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 Kozuki Kallen, Kitten [Code Geass]


Code Geass


Cosplay Waitress



as played by Kitten
Put you on a pedestal and sat you on a throne. I find all your skeletons, a closet full of bones.
Player Pronouns she/her
Player Age Twenty-five


May 2 2018, 04:24 PM

Kozuki Kallen

Code Geass

NICKNAME Ace of the Black Knights, Q-1, The Black Queen

AGE Twenty

RACE Human


SEXUALITY Heterosexual

JOB Cosplay Waitress


Eleven was the name given to her kind. A number stamped over the foreheads of each person who's race happened to be Japanese. Numbering people like they were nothing more than cattle being led to a farm where they would be fed lies and ultimately slaughtered when no longer useful. They were pawns, deemed so by a Nation whose ego swelled beyond proportion. No it was not only the Japanese that suffered the hand of their cruel rule, but only a portion of the world that it's toxic claim had ravaged, leaving the sector formally known as Japan in ruins.

Safe to say, Kallen never held a fondness for the Holy Empire, and though her claims to be Japanese weren't a lie, it wasn't the cold, hard truth of the fact at all. Born to a Japanese woman, her and her beloved oniichan were partially considered apart of the Asian race, but as fate likes to twist; her father bore the name Stadtfeld, a Britannian nobleman. Perhaps in her younger years it wasn't always a sense of hatred that filled her when she thought to Britannia, and of course she fared well with those whom may be of the race, but there was always a sense of uncertainty.Years passed and without consent from herself or her oniichan, the lone children of the Nobleman Stadtfeld were adopted fully into estate by himself and that of his wife. It was under the claim that their now step-mother could not bare children of her, her barren womb leaving her to not fulfill her place as a wife by the ideals of some. While in itself, the infertility of a woman is nothing to laugh at...Kallen couldn't help but feel it was somehow fate punishing a female such as herself.

Mrs. Stadtfeld was not the kindest of heart, how she treated the staff in the mansion was despicable, especially to that of her biological mother. While it had been a mutual agreement to allow her children to be fully adopted, the stipulation of the deal was that the Kōzuki woman agree to signing away her own right to see Kallen or Naoto. Of course, any mother would see issue with this even if the situation was to better the future of her children. Contact was still important to the woman who had given birth to two sweet children, and Kallen herself wasn't sure why she'd even agreed to something such as this. If she had had her way, the redhead would have gladly stayed by her mama's side & deep down she knew Naoto would have as well. It was never about the money nor the title to her, it wasn't about how far she could go donning the Stadtfeld name...no, it was about loyalty to the woman that had been the reason she could take her first breath.

Alas, her given mother fought tooth and nail to stay in touch with her beloved daughter. Dropping so low as to dig her claws into the very chance to be hired on as a maid within the Stadtfeld compound, going through the torture every day from a woman who's hatred was unjust. Kallen watched as her mother worked herself to the bone only to be beaten for the mistakes of others, and with each slap, every blow; a fire in her heart grew. There were times where she thought she could save the woman, maybe if she pushed her away she'd realize that she could have a better life elsewhere. Maybe deep down, Kallen always held her mother high but the situation kept them at arm's length.

By her own hand, her own word; she bore terrible things unto the woman, but in the moment the growing girl lashed out at the only person she could. She showed disrespect for a woman that had lowered herself for what reason? No, Kallen had never asked for this and deep down maybe that's where the resentment started. Growing up in the lap of luxury, in which she was grateful of her father for giving her--but at the same time, being half 'eleven' kept her defiant to her Britannian heritage. Not only her, but the actions of her elder sibling kept the passion for Japan fueled, Naoto taking up leadership within the resistance, the group set on forming a rebellion against the Holy Empire and proving that their people were not only bodies labeled as numbers, but a nation that still stood strong beneath the wreckage. A young teen such as herself had been so impressionable, so pliant as she watched him mold the those with them and fill their hearts with hope. Naoto was everything she aspired to be, his qualities all of which she could only wish to take on herself.

Looking back, maybe it was that responsibility that everyone held him accountable for that ended his life. Even if things were bad, before her brother had left this world; everything was simpler. It's funny how things go from bad to much, much worse; and with Naoto's passing, a part of herself went with him & her hatred for this country she was half part of grew. She was nowhere near ready to take on the leading the resistance herself; but even if she were...oniichan's request for his dear friend, Kaname Ohgi, rose into play. The man closest to the fallen filling his shoes, a pair much too big for anyone to have taken up. Kallen thrusts herself into her work with the rebellion, distancing herself from that of the rest of her family for that of a tawdry resistance group.

Deep in the actions of terrorism against the Britannian people and government, no one would ever suspect her. A student of Ashford Academy by day, playing those around her for fools as she takes on the persona of a frail, sick teenager...how else could she get away with the absences? The school system ate it up, there was no way that a daughter of a nobleman could be doing anything wrong; especially if she was oh so ill. Though, as night fell and the 'mask' she wore in public faded away...the teen sunk into her true self: a fierce Japanese woman with a vengeance. Of course, she was ready for the day when the feeble character she portrayed to the students & teachers of Ashford failed. Always packing away a knife in a pouch on her person just in case someone tested her on how far she was willing to go for her cause. This double life drained her, left her tired and faded; but she managed...she'd always find a way.

There was no time for her to slip up nor back down. Fates were set and all she had to do is follow the path. Said path led her into the clutches of Zero, blinded by what he promised; the loyalty deep within herself was brought forward. It wasn't easy to gain, but he had proved himself to her, earning it as time went by. He was the leader that their cause needed. The embodiment of a man that knew what to do and how to do it. With him...they could save every Eleven from Britannia's grasp. With him--it would be easy, that's what she always told herself. They were no longer just a mindless terrorist group, with Zero by their side; the force was re-named: The Black Knights. Each victory played out was greatly influenced by Zero's guide and admiration bloomed within the woman's heart.

Whilst on an operation to put a cease on the distribution of a drug referred to as 'Refrain', once again she is met with her mother, of all people. The woman had sunk further than she'd ever thought possible. Anger bubbled inside her but there was no way she could leave her own mother scrambling, chasing after what she that was her deceased oniichan with the aid of the drug that was grasping her mind. Clutching to her, it was well in her intentions to carry her out with the help of Glasgow, but before she could even turn the damned thing it rumbled under the attack of another. Slipping through just barely, the Knightmare piloted by corrupted member of Britannian police force continued on her tail. Bullets raining down on her own mecha but unable to properly retaliate and hold onto the woman who was the cause of her taking so much damage. Struggling internally with herself, she wants to toss the limp, murmuring body to the side; everything within her screaming that she doesn't need this woman, that she was the reason why she had dealt with a Britannian up bringing, the reason why she was forced to swallow down what they tried to feed her...her dependence on a man who cared nothing for her other than what her body could give to him; she was so ashamed to have called her mother, so bitter to witness what she continued to do to herself. At the last moment, the woman's dulled body is tossed aside but not before the enemy Knightmare manages to grab hold of Glasgow. Kallen swiftly manages to drag said mecha down with her, successfully taking it out, but not without taking massive damage to Glasgow, herself.

There would be no repairing it...

The overly cleansed smell of the hospital wafted through her senses as she sat by her mother. The woman may have infuriated her to no end with the decisions made, but deep down the ace knew. Kallen knew that she had only put herself through hell and high water to keep in contact with the only child she had left. Taking refrain in an attempt to remember days when everything was more peaceful, when both Naoto and herself were children. When faced with the fact that her mother could be facing up to 20 years in jail...careful hands take up the stiff palm of the woman who birthed her; eyes welling up with tears she never thought she'd cry. "Wait for me. By the time you come out, I'll have changed it into a world you & I can live normally. So, so..." It was then that lean fingertips twitched and enclosed around the grip that Kallen already bore around the brunette's hand. Soft words breezing from her lips, the gentle sound of her voice barely loud enough but they hit home just as hard as if they were screamed from the heavens above.

After the demise of the Glasgow, Kallen is made the new pilot of the Guren Mk-II as a well suited replacement. Operations to attack Cornelia vi Britannia are plotted and it's decided that no one other than herself will lead their forces into the fray; as no one else is better equipped. With the aid of the Guren's Radiant Wave Surger, the woman lays waste to Britannian forces in one fell swoop. Continuing on to take down the rest of the lingering forces, including a good chunk of the purist faction. Everything plays out just as planned, her orders from Zero detailing that they will meet at the checkpoint and prepare to trap Cornelia--easily overwhelming her and keeping her at bay so he can slink in to talk with the woman. Smug that things are going so smoothly, Kallen doesn't anticipate Suzaku moving in with Lancelot, planning to rescue the Viceroy and take her from the clutches of the Black Knights. Not planning to sit back and let their operation fall to pieces, as soon as she's given the go; a battle between herself and the brunet rages, pouring all of herself into this one on one pair up. All of this leading to Zero commanding everyone pull out, especially when she takes a blow from VARIS; leading to her newly acquired Knightmare to take on damage. This conflict wouldn't be the last she has with Suzaku...only the first of many. Deep down she looks forward to seeing him on the field, her being filled with the need to soothe her wounded pride and get him back for the damage done to he her beloved Guren.

Continuing to prove herself, Zero promotes Kallen to the captain of his personal force, Zero squad; earning her the nickname Q-1 otherwise known as the Queen of the Black Knights as she is Zero's right hand. That being said, she is tasked to keep him safe; a watchful eye on the newly Knighted Suzaku...giving into the suggestion of attempting to assassinate him for the greater good of their leader. After all, by this point her loyalty to the man is deeply rooted into her coding.

The attempt fails.

After things go wrong at the battle at Shikine Island, Kallen finds herself on Kaminejima island. There's a defeated aura hanging over her as she wanders through lush vegetation, steering clear of native animals that may be lurking. Scoping out her surroundings leads her into the midst of the island, a large waterfall roaring from the cove and pooling into a small pond. Pondering over whether she should give in to the temptation of cleansing her skin of the sweat and dirt, she caves. Her uniform placed aside as she steps into the water, nude as the day she was born. The cool water against her heated skin feels almost luxurious, her hands wandering her body, swiping away any dirt or grime that clung to her form like a disgusting second skin. For a while, she's alone--but the moment she feels lingering eyes on her form, she glances up...just see the familiar face of Kururugi Suzaku. Attacking him head on proved to not be the best choice of action, only resulting in the male of the pair pinning her naked form down and arresting her as she proudly claims her allegiance to the Black Knights; hissing in disgust as her true last name is used. No, her Britannian last name.

The duration of their time is spent conversing about many things, of which spiral into a fever pitch leading to Suzaku's confession and the truth of Genbu's assassination, and his plans to atone for the sin of his crime. Once the sun rose in the sky the next morning, it wouldn't be long until she and Suzaku meet up with Zero and Euphemia. Once off the island, things shift. Kallen's identity is revealed to Ashford Academy's student council, assuring them as the Black Knight forces take up occupation with the school's walls that there will be no harm done to them or any other students. Soon after Zero's identity is revealed to her, along with the truth behind many things including how Lelouch has been using the Japanese & her for his dastardly schemes--in the shock and betrayal of it all, she does nothing but flee. Every part of her screaming at herself over her lack of competence. How could she not have known? How could she have been so stupid...?

A year passes, and though the betrayal cut her deeply in the moment; she still stays with the Black Knights. Her loyalty is embedded deep within her person and even though it was Lelouch that sunk his fangs into a cause and warped it to fit his own agenda...she followed through. There was no way she could turn her back on everything now. She's long since left Ashford Academy as a student, the memory of her time there is all but forgotten aside from the mind of Lelouch himself. It was agreed that she & C.C. were to be the only ones to know about Zero's true identity. Expressing forgiveness to the man in mere passing, her mission within Babel Tower has her preoccupied. Dressed scantily in nothing more than a pink bunny suit, revealing all her finest assets, Kallen takes up the identity of a prostitute/waitress where their 'beloved' leader is aiming to gamble. Bumping into the Britannian and 'accidentally' spilling two glasses of wine all over the expanse of his leg. She gawks in response and quickly moves to clean up the mess she's made, a mock sense of apology written all over her face.

"Oh, I'm so sorry! This...this is inexcusable!" The woman peering up at him, towel in hand and her knees to the floor. Kallen isn't making it too obvious that she's appalled by this little game...pulling out all the stops, making herself as subservient as remotely possible. After all playing the part as a spineless 'Eleven' is what is needed and if she spits venom, then whoops, there goes the cover. Of course, when Lelouch retorts that she shouldn't be bending to his imposing, her deep blue hues flick away from his face, still bent on sopping up the dampness seeped unto his pant leg, a simple tracking device discreetly in her palms as she tries to place it. "After all, we Eleven's can live a normal life if we merely keep our heads down." Internally cringing at the word vomit that erupts from her mouth, she focuses; trying to place the tracker on Lelouch, but just as she is about to make contact. A yelp utters from her lungs and she is dragged upwards by a raunchy male probably looking to get a piece. The device softly clatters to the floor, her brows furrowed as she looks back at it...until she's pushed in front of the male. His beady eyes inspecting her as well as a few other 'bunnies'.

"Look bub, I'm not for sale..."

In yet, it looks like the idiot doesn't have a pair of working ears, his hands moving to grip her and pull her away with him--but before she can even move to deck him herself; Lelouch is spouting off. The commotion blows up into a full out argument betwixt the suitor and Lelouch, ultimately ending up in a challenge from the latter's lips, a game of chess. Now that would seem odd, given the situation. Chess isn't usually a game that one would gamble on...in yet, Kallen would soon find out that the sleeze bag was better known as 'The Black King' an illegal chess player.

The whole situation blows up out of hand, but eventually Kallen sees it so Lelouch makes it to C.C., knowing she is the one that will place his memories back to what they were or at least played a part. Now all there was left was to wait for his orders.As things are promptly begun to be put in place, she orders their own forces to stay put and wait until Zero can take care of the building. Waiting, her thoughts trail off to a year prior...the face off betwixt Lelouch & Suzaku playing clearly in her mind. How they had fired at one another, she was sure that one would end up dead...in yet, Suzaku went for Lelouch's communicator, promptly kicking him to the ground. Memories flooded her, remembering how she yearned to help, but the moment she tried...the web of lies came flowing from the brunet's mouth. There wasn't much to recall after that, she remembered the pain that shook her whole form, the betrayal that seeped unto her as she fled the scene--until the truth of the matter resonated with her once meeting up with C.C. When alone, she begs to know if it was Lelouch's geass caused her loyalty. The thought of being forced into such a thing eating away at her...of course he denies it and she has no way of being able to prove he's lying so, his word is taken. "But let's get one thing straight! I'm not loyal to you as a person, but only the 'Zero' persona you've claimed."

The battle is won and she watches as he declares the formation of the 'United States of Japan', a sense of pride filling her. Later on, she's a little less impressed to find out that it was in fact, C.C. in disguise as Zero giving the speech so Lelouch could head back to avoid suspicion. "Y'know, the Black Knights really don't like it when you keep secrets from us!" Eyes fierce as she stares at the verdant haired woman, arms crossed under her generous bosom. But being fully aware of Kallen's emotions towards Lelouch, C.C. is quickly able to call the bluff.

"You mean you don't like it when Lelouch and I keep things from you."

Weeks pass, battles are fought and slowly, they are gaining some ground. Wins, loses, and everything in between. It's a certain loss that has Lelouch reeling, the damage to his resolution evident especially after the loss of his sister, Nunnally. Being so close to having her back, just to have he fall from his grasp once more...she knew it had to be eating away at him, driving up the proverbial wall. Kallen knew that Nunnally thought she was in the right, choosing the path she was on due to her heart being in the right place but not necessarily knowing that those around her may have just been using her to their advantage. It was evident that the male just wanted more for his younger sibling--but somehow everything had skewed into this. He's missing for a good chunk of time, it leads Kallen to searching for him--finding him perched upon a steel beam in an abandoned area within Shinjuku. It was an obvious spot, after all, Zero had been born there. She opens her mouth to speak, to bring some form of conversation up to distract him from what he may or may not be feeling, but the glint of what's in his hands catches her eye. A refrain gun, pressed firmly to his wrist. "Refrain. You're familiar with it aren't you? It brings back memories of the good ol' days."

"Don't give me that bullshit!" Anger bubbles in her core as her voice spits pure venom at the idea of him sinking this low. This wasn't the Zero she knew, hell, this wasn't even the Lelouch she knew! Instantly, her reaction is to reach forward and snatch the drug from his grip; an easy feat. Slamming into the ground, she grunts and lets it be forgotten behind her. "So what if it didn't work this time! There's always another plan, I know you can think of one. Just give us the orders like you always do! Should I use my Knightmare? Should I put myself out there as bait? Just TELL me, I'll do whatever you want!" Desperate to get through to him, gripping to her every hope that he'll just pull through this, that he'll grasp his sanity and just see that it's far from over.

"Alright then, the one thing you can do is console me. There are things a woman can do for that, correct?" The moment he stands, Kallen feels herself instinctively step back. No, no, no...this wasn't how she had ever envisioned it. The dead look in is violet hues, the way his fingertips coldly brush the skin of her cheek. There was no feeling behind the touch, no depth to his words, it only proved to make her throbbing heart sink into her stomach. Deep down, the redhead knew what he was getting at and that sort of 'consoling' was the one thing she wouldn't do for him. No, she may deeply feel for the man, she may want something more with him even though she'd hardly admitted it to herself...but she would not allow herself to be used for her body in place for her mind. Everything is swirling inside her, her trembling lips slowly being closed in upon by his; it takes her until just as they are about to press together in the dance of a kiss for Kallen to finally react.

Skin against skin, the sound resonates and echos out into nothingness. The pain in her palm is nothing more than sharp sting, the redness of cheek blooming after she'd manage to slap him for the very idea of using her for anything more than a pawn in his scheme. After all, she was his right hand, his queen; not a mere whore he could use as he wished just because he needed a woman's touch to get them through the night. "Snap out of it, dammit! You're Zero, you have an obligation! You have to live up to the dreams you instilled into every one of us! So please...please just keep fooling us until you no longer can. We need you to be Zero with all your heart…" Tears are seeping from her eyes, dripping down her cheeks and falling to the ground beneath her very feet. This wasn't the man she held so dear, this wasn't the man she promised to walk through Hell and back for, no--this was nothing more than a shell. "Play your role like you absolutely mean it!" Before he can say another word, she's running. Feet slapping the ground and carrying her farther and farther. Not one more second could she bare to be in his presence, not right now, the gash through her heart far too deep.

Each time they find themselves in a situation where their lips almost meet, it's only a second before they are arm's length once more. The push and pull of waves, the tides of love sweeping her in before promptly spitting her back out. She knows, Kallen is well aware that she cannot allow her feelings for Zero, no, for Lelouch to sway her judgment. After all...in times like these, there's no room for relationships.

Whilst trying to stop a political marriage from proceeding betwixt a small Chinese Empress by the name of Tianzi & Odysseus eu Britannia, Kallen sees and witnesses the glory (and dimwittedness) of the one and only Gino Weinberg. His opinion of her form being called out across the room, even though the Knight of Three is well aware of who she is and that she is supposed to be considered the enemy. It's a lingering impression, even though she wouldn't see much of him until after she's taken prisoner and held under Britannian forces. At first the torture is brutal, leaving her wondering how she'd manage to hang on...given only Zero's word that he would make sure they'd find and save her. A girl can only hope for so long...Once it's brought to Nunnally's attention though, her arrangements shift, the girl making sure to dress her in a fine dress and place her in a prison with walls made of glass. By just looking at the woman, Kallen almost looks noble herself...which makes her Japanese blood nearly curdle. Nonetheless, a small conversation is held between herself and the royal identity until Suzaku cuts it short. His interrogation starts by informing her of Shirley's suicide, which hits home within the redheaded woman hard. To hear of someone from Ashford Academy sinking into the abyss of death by one's own hand...it was hard to swallow. Though, the brunet tries to twist it; claiming that Lelouch actually killed her and made it look to be suicide. Though she vehemently denies the accusations, it becomes clear that Suzaku doesn't believe her; going as far as to forcibly inject refrain into her unless she admits to knowing Zero's true identity.

"I have no clue, Suzaku! I don't know anything about Lelouch!" The resounding sound of her voice bouncing off the walls as her hand makes contact with his face, slapping the male forcefully. "Would you solemnly swear on Shirley's grave?" The words ring in her ear as the blunt force of his fist meets her stomach. Gasping out in pain and shock, she barely puts up a fight as she's forced into the chair. "You're going to answer all my questions--once the refrain is in your system, you'll lose your willpower and soon you'll be forced to obey." Her pleas aren't reaching him, her voice choking out, begging him not to do this. All she can think back to is her mother, her promise that she'd make it so they'd have a better life where they can live normally. That dream, it is slowly piddling away as she is forced still by the hand holding her arm back, her weak flailing slowing as she sees no way out.

"Mother, please...help me." Waiting for the gun to go off and drug to meet her system, something snaps within Suzaku...and he proclaims he won't be like 'him'. Leaving her, slumped in her chair, gasping to for air as he whole body trembles. It was that moment that her hatred for Suzaku Kururugi exploded tenfold. It's further expressed when he comes groveling at her feet, seeking her forgiveness for the wrong he's done. Her fists swiftly meet his stomach, then his jaw and continue her assault; her blue eyes seeing red.

"There's no apologizing! You're either right, or you're wrong! You think you can just flip on and off the good guy routine whenever you please? No, not when I'm this pissed off! Kallen Kozuki is a soldier, not a damned sideshow!" Kicking him out of her range, a small huff escapes her chest as she promptly plops her bottom back into her chair, eyes glancing away. She continues on to poke and prod, claiming that she should be put to death for assault of a Knight of the Round, but of course, Suzaku refuses. Her only response to his denial is a swift and bitter 'I hate you'.

Kallen is soon faced with the Vampire of Britannia, Lucanio Bradley. Ignoring Nunnally's protest that he had not been given permission to come down, in yet, he still speaks of what he will do to the redhead, a dark, vulgar undertone billowing from his lips as he claims that he can do as he wishes. He is gratefully fended off by a certain blondie, Gino, as he berates him. Though it only proves to become a slight pissing contest when the subject of Gino only ranking higher than him due familial ties. Kallen sees Gino again not too long after that, the blond seemingly wanting to poke her brain a little more but makes it a point to claim he's in search for Suzaku--and she indulges him to a point.

"Huh, so he's not here either. By any chance have you seen Suzaku around?"

There's a small snort before she nearly laughs at the idea of the Knight lingering her cell. "I highly doubt he'd come here." She'd retort firmly, fingers slowly drumming against the arms of her chair. Not after the beating she gave him...not for a while at least. After a small moment of silence, her icy hues fall on the book clutched under his arm. Pushing to her feet, heels click the floor, echoing off the glass walls that kept her contained. "What's that?"

"I found it in a locker at Ashford...it was tucked deep inside, hidden away as if it were something important--" Opening it up, the male would grin some and point out the fact that it's filled with photos of the Student Council, amused with the fact that even Kallen herself makes an appearance, even though a few photos are obviously missing. "I mean, I suppose some of the missing photos have been removed due to the fact that he doesn't want to be seen paling around with a terrorist. Nonetheless, everyone seems so...y'know. I didn't know Suzaku could even look like that. I've never seen him like this--it's almost joyful." Clapping the book shut, her icy blues meet with oceanic ore just briefly before she is quick to glance away.

"Good for him," She mutters, her thoughts running away with her. It was true, once upon a time, Suzaku was nearly normal. Just a kid like the rest of them but when he lost Euphemia, the man he once was snapped. She's only able to reminiscence for mere seconds before blondie is speaking up again; this time the conversation's topic is her.

"So, from my understanding you're a Britannian half-breed, yeah?" The notion of her heritage leaves her to gasp softly, flickering irises blinking a few times as he continues on. "If you had chosen to go with the name Stadtfeld instead of Kozuki, it's very well possible you could have a good life, isn't it? It's safe to say you could have even become one of the Knights of the round if your ambitions lead you there."

Patience begun to wear thin, a loft brow lifting as she begged him to get on with the point. Pressing him only proved to make his features widen with a dopey smile, his demeanor so sunny for someone with such a high ranking title on the Britannian side. It was kinda pathetic-- "What I'm getting at is, wouldn't you like to come back to our side Kallen?"

There's not much time to respond to such a thing as lights begin shutting down around them, leaving nothing but an eerie green glow; her eyes blow wide as she looks around then focuses back in on Gino, confusion masked over her fine features. Just what was happening? It is soon brought to her attention that Zero is making his move, his objective to take Viceroy Nunnally and to rescue her are clearly the motives; the idea makes her heart leap and a smile blooms onto her pristine features. "Zero's on his way, isn't he?"

"Would you look at that smile? It paints the perfect picture of the real you, Kallen. Honestly, it's too bad--your wish won't come true. Because I and my Tristan serve Britannia." As he leaves, each footstep echoed against her ears...his words, they sink in, but they aren't enough to stifle the emotions within her. He couldn't kill her joy, no, she knew she was merely biding her time until someone came to break her from this prison and that they did. Sayako, to be exact. Tears prick her eyes at the familiar face of the woman, her hands pressing to the glass. It felt surreal that she was even there but the relief that waved over her was like nothing else. "You're looking well. Master Rolo has gone ahead to secure Miss Nunnally but we came to give you a gift, Miss Kallen--it should fit." Opening the metallic suitcase, a crimson jumpsuit lay in wait; just begging to be put on. If that was what they were offering that must mean she is meant to fight! Quickly, she is taken to an upgraded Guren, something she can instantly tell--as he beloved Guren stands different from the way she had left it.

The Knightmare has been tweaked and once getting it up and running she sees that what was once the Guren Mk-II is now the Guren S.E.I.T.E.N. Eight Elements. While severely upgraded, it still managed to have the same core setup which would make it easier for her to maneuver--it wouldn't be like piloting a completely new mecha. Once on the battlefield, the Guren has now sprouted two wings; glowing neon pink, she makes quick work of the enemies in her path, zipping across the field in a matter of seconds and living a slew of destroyed foes in her wake. Making her way to Zero takes mere moments, her attacks slicing through the Valkyrie Squadron with ease, all save for Luciano. "Be careful what you wish for, Vampire of Britannia!" Swooping in front of the Knightmare that held Zero, she's face to face with the dirtbag that felt he could do as he pleased with her. Oh, how he was about to eat those words. "Zero, I'm here! Your elite guard, Kallen Kozuki is ready to join the fray once more!"

Bradley only seems to want to taunt her, deflecting her attacks but causing those of his own to go down in his place, as well as his missiles being dodged and slammed into those behind the spunky redhead. "Eleven, do you know the prime truth of the battlefield? Kill a man off if, you're nothing more than a criminal, kill a man on it and you revered as a big hero!"

Unimpressed, she stares dully ahead at the disgusting piece of work. "So, you wanna be a hero, huh?" It's not surprising when his response to her question proves that he merely wants to steal the lives of others without the reprimanding of the law getting in the way. Gritting her teeth and moving to power up her next attack, she hones in on the vamp and hisses, "Some Knight you are! You're barely a scoundrel!" Her attack is fired and deflected--though he gets cocky, thinking the close range will do her in. When she grabs a hold of his Knightmare and the dread begins to sink in; she can hear his cries--it all being so laughable if it wasn't so pathetic."So what is it you value most? Your own miserable, meaningless life? Heh, send me a postcard from Hell." Boosting up power in her radiation arm, the lowlife is soon screaming in agony at the idea of being killed by an Eleven. Those are his last words as the man & Knightmare fry, much like he'll be doing after death. There's not much of a pause, she hears the Zero give the orders to go after Nunnally, but Suzaku and Gino both show up to take her on; Suzaku on the forefront launching an attack that is easily deflected. Once faced with Gino head on, she hears him speak up and notes that after their talk, she still chose Kozuki as her name.

Smirking to herself, she haughtily responds, "That's right, which means you and I are due to battle once again. Tell me, should we be happy or sad?" He only manages to claim that they should enjoy it. She prepares to go head to head with the sweet talkin' playboy...but he's taken from her sights and she is left with Suzaku, much to her dismay. The battle betwixt them rages, the femme of the pair wreaking havoc on the Lancelot, slicing off the left limb as well as it's gun & left arm. Everything is pushed to brink, and when Suzaku proves to pull one more attack out of his ass, Kallen is able to dodge it. F.L.E.I.J.A. is launched, blowing up the government bureau and a large chunk of the area surrounding it--it is assumed that Nunnally is caught up within it. Later, it is revealed that due to the explosion, ten million people were killed & and a staggering twenty-five million in the shockwave.

Days later, Kallen is next seen walking in to inform that Ohgi wants to meet in warehouse #4, but when questioned why she claims she is unaware of the specific details. In this small encounter, she witnesses C.C. beg Lelouch to take off his clothes, the redhead's brows furrowing and her fists tightly clenching. "W-wha? Just what the hell have you two been doing in here? While you let me rot in a cell, you've been--" He's quick to defend, claiming she lost her memory and it's purely his fault. It dawns on her that all he once had to cling to is now gone. Whilst trying to comfort him for his loss, they step out of the elevator and the lights snap on; the two are met with the entirety of the Black Knights turning their weapons on him, proclaiming they know all about his Geass power. As they are honing in on him, Kallen no longer can sit and watch. Tossing an arm in front of him, she spits venom. "Hold on! This is all one-sided. Are you forgetting everything Zero has done for us? How far he has gotten us?! At least give him the chance to answer for this crime!" She pleaded for his life but in return, the threat of dying alongside him was all they could respond.
"Move! You're in the way, Kallen!"

"Do you want to die with him? Don't tell me the scum's used his Geass on you too!"

Faced with the ultimate sacrifice, she stood unyielding, hanging her head just slightly. Her attention focused on the man shielded by her very body, blue hues carefully glancing his way. "This is it, I need an answer Lelouch. What do I mean to you? I have to know…" In her mind, she was hoping her existence meant just as much to him as his to her, her gut fluttering with nervousness at the answer and the situation at hand. "If I was able to stay with you, I would--please...please, just answer me Lelouch!" What he would speak next...his maniacal laughing, his answer? Those were the last things she wanted to hear.

"You fools! You finally figured it out. I've done nothing but use you all! That's right...you're nothing more than pawns this game." The look of betrayal sinks over her features, icy ore blown wide as she stares in disbelief. No, it couldn't be true! He...had he really only been using them? "Kallen, you were the most useful of all, much like a well worn Knight. This whole entire world the board for said game and all for my own entertainment."

"I see…" Tears seeped down, rolling off her cheeks but her fierce gaze wouldn't falter. She wanted to scream, to sink her fist into his jaw--but no. Lifting her head & her feet, the found of her heels clapped against the floor, walking away. "Goodbye, Lelouch."

"You have to live, Kallen." Even after all that, those words still manage to make her turn back, eyes so confused...but the sound of shots radiate outwards, only to hit a Knightmare that drops down at the very last second, shielding him where she had given up. She reaches out for him, begging for them to wait but just like that--the mecha and Lelouch have vanished, right before their very eyes. Lelouch goes from down and out, to completely managing to ascend to the throne, announcing that he has killed Charles, thus claiming himself as the new Emperor. At his side, Suzaku, whom he places over the Knights of the Round; his new title, Knight of Zero. Proving himself, he soon mentions that he will be joining the United Federation of Nations; a claim that means he would be an ally. The conference to join such being held at Ashford Academy of all places.

Kallen is to greet him, the eyes of thousands lain on them both as he approaches, she has so many questions--it's no surprise when one bubbles up without her even thinking. Words barely meet his ears before he is offering a scripted greeting. "Nice to meet you! I assume you are captain Kallen Kozuki, a leader of the Black Knights, correct?" Pausing, she'd usher a small sigh and a nod.

"That's right. I'm to escort you safely to the conference."

"Is that so? If that is the case, then do you mind if we take the long way? I'm feeling a tad bit anxious, you see." As if she would ever believe that, but for the sake of appearances, she'd agree all the same. Turning on her heel, she'd lead him around the building; the silence between them stiff and uncomfortable. There's so many things she could say, so many things she longed to get off her chest, so where could she even start? "Nostalgic, isn't it?"

The ground beneath her becomes interesting, a soft expression within her saddened blues. "I'm grateful forever thing you've done…" Softly, the words are from the heart, just a small portion of what she could say. Their walk continued through the double doors, heading for the staircase. "But...when it became evident that you were Zero, I didn't understand anymore. Even so, the man I watched, doing his all to fight Britannia...has now joined forces with Suzaku. What is it that you're really trying to do?"

Meeting the first step, finally, she'd look at him, her eyes with a dull anguish that she no longer had the nerve to hide. When he said nothing, she faced forward and continued up the steps. "Is it that you are power hungry? Is it the need to be over everyone else? Or is this, like everything else, just a game to you?" As they reach the second floor, lithe fingers clinch in her palms, a pang of sadness driving through her heart. Though, she wouldn't let him see, she wouldn't give him that much. "During the Black Rebellion...Ohgi told me to protect you with my own life. He told me--he told me it was you that could make my brother's dream a reality."

"Lelouch, after everything, all that we've been through...what do I honestly mean to you? On the day you left the Ikaruga you told me Kallen, you have to live!" All the emotion, everything came to a blunt head. Turning on her heel, she'd take one step, her palm reaching out and cupping his pallid cheek. In a moment of desperation, she smashed their lips together. Her kiss a last ditch effort to pull some sort of reaction from the man she so hopelessly adored. Yet, his eyes just stared at her, blankly, as if nothing had even happened. Fighting the ache in her being, she'd force a tiny nod. "I guess that's it then...farewell, Lelouch. The supreme council will be holding the meeting in the Gymnasium."

As she walks away with her dignity in tact, her bottom lip would tug betwixt her teeth; she wouldn't cry. She told herself she wouldn't shed another tear for the man that cracked her heart in two--but as he murmurs his own goodbye, a dewy teardrop slid down and dampened her uniform.Things go astray, and one of the first to react to their ultimate betray is Kallen herself. Powering up Guren, she prepares to take on Lelouch & Suzaku herself, as she controls the only Knightmare with the ability to take on Suzaku's Lancelot but she is held off by Li's words; knowing that Lelouch wouldn't hesitate to kill everyone surrounding him. Lelouch gets away with the decision he wants--but with his own price to pay as he soon realizes that it's Nunnally that he has made his enemy.

Later down the line, Kallen is seen with Gino, speaking with the blond as his upgraded Tristan Divider is examined. Gazing out at the waters ahead, her gaze lifts curiously to the Knight of Three. She's surprised he is willing to go against everything he was ever trained for, that he is willing to fight Britannia, of which he always proclaimed he served to protect. "Are you sure about this, Gino? You do realize you'll be going against everything you stand for."The pleasant smile that she witnesses, it leaves her staring; how he can be so calm, so bright even at a time like is something to behold.

"You know right now? Right now, I think I can understand how you felt--" This tiny confession leaves her a tad bit speechless, her eyes flicking away quickly to hide her small blush. After all, he's the first to even remotely regard how she feels, to take note of what's she expressed and try to understand. It's hard to react properly as she fumbles with her words. "I..ah...thanks, I suppose."

When everything finally hits the fan, the first person Kallen goes for is Lelouch, tears in her eyes as she aims her arm at the man she loved, but is deterred when C.C. steps in to keep her at bay. The green haired dame manages to fend her off, distracting her long enough for the ravenette to escape. The fight between them is short-lived, Guren quickly over powers C.C. and forces her to eject, leaving the skies open for Kallen to move on and head towards the area where Gino is keeping Suzaku at bay. She watches as he damages the Blaze Luminous generator, giving her room to move in and pick up where he and the Tristan Divider had left off, knowing he wouldn't be able to handle him on his own. "Suzaku! It's time to end this! Our continually crossing paths ends here!"

Even with his Geass-enhanced skill, Kallen manages to drag him down; a few minutes lingering at a standoff. Gripping the controls, she'd come over the communication device. "It's painfully clear that I've misjudged you, Suzaku. There once was a time that I thought you truly cared for Japan in your own misguided way, but now…" The conversation goes on, but she quickly grows impatient, promising to kill him and at that their combat takes to the sky. It quickly escalates but once their wings run out of power, they are forced to take to the deck of the Damocles. The Albion manages to take out the head, legs, and right arm of the Guren despite Kallen's Knightmare having better specks. At the very end, she thinks that she missed her target, not seeing how her left arm had smashed into the core of the Albion. As the Guren shuts down, she's tossed off as Suzaku's mecha explodes and caught by Gino, whom finally managed to get the Tristan Divider up and going long enough to keep her from plummeting to her death.

"You win, you've beat him Kallen." Even so, Lelouch manages to subjugate the Black Knights and stake claim as the ruler of the world.

Exactly two months later, Emperor Lelouch prepares to execute not only those of the Black Knights, but the U.F.N. leaders under the watchful eyes of the Britannian people. Accepting their fate, not a single one of them expect Zero to show himself and interrupt the procession. It is revealed as Zero stabs Lelouch that this was all planned between himself and Suzaku, whom now has the burden of being the masked leader of the former rebellion. Kallen and the rest are freed by Cornelia once the once might man falls to the hands of his own planned death. Kallen eventually went back to school after the fall of Lelouch, and even though her heart was damaged in the aftermath of what he had left; she went forward with the thoughts of what he once was. Now, happily seeing Gino of all people, his warm personality and brilliant smile have been mending her piece, by piece.


FAVORITE FOOD Spicy soba noodles

HOBBIES Beating up her Boyfriend, Flying Gurren, Talking about Japan AND taking car of those she cares about

LIKES All things Japaneses, helping others, making use of herself, the Guren, Gino...sometimes.

DISLIKES Cocky, disgusting men, losing, not being listened to, her own fragile heart

DOB March 29th



ABILITIES Kallen is a woman who's piloting skills with Knightmare frames (specifically Guren) are on par with that of the Knights of the Round, if not surpassing their own level of expertise. During the rebellion, she was referenced to as the Black Knight's Ace, her proficiency withstanding awe from both her allies and enemies alike. With the Radiation arm attached to Guren Mk-II, the young ace has the power to take down nearly any Knightmare frame if she is allowed access to direct contact. With how speedy the Guren becomes with each upgrade, it makes it so she is on par with the best of the best within the series. It's to be noted that Suzaku was toe to toe with her, even while fighting her with his 'live on' command activated. Aside from her skills that pertain to a Knightmare, the fiery redheaded woman is known to have superior fighting skills, a knack for resourcefulness, and was top of her class even given her absences from school due to her affiliation with the rebellion & Zero/Lelouch.


  • strong-willed
  • determined
  • loyal
  • brave
  • compassionate


  • short-tempered
  • forceful
  • somewhat impulsive
  • aggressive

PULL POINT Her pull point will be post R2, two years have passed since the fall of Britannia.

SORTING While Kallen is a very skilled Knightmare pilot and can stand toe-toe in a fight with the best of them, she wants to live a normal life. Years of being the second in command of a rebel faction have left her yearning to look past the war that is now behind her and continue on in life as an ordinary young woman. As a result, I think she would dim down her expertise and allow herself to be sorted into the lowest powered usergroup, Nadir.

as written by


AGE Twenty-five EXPERIENCE 10+ years LOCATION Hell player triggers
Descriptive rape & Zombies
other characters
Matsuoka Rin, Lotor, Yuri Plisetsky, Fudo Akira, & Leo


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as played by just snow
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Player Pronouns Any are fine.
Player Age 31


May 2 2018, 06:17 PM


Okay, now then. First off, Kitten. You write this woman perfectly. The motives and her actions are so clear. She's such a brave, strong and beautiful woman, and there needs to be more like her in this world. She's willing to put everything, even her very life, on the line for the freedom of her nation. She follows Zero perfectly, a wonderful black queen. You did an amazing job here, Kitten. I cannot get over how well written this app is. You write so well, and you never give yourself enough credit. Gino is beyond excited to see his beloved Kallen, so let's not keep him waiting!

Welcome to Ipsum Kozuki Kallen! You have been sorted into NADIR! Please be sure to fill out your Claims (Character List, Member List & Employment) and your Mini Profile, and let us know that you have finished that here, so we can properly sort you!

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