, so much. I will make sure that your deaths are not in vain, that your memory lives on… But I must take to the sky and battle once more. Please, rest in peace… I love you so much.

Your Loving Son.

Dear Lelouch,
I understand.

I… I understand… everything. I understand what you have done. I hated you, I hated you and Suzaku both… I thought Kallen had killed him. But when I saw Zero move like that…

You’re a fool, Lelouch. You’re such a fucking fool. You’re brilliant, you’re brave as hell, and you're a fucking fool. The masses fell into your illusion, hell I did until the very end. That last display, that final show… Your grand finally, your great exit from earth as the most hated man to ever live…

You created a world you could never understand, a world with a future. A world where people have a goal to never breed a monster like you, they don’t understand that this was your plan. I know I come across as a stupid asshole, but I’m smart when it comes to politics. I was raised to rub elbows with the monarchy and taught how to play the game. And you, sir, are a master chess player.

The time I spent on death row, I learned a lot of the world from my cell mates, Tohdoh in particular. With the world as one nation under you, a fascist dictator, I figured I wouldn’t be spared. Thankfully, Tohdoh filled the time with stories of Japan before it became Area 11, of stories from his history, and of lessons about the real world beyond my gilded cage that was nobility. He taught me about life for normal people, patiently answered every single question I had, and explained things I did not understand. You did this intentionally, didn't you?

I have come to understand nothing you choose to do is accidental or not well planned out.

Empress Nunnally is every bit the ruler you would expect. She has knighted me as One, and now the Knights are more than just defenders of the king. We are diplomats, we are an organisation that works toward the betterment of humankind. We are more diplomats and less swords, yet we do not go unarmed.

I work closely with Empress Tianzi, Zero and other leaders, I protect your little sister, her grace, with my life and I represent her where she is unable to go. I work closely with Suzaku daily as well. The world is no longer riddled with fear, yet hope. A hope you have cultivated with your actions, a hope you have built upon your grave. You don’t even have a grave, if you did I would pin this letter to it while burning it. But, the fireplace will have to do.

Thank you, Lelouch. You have made the world a beautiful, peaceful place. Thank you.

Long Live the Emperor

Dearest Kallen,
Before I start, I long for you to hear me out as I write this. Please give me a chance to write out my thoughts, my feelings, who I am, and how I am. Let me explain how lucky I am to have you in my life, let me tell you how honoured I am that you decided to give me a chance.

I was raised to believe that everyone. Everyone. was below me, and it was a lesson that never truly sunk in. When I was fourteen, I fell in love with a thirteen-year-old maid named Yui. My parents had hired to clean the floors and specifically serve me. She was a beautiful girl, long ebony locks, green eyes that could stop me in my step. In my foolish young mind, I believed I was in love with her. But while I was a noble, high born with a pedigree that swore platinum was the colour of my blood; she was an eleven, taken from her homeland when her mother and father were killed. I couldn’t help but fall in love with her, and she fell for me. But when Father found out about the feelings I held, it wasn’t I who was punished, but Yui. He beat her severely and then tossed her out onto the streets, and forbid me from seeking her out.

I was angry, I still couldn’t understand as a boy why people were given numbers for their nationality and why people could hate just because of where someone was born. But… I mean… I never felt that hate, honestly. Everyone around me did, all my friends, my family, my king and peers. I felt so out of place, that when I was 16, one morning I left home and went to the nearest Armed Forces Recruitment Station and told them who I was and that I wanted to conscript. That day. I don’t regret my choice, but the purpose of boot camp is essential to brain wash and rewrite a soldier to think and act a certain way.

I graduated with honours, too. I had my title, my rank from that title, and my successful brain-washing that opened doors for me. I was to be a pilot for the Britannian Armed Forces, I was to fly any bird they threw at me, and I was good at it. Experimental planes, old planes, even spy planes. I was born to touch the sky, a modern day Icarus without the wax to bring me down to earth. I preferred to be in the air over the ground. And my records, my skills and my talent got me noticed by the King. In the E.U., I alone wiped out an entire unit from my stealth plane… Please keep in mind, I was still disillusioned with the empire as per my training.

I was Knighted. It was a great honour, and I was given the number of three, which made me, successfully the second highest ranked knight because there was no Knight of Two. Anya, Knight of Six, was there, a girl my age about, and then a few months later, Suzaku became Knight of Seven. Together we were the new squad, the youngest of the Knights, Children who held such great power. I alone was the most foolish with my power.

I’m sure you understand and know the rest of the story up until this point, where we are freed to be human, no longer tools of war. You and I, you complete me, you show me a world I would have never understood otherwise. You have taught me everything from mundane, like removing your shoes when you enter a house to keep the floors cleaner; to Important, like how to use Karate to defend not only myself but others.

Kallen Kozuki, you are an amazing woman, any woman who can flip me on my ass, best me in battle, and yet still be delicate and soft as a woman I cannot live without. The smile you give me when I come home from a long trip in another part of the world is a better welcome than any words could express. You stole my heart with that smile, and you continue to make my heart pound every time you let it come into display.

I know for a long time you still loved Zero… rather Lelouch… Even after he was dead, even after we started to date. I am not the same man he was, I do not have his intelligence, nor do I have his charisma or leadership skills. But, I will still do anything for you, and only hope that one day you will completely love me like you did him. I will stand by your side, waiting for that day for eternity if need be.

I guess what I am trying to say is… I love you, Kallen. I deeply, truly love you. You broke through the training, you ruined me as a knight of the crown, you shook my world to the core, and in doing so you made me a better man, a stronger man, a wiser man. I love you, and I am so lucky to have you in my life.

Your Knight

Real talk. when you get this email, I need your help. No, not Zero's help, not the mask. Zero cannot help me. The help I need doesn't involve international diplomatic relationships or political manoeuvring. I need advice from the man behind the mask. I need Kururugi Suzaku for twenty minutes. I need my best friend for advice of a more personal persuasion, I need his advice because he knows more about Japanese tradition than I do, he knows how to handle women better than I do, clearly. I mean did you see that shiner Kallen gave me the other day? Man, Tianzi fussed over that for an hour...

Shit, I went off topic.

This is a formal request for a private meeting with Zero... and for a private meeting that can give me access to the man behind the mask long enough to get your advice. This isn't over-the-email kinda shit either. I swear I won't hug you or hang on you once you take the mask off, no matter how happy I am to see you. This is a serious matter, very serious. Like... future-at-stake, if-I-fuck-this-up-I-will-be-killed kinda thing. And before you ask me if I asked Ohgi, Tamaki or even Anya. No, No and please, she's obsessed with oranges and it's weird talking to her now. She has memories... Besides that, Ohgi's still in his honeymoon stage, so talking to him is kinda... I don't wanna hear about the baby or Villetta for seven hours again. I TRIED BUT THEN IT WAS "Villetta this" for 2 hours then "Baby name here (I forgot it)" for 5 hours. And Tamaki is annoying as hell...

No bones about it, Zaku. I need you.

Ugh, I read over this and realised you might need some context so you can decide if you can help me or not. So I guess I can explain what kinda advice I need because knowing you the vagueness will get me a big fat GTFO Gino, I can't help you. HEAR ME OUT!

So, you remember that wedding, how Kallen and I went together? How we danced and had a wonderful time. Ohgi and Villetta were both so happy and Kallen said something about how she hoped when she got married it was as beautiful? Weeellllll. The other day I was in Pendragon 2 and I finished a meeting with the prime minister early and I went for a bit of a walk... I ended up in a store and was looking at things and the next thing I knew...

I might have walked out of that store with a 50 thousand pound engagement ring... I was looking at a ring that had more figures but I knew Kallen would kill me instantly if she saw that, so I looked at the cheaper ones...


Can you help me? Please? PLEASE? I have no idea how things like this are done in Japan, and I have no idea how to ask such a question? I mean, if Kallan was a Viscount or higher, I know the procedures and the actions that have to be taken... But she's not. And besides, the monarchy is gone. Everything I was taught in this department is... null and void. I don't have a king to ask permission from, I don't have courts to which I present my proposal. There are no dowries or family negotiations over prices to marry a daughter to a son!

Does Kallen even have money? I mean, I've helped her with her mother for months and months and I still don't understand why she won't let me hire a professional nurse to help her mother... But I don't push it... It doesn't matter, honestly, but I mean...

I am down on my knees, begging you. Grant me 20 minutes of your time, mask free, to help me keep my neck intact and ask the most important question in my life. Please, please... please.

Your Best Friend in need


FAVORITE FOOD Japanese Sweet Bread

HOBBIES Enjoying simple things that commoners do, Shopping, Spoiling his Kallen.

LIKES Kallen, Soda from a fountain (it fascinates him), His Knightmare, Being a Nobleman, Battle

DISLIKES Killing innocent people, Evil actions, Hurting those he loves, being considered a bad guy-- he's not.

DOB November 27th

ZODIAC SIGN Sagittarius


ABILITIES While Gino himself is a normal Nobleman with significant abilities in swordsmanship and hand to hand combat, his greatest asset and source of ability is his Knightmare.

Tristian Divider: Gino's beloved Knightmare, which he has with him in Ipsum. It is a blend of Britiannian and Black Knight technology, a perfect fusion of Llyod Asplund and Rakshata Chawla's work, and while Tristian had an MVS (Maser Vibration Sword) polearm weapon, Divider has upgraded, with the two halves of the Excalibur-- the broken sword repaired so instead of one it is two. The Tristian has always had the special ability to transform into a ship called "Fortress mode", and this was demanded to remain in the rebuild. Unlike most Knightmare, Tristian can take a beating, still being able to fly even when severed at the waist.

Gino has an innate ability to remain calm in the heat of battle and even gets excited to test his skills. Only people he has been able to meet that match his skills in piloting a Knightmare are Suzaku and Kallen and were the only ones who actually made him sweat in his seat.


  • Positive to a Fault -- he is a sunshine boy
  • Works better under pressure
  • Athletically fit -- he works out LOLOL
  • Noble to the core -- Gino believes in the code of a knight with his whole heart and soul.


  • Clueless and sheltered -- he's like a child when it comes to things that are commonplace in the normal world.
  • Excitable -- he is easily distracted and can get excited about the smallest things. Have a puppy or kitty? Expect this tall ass man turning into a toddler with the animal.
  • Ruthless -- Honestly, Gino in a fight will never pull his punches. He is ruthless and while just a mortal, can still pack a damn punch.

PULL POINT Two years after R2

SORTING while Gino can fight, knows how to fight, and is amazingly wealthy... he finds the "peasant" life is fun. He would legit be like "Nope, I'm just your normal squishy nobleman" if asked if he has any abilities, even with a sword or in fighting. He would be so excited at the prospect of normal commoner life again, he'd want the interview over in 2.5 seconds so he can go enjoy life free of titles and expectations. Uni pressure is NOTHING compared to the pressures of being a Knight! I actually see him just telling them to make him a commoner and ending the interview early LOL. So make him Nadir, he needs Green lol

as written by


AGE Old EXPERIENCE Long Time LOCATION Alaska player triggers
Rape, Vore, Graphic Gore, The sentence "Dubstep sounds like Robots having sex."
other characters
Two Space Gays, Half & Half Bi, Two Skating Gays, Gay Archer, Gay Murder Princess, Gay Angel and a Gay Dolphin. Lots of Gay, oops


That one magical girl anime




as played by Kitten
No, this is not about me, I see you thinking I'm a missing piece to the puzzle that you use for life. I'll wait a minute while you try to come for mine
Player Pronouns she/her
Player Age Twenty-five


Apr 19 2018, 11:41 PM


Snow, I’ve been looking forward to seeing Gino added to your roster! Your control on his character is skillfully shown through each letter you wrote; his voice filtering through and enrapturing the reader with his every lingering thought. You spoke of love, of loss, and of his coming into his own and I could not be happier to accept this lovable Knight onto Lorem Ipsum!

Welcome to Ipsum Gino Weinberg! You have been sorted into NADIR! Please be sure to fill out your Claims and your Mini Profile, and let us know that you have finished that here, so we can properly sort you!

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