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 Ryu Hyun, Kitten [Mystic Messenger]


Mystic Messenger






as played by Kitten
You don't see love with your eyes, you see it with your heart.
Player Pronouns she/her
Player Age Twenty-five


May 7 2018, 12:49 PM

Ryu Hyun

Mystic Messenger

NICKNAME ZEN, or you can also call him perfect, he'll answer to it.

AGE Twenty-three

RACE Korean



JOB Idol (Actor, Singer, Model)


What is your full name? What was that? Did they truthfully just...? With a small gasp of shock, the silver-haired man places a hand upon his chest, fingers splayed just so for the dramatic effect as he expressed his sheer awe of being prodded for information that should be so obvious. "Oh sweetheart, have you been living under a rock for the past few years?" His lips curve upwards in a wry, playful smile that shows off his the perfectly straight ivory teeth, his sanguine hues sparkling under the luminescent lighting. Truthfully, he was just now starting to gain popularity to the masses due to the anticipation of his collaboration with the Echo Girl--but with the most recent events, he wasn't so sure that his sparkling future would last long. Choi Kyungju, Echo Girl, the beloved Idol that everyone knew and loved...her beauty did little to hide her privileged personality.

Breathing in slowly, he keeps his smile in check, not allowing himself to show his discontent. It was one thing for someone else to drag his reputation through the mud but he would be damned if he allowed himself to aide the woman in her attempt to crush his popularity. "I am ZEN! A singer/actor with a face that cameras cannot get enough of!" Long lashes bat downward as he smoothly speaks, ZEN's voice like crushed velvet, soft and intoxicating. The way he moves his body forward, one long limb lifting and crossing over the other as he settles into this little interview, it's clear he is in his element. Years of being thrust into the public eye as his rise in popularity started to pick up had been a little bit of a shock at first, but now? He lives for the way he gets a crowd going. His presence alone is enough to make throws of women press their thighs together and wriggle with desire, their beautiful faces lit up in euphoria as they gaze upon him, as if viewing the act of God. Each and every princess that he happily called his 'fans' tickled pink by his words, his actions...in yet, it seemed that all of that had been wiped clean, suddenly transported into a city who had yet to be graced with his glory. Not that the silence wouldn't be appreciated somewhat, it was sometimes tough to have to face the world when thousands of people knew who you were and wanted nothing more than to catch a glimpse or snap a photo--but while silence could be golden, it was also crippling. Left him to his thoughts for a touch too long and nothing seemed to go right when that happened.

"What do you mean you have never heard of me? Are we truthfully not in Seoul? This has to be some sort of joke--"

Where are you from? Tell us about your hometown. That answered his last question--he was definitely not in Seoul anymore, which meant he had no connections here...where ever here was. Shrugging it off, the familiar alarm that had spread through his senses would have to be forced down if only for the sake of keeping a steady appearance. "Ahh...well, if you hadn't gathered, I am from Seoul--more specifically, Gangdong-gu. It's not in the midst of the city, nowhere near the hustle and bustle of certain other districts like say, Gangnam. It's quiet, peaceful, but if you go far enough in you'll be met with the city life most expect from a prestigious metropolis like Seoul." Tilting his head somewhat, a lazy smile creases his handsome features. "...I mean, I could go into detail about how massive Seoul is as a whole, but I feel like even those who don't live in Korea are aware of how vast the city is. It's one of those places that could almost stand alone."

Can you describe your childhood? "Heh, that's a bit of a touchy subject..." Hooded, almond-shaped hues flit away from the woman, her expectant gaze boring holes unto his form in a manner that didn't stroke his ego in the way he so thoroughly ate up. It wasn't that he was afraid to speak of what he went through as a boy, it was that he would rather it fester beneath the surface of his own pristine flesh, poison his bloodstream with the self-doubt that had been a constant throughout the entirety of his youth. "I lived within my parent's means. My brother and I had things we absolutely needed--a roof over our head, a bed to sleep in at night, food in our stomachs. Given the career paths my mother and father drove themselves down, funds were quite tight...a teacher's salary nothing to honestly write home about."

A mere drop in the bucket in comparison to the amount of money he made, but it wasn't as if he would hold his status or new found fortune over the heads of those he was bore from. They did not matter, not then, not now, not ever. To the naked eye, his childhood stood out as...normal at best, aside from the fact that his beauty caught the eye of all types of people. Male and female alike, their eyes alight with wonder at how gorgeous the young boy was, his silvery locks soft and framing his alabaster features, innocent almond-shaped hues an unusual shade of crimson. He was striking, visually, even as a mere child. He had strangers eating out of the palms, strangers, but his own mother couldn't bear to look at him. He hated how they paid him mind, despised the attention they gave and felt disturbed when they reached out to touch him, their grimy fingertips like poison upon touching his flesh.

"You are hideous, for the life of me I do not understand where you got your looks. Why were we disgraced with a disgusting child like you?"

Shaking his head of the intrusive thoughts his mind had decided to wander upon, the actor would force a smile, pearly whites flashing as he offered the interviewer a wink. He couldn't show his weaknesses around complete strangers, nor anyone for that matter. "I think that about sums it up, there's nothing more I would like to add to this subject."

Tell us about your family. Oh, well it seemed that he just couldn't avoid the woman's pressing interest in his family history, she yearned to learn about those he had come from--the life he had as a child, in yet, ZEN just wanted to lock every last memory of his time with those people in a box and bury it to be forgotten. "There's not much I can say, they are normal people with normal jobs, living what I can only be assumed to be normal lives." Freshly clipped nails clack against the armrest of his seat, crimson ore flicking away from the woman's expectant gaze. Why couldn't he leave it at that? Why must they want more from him? It was...vexing, to say the least. In yet, ZEN dared not act out, lest he has a scandal on his hands and that in itself was the very last thing he needed.

"As I spoke about previously, my parents are teachers and my only sibling, my elder brother, he is a lawyer of a very demanding law firm. I am sorry, but I cannot offer much more than that, I haven't spoken any of them in a few years now." Living life estranged from his family hadn't been hard. No, it was better this way--better that he had cut out the toxicity that had nearly eaten him alive. There were still nights where memories of his childhood flooded forward, flashbacks of his mother and her foul commentary, her bitter actions. One memory, in particular, harder to swallow than the rest.

"It's your hair! It is the problem! For the life of me, I cannot understand where you got this color...no one in our family has silver hair, not on your father's side and certainly not on mine. That's it! I am going to cut it. I'll cut it in a way that everyone sees how ugly you truly are!"

The press of her hands on his smaller body, the way he struggled, wriggled around in a desperate attempt to get away...but she held him steady as the sharpened blades of the scissors snipped crookedly into the silvered strands--she did as she had claimed she would. Memories of his cries for help, his pleading voice ringing free--his elder brother had been there, he could have stopped it, but he didn't. The man stood there, his gaze just as cold as his mother's words had been. The one person that had once stood by him, gave him the confidence to do what he wanted in life and lifted him up lashing outward at him just as his parents had many times before.

"Hyun, you didn't do what mother told you, did you? You never do." His voice was stern, university had changed him. He was no longer his kind elder brother, no...he was a complete stranger, whos face only resembled that of his sibling. Things were different now...different only because ZEN had found his true calling in life and the rest of his family couldn't understand.

"You are in middle school now and you should be acting like it! Instead, you are irresponsibly skipping your homework in favor of playing that silly guitar and singing in the streets! I was shocked...how did you even learn how to play? When Mrs. Kim showed me that viral video of you...I was horrified, humiliated." She wouldn't listen, matter how hard he tried to explain that his music teacher had taught him everything he knew, she still continued to degrade him. His mother continued on to ask who shot the video, demanded that he tell her whilst insulting his looks, insulting his talent, it was more than any young mind could truly handle. Her tongue dripping her poisonous threats--speaking of shaving his whole head if he continued to rebel.

"Hyun used to be so nice but that was when he was little--mother, what if he can't even go to college now?" There was a brief pause as he recalled how he turned to look at him, no longer focused on the woman behind him, still ruining his hair. "Little brother, I told you time and time again, you cannot do music without connections but perhaps you are just too stupid to understand"

It had been the final straw, tears welling up in his eyes and slipping free over his rounded cheeks, still slightly chubby with unshed baby fat. With fists clenched at his sides and his voice sodden with choked back sobs, the younger version of himself struggles with the fact that he had absolutely no one, no one who had faith in what he could do. No matter what, no matter how harshly his parent had treated him over the years, ZEN fell back on the fact that his sibling would always speak to the truth...but at that moment, he had sounded just like them. "Y-you...you told me I had talent! You said so yourself! I...I don't understand..."

Looking back on it now, it was foolish to have thought that he could have understood anything about him. Being ten years his senior, ZEN could only assume now that his kind words as a small boy were because he felt he was cute...but as he grew older, as his hobbies turned to passions, he couldn't hide behind his facade any longer. After all, his sibling was an A student and himself? Well, he was, by their standards, a troublemaker. The change in his brother, the way his words went from sweetened praise to remarkably sounding just like his parents...it still bothered him to this day. The idea of money so ingrained in his mind by the years of studying law, his lust for mere currency shifted his brain and made him just like any other adult seeking their next won.

"Ah, forgive me, I must have spaced out! Heheh, I am just a little hazy from the events of today. We can move on to the next question now if you would like to."

Tell us about your social group. Friends, Coworkers, Allies. "Ah? You wish to know about my close circle of friends and coworkers? Well...there's always those I work with at the theater and while I do not know them as personally as I would like, there is still a bond. One you can only form while sharing the stage with another person." A whimsical expression adorns the idol's face, his lips curved upwards with a smile. It was nice to have a question that failed to weigh him down with thoughts he'd rather squash completely. "Though, I assume you would rather hear about those I am close with, hm?"

Tapping his index finger to the jut of his full bottom lip, ZEN contemplates who to start with. Everyone within the RFA was important to him to some extent...well, nearly everyone. One extremely annoying rich man with a cat fetish definitely did not meet those standards...but never the less, he had to make due. Shaking his head, fingers tenderly swipe away the stray silvered hairs from his vision before allowing his hands to settle in his lap neatly. "I am part of a little organization, the RFA...you probably haven't heard of it. Yes, well, it was founded by a woman by the name of Rika."

Her name lingers in his mouth, a seeping sadness bleeding from his tongue as he struggles not to make this a big ordeal. "She may no longer be with us, but what she has done for me...for our fellow members? It would have taken a lifetime or more to fully repay her. The woman was an angel, a precious soul, always seeing the good in people, honing in on their talents and believing in them." Even though the sorrow is palpable, ZEN finds himself tilting his head back, a fondness flickering within sanguine tinctures. It was hard to accept the idea that someone so full of life, so radiant, so pure...had decided that she no longer wanted to live anymore. She was never a miserly person but she committed the act of pure selfishness, not thinking about the people she left behind. "She is truly the reason why I got my start, rose from no-faced nobody to the man you see today. In her eyes, my talents were glorious, she saw past just my beauty and helped me due to her faith in my abilities. Until her, no one had given that to me."

"Then there is Kim Jihyun, but he refers to himself as V. He's a famous photographer. He's a good man and one of the reasons I am still standing today. Not only had he taken a liking to photographing me...he--well he saved my life. I was in a pretty bad motorcycle wreck and he was the first on the scene. He made sure I received the help I needed and I am pretty sure that if it weren't for him, I wouldn't be sitting here at this very moment." He chuckles softly and gazes off to the side as if mulling over his next words, it all seemed so heavy when he put it like that, there had to be a way to segway the conversation away from the depth of his confessions. ZEN could feel how the interviewer stared him down with one brow aloft as if expecting so much more to come flowing from his lips. "He was lucky enough to have caught Rika's fancy, the two were to be married." There's a pause, "Can you imagine being so lucky as to have found such wondrous goddess? Not only that but to have won her heart?...Ah--well, he was lucky. Not so much now, not after her passing."

He sighs softly, that dismal feeling that had retreated briefly now returning. Such a miserable notion, one he wished he didn't have to feel. "None of us have really been able to accept it for what it is but for V? It was like he lost himself when he lost her. He just isn't the same anymore and who can really blame him? I cannot imagine losing the love of my life...I would much rather give my own and perhaps--perhaps that's how V is truthfully feeling."

"Anyway!" He chirps after a few more seconds, a smile wisping over handsome features as he leans forward to peer at the woman that seemed almost down with how the conversation had derailed. "Enough of all that! There are still a few more members I have yet to talk about. The next to come to mind has to be Yoosung." Thoughts turn to the kindhearted college student with the whole world in his hands...that is, if he could only get away from those stupid video games that have sucked him in and refused to spit him right back out. "He's a good friend, real lovable guy who has good intentions...but one could say he tends to have a bit of a problem with things that he fixates on. I guess what I am saying is, he needs to get out of his house more and focus on what he wants out of life instead of focusing on silly stuff like that MMO he's always raving about. I worry about him not realizing his true potential but I don't want to force him to make any quick decisions."

Nodding to himself, ZEN tilts his head just slightly as he considers the next member of their beloved RFA. Orange hair and an eccentric personality come to mind and he can't help but shake his head. "Yoosung is often teased by another member, 707. As you can probably assume, that isn't his real name but he's weird and we've learned to just live with his bizarre demands. No matter how often I try to get him to take up better-eating habits, he tends to just live off junk. More specifically sugary sodas and some dumb, specific flavor of chip--honey buddha or something, I don't know. Whatever it is, he shouldn't use it as a source of his complete sustenance...but good luck telling him otherwise. The guy thinks he is some sort of genius and I mean...he kinda is when it comes to hacking--but otherwise? I'm not so sure..."

"Besides Seven, there's also Jaehee and..." He pauses, a frown curving his lips downward. It is clear the next person he is thinking about brings no good thoughts to mind. In fact, one would say ZEN hesitates just because the taste of the man's very name is bitter on his tongue, a flavor so distinct that it leaves a nasty aftertaste. "Jumin--both work under the same company. Jaehee is a lovely woman, a true peach and one of my faithful fans. Well, she considers herself such, I see her more as a friend than a fan. It's almost saddening that she insists otherwise but there's nothing I can do to change her mind. She's the chief secretary at C&R International and if I must say, she's overworked by the executive director who just so happens to be Han Jumin himself."

Did he hate Jumin? Some would probably assume so, but it was more so a distaste for what the man prioritized. No, he didn't hate him--at his core, ZEN new that Jumin was a good person. A hardworking man that despite having a silver spoon in his mouth upon birth chose the path he walks and loves what he does. He may prioritize money over all else but it was all the idiot knows and for that he can't hold it against him. "He's a cat obsessed jerk who spends all his time focusing on his money and how to make more. When he isn't doing that, he's fawning over his stupid cat or teasing me about not liking said cat." It really wasn't ZEN's distaste for the feline that kept him away--it was the fact that he was literally allergic to the animal, in yet, Jumin still found it hilarious to torture him with his beloved Elizabeth the 3rd. Who in their right mind takes advantage of a person's biological ailment?!

"But...he has loyalty, he has stood behind me even when I have fallen to rock bottom. For that, I owe him a lot...thus why I have a certain project in the works regardless of my well-known allergy." Filming the godforsaken cat food commercial would likely be the death of him but regardless of that, he wanted to prove a point. One that would most likely be ignored by the trust fund jerk who would undoubtedly focus on all the embarrassing bloopers thus having more material to tease him over. "Despite his cold exterior, he's a good guy with annoying quirks. Er...I guess--crap, if I keep this up the gay rumors will start flying about me instead." That last part, he hopes, isn't recorded--

Do you have a significant other? If so, tell us about them. The sound ZEN makes is pitiful, truthfully and utterly distraught. One hand placed over his heart while his chin tipped upwards to gaze at the tiled ceiling above. "Must you hurt me? A guy like me has no time for a girlfriend..." A full pout forms on his plush, roseate lips. This was the mantra he had repeated to himself time and time again, that had been repeated back by those around him as well. In his line of work, juggling so many things all at once...the last thing he needed was to drag another person into the fray, especially when feelings of love was to be involved. That wasn't to say that he didn't yearn for the affection of another--his desires to have someone to cherish and pamper, to press his own love unto, well...it was the topic of many a discussion once someone led him to that train of thought.

Alas, it always ended the same.

"I would love to find my soulmate one day, a beautiful girl with a heart of gold--my one, true princess to pamper and love. I...now is just not a good time for me to do so. I would want to focus each and every day solely on her and no one else. You can imagine how that wouldn't be wise given how busy I am and my fans would suffer due to my own pursuit towards happiness." A lingering sigh echoes out, soon palming his cheek as he rests an elbow against the armrest. "So it's best that I just keep to myself...ugh."

What do you enjoy to do in your spare time? "Spare time? That's almost amusing to think about given I don't have too much of it..." He smiles, a palm cusping the back of his own neck an rubbing at the weary muscles there. "It may sound like I am a bit of a workaholic if I mention it, but I enjoy running my lines over an ice cold beer in my free time. It helps me to keep focused on what is truly important to me. Otherwise, I am merely daydreaming about the moment when my future girlfriend and I meet one another." A wistful sigh passes his lush lips, fingers brushing over his own tiers as that dreamy expression returns to his features. It was clear the idea of love entering his life was something that he yearned for deeply...it haunted his thoughts more often than he would care to admit.

"Ah! I should also mention karaoke--I'm quite good at it if I do say so myself."

What is your life's ambition? He almost deadpans at the question, his smile wavering just a touch. Had she not been paying attention to a single word he had been saying? Not a single statement retained from the various times he had explained what he did and why he did it? Shaking his head, the silver-haired idol would refrain from making a huge stink about it even if it did bother him that he had practically been answering questions towards a person who could care less. "I want to act in larger roles, play characters that speak not only to my own soul but the souls of thousands! I want to see myself on the silver screen, not just the stage of the local theater. Hell, I would even settle for TV--anything just to get myself out there, to inspire more than just myself. I want to see the response of the crowd to my passions, I want to sing for crowds that feel my music on a deeper level...I just...I want to entertain."

Do you have any regrets? Regret wasn't a term that was often tossed into his vocabulary. Various things had happened in his life that he could feel such a thing towards, from running away from home at such a young age to the various crimes he had committed as a rebellious teenager with nothing to lose--he didn't regret a single moment as it had gotten him where he was today. His time in the motorcycle gang had been rough, he was scraping by with barely any money and living in an apartment that he could hardly make rent for. He stole, he drank prematurely, and the crowd he associated himself with had done far worse things...but they took him in, cared for him when he couldn't rely on his family and thus became a surrogate for the one that he had left in the dust.

No, he didn't regret them, nor his actions for just trying to survive. ZEN had since given back to his community for all he had taken previously, spending much of his time and his efforts when not working his tail off towards charities. Raising funds for those in need, for the children that were helpless to the cruelties of society--he had washed his hands clean of the petty crime of his youth and thus could hold his head high when facing it head-on.

What he did regret was ever fathoming the idea to work with the woman who had recently slung mud all over the reputation he had worked so hard to build from the ground up. Pale brows furrow at the very thought of the brunette and her sickly sweet disposition. How she had been so sweet one moment just to transform into a bitter, venomous viper when denied what she wanted--and what she had wanted was him. Sighing softly, his deft fingers push stray silvered locks from his vision; his ruby eyes flitting down to the ground, finding a sudden interest in his own shoes. "I had made the decision to work with a girl, an idol with a heavier pull than my own who would bolster my own fanbase and help me rise up. I felt it was an opportunity I couldn't pass up, that I would be stupid to kick to the curb, in yet, if I knew then what I know now--I would have hard passed the moment it was offered."

"She felt she could push herself on me due to her popularity, felt I wouldn't say no if she just batted her eyes and spoke of her devotion to me...but I didn't want to get involved with her. Sure, I speak of wanting a girlfriend, I would love to find someone to connect with. A pretty face and beautiful mind to share a path with but I know right now isn't the right time. I tried to be kind in my denial but it wasn't recognized and much like a child denied candy or Yoosung when LOLOL is down for maintenance, she had a fit." Shrugging his shoulders, he nearly hesitates to admit to what happened after--as if bringing it up here would only sully his chances of a comeback. "She made up outrageous claims about me, said I coaxed her to my apartment, that I sexually harassed her and of course the media would buy it! Why wouldn't they? I am a class below her! She has so much more pull...and it...it was just a mess. I was convinced my time in the limelight was over before I could even hit it big. I'm still convinced that I might not be able to pull myself up from this but I am trying."

What is your fondest memory? "That's an easy one." Leaning back in his chair, his leg crosses over the other as the actor steadily gets comfortable within the seat--well as comfortable as one could be in a chair with no cushion. Thoughts trailed back to a simpler time, and though the months come and passed since the first RFA party, the lasting effects still stuck with him even now. Rika had departed from this world, left not only her lover but every single member of the RFA to mourn the loss of her sunny self but the efforts she pressed forth beforehand had been for the greater good. There's a ghost of a smile that graces his features as he recalls the sparkling smile she wore, her arms tucked happily around V's own as she greeted their guests and thanked them for coming. Rika had been radiant, pure, a beacon of sheer grace and light--and it drew everyone in. No one could resist her charm, that much was for certain. "Being a part of the RFA's first fundraising party--it was something wonderful, something that gave to those around us that really needed it and it gave everyone who worked so hard a sense of accomplishment once it was all said and done."

What is your morning routine? Zen flashes nothing but a wink, his lips pursed as he presses the length of his index finger to the rosy tiers. "That's my little secret but it involves a shower and a plethora of different skin creams." Not to mention washing away the night mask from the night before. One could say he was very passionate about his up keep...but as a man who found himself within a certain spotlight, he had to be.

Do you prefer sunrise or sunset? The question strikes a nerve, touching his sense and bringing to mind one person. A soft smile creasing his features as his fingers thrum slowly against the curvature of his cheek. The sun--it was the subject of a plethora of V's photos...sunlight and happiness something he captured beautifully. It was saddening that such artistry wasn't as plentiful in the world now, not since the sunlight of the man's life had been stolen from his very grasp. Sighing, sanguine hues glance off; the whimsical smile flickering somewhat as ZEN's wills his sadness away.

V nor Rika would wish for this grief to linger, he knew.

"I am particular to sunset as I am more of a night owl myself. I work during the day, I get up at a decent hour and work until evening. To witness the oranges and reds of the sun setting over the horizon...there is nothing more beautiful, especially if you are graced with that of a pretty little thing on your arm to enjoy the scenery with."

If you could eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? "I am unsure I could really answer that...I don't particularly fancy one thing that much Don't get me wrong, I love a good meal as much as the next guy--I just don't feel confident that I could eat one thing one thing only for the rest of my life. There's too many options, so many things to take into consideration." He loved a good lamb kebob, indulged on foods that weren't so good nutritional wise because he felt he could get away with it but ZEN had yet to find anything he would willingly consume for the rest of his natural born days.

Do you have any vices? If so, what are they? A scoff comes past his plush lips, fingers idly twisting a stray strand of his long hair around the circumference of the lone digit. It wasn't that he was particularly ashamed of the vices he had but it was more so he knew he would be better off without them looming over his life. Oh well, what was will be and he had been pulling back too. Either way, he shifts forward, his hand delving into the inner portion of his coat snagging up the pack tucked away within the lining. Plucked straight up, he dangles a black package of cigarettes, the name 'Black Angel' adorning the wrapping in articulate lettering.

"I smoke...and yeah before you give me that look, I know it's a pretty unfitting habit for someone as beautiful as I am but we all have our weaknesses. God made a mistake by making me so earth-shatteringly handsome--but I am the one who screwed up by accepting my first cigarette when I was still in my rebellious teenager phase. It's terrible for my skin, I have an extensive skincare routine that I do every night just to reverse the effects that the tobacco may have on my features, not to mention I have to clean my clothing thoroughly to make sure the smoke doesn't linger in the fabric." ZEN's fine visage shakes, as if showing distaste for himself--which wasn't a lie. He hated how dependent he had become on his habit, how his body craved the nicotine filling his lungs whenever he was bored, stressed, or anxious. It was more so annoying than anything else because if he ignored the urge it affected not only himself but everyone around him. No one wanted to deal with a man jonesing for a smoke. "I'm working on figuring out the best way to quit, it's been an increasingly difficult process."

Do you prefer chocolate or vanilla? He waves his hand, looking somewhat indifferent to the question at hand. Truly, what was the real meaning behind it? Why would anyone truthfully care which he preferred--unless it was his fanclub...they tend to yearn for any morsel of knowledge they can dig their greedy claws in to. "I suppose if I were to choose one or the other, Vanilla would outrank chocolate. Chocolate is delicious on occasion but consuming too much is bad for one's skin and I am in no position to push myself at risk for blemishes. My silken skin needs to stay perfectly intact or it makes it harder for my beauty to radiate outwards when I am modeling!"

What animal do you identify with and why? "Hmm..." The question makes the talented young man pause, brows knitting together in thought as he took in his options. There were countless animals to choose from, ranging big to small; aquatic to land-bound creatures...it was difficult to pluck one out of the vast majority to speak for his own personality, especially since he had never really pondered over the notion until this very moment. "Heh, I know if you would ask a certain CEO-to-be, his answer would be anything feline. Honestly, they don't even suit his cold, distant personality. Sure, the furballs can be solitary creatures but more times than not they are seeking some form of attention. At least that's what I have always been told, Seven likes to go on and on about cats too...ugh."

Shaking his head, he slumps forward a little. "Why do most of my friends have to be cat obsessed? Anyway, I guess for myself I would choose something like a silver wolf! They are elusive, gorgeous creatures loyal to those of its pack. I kinda see myself that way in a sense--or I would like to, at least."

Do you prefer mountains, woods or the beach? "Ah?" A simple question, but no real answer comes to mind once prompted. Thinking back, ZEN had always found himself immersed in a cityscape. Never directly near a beach--and the mountainous areas were so far off. "I guess if I had to choose between the three, the woods draw my attention the most. Nothing against the ocean nor the mountains, but there's peace to be found within forested areas. A sense of becoming one with nature and enjoying the soil beneath your soles."

If you could settle down anywhere in the world, where would it be? Why? "Eh? I don't think I would want to even leave Seoul." Honesty was the best policy and though he hadn't really been outside of South Korea, he knew that he was most at peace within his dinky little flat on the south side of Gangdong. "No matter how famous I may become, my heart will always reside in Seoul. I got my start there, I grew as a person and I lived my life within her borders for 23 years of it. It will be the definition of home, always."

Tell us a scent that makes you happy, and explain why? Lips part, his tongue rolling over the expanse of his bottom tier as he gives the interviewer a small smile. Ivory white teeth flashing underneath the luminescent lighting as he fondly ponders over a smell he had grown to love. "The scent of fresh Taiyaki from the vendor outside my old apartment. The man that sells it there is very friendly--sometimes slips me an extra one because I tend to indulge a little more often than I should...it's something that gives me comfort, takes me to a nice blissful spot for a little while."

Give us one sentence to describe yourself. And so the final question was upon him, a singular sentence to put his whole person into perspective for those around him. How was that even possible given how vastly amazing he was? From his looks to his talents, his wit to his humor--everything was pristine and lush. "How does one describe perfection in just one sentence? I don't think it's even possible! I mean look at me...." His hands reference the entirety of his body. "Is the state of me being here not enough to describe just how flawless I am as a human being?"

FAVORITE COLOR The color of his future lovers gorgeous eyes, whoever that may be.

FAVORITE FOOD Lamb kebab with an ice cold beer.

HOBBIES Taking wonderful selfies, running over lines for his future projects, daydreaming about his future lover, dancing, karaoke, singing in general, and playing piano.

LIKES Treating women like the princesses they are, his fans that support him in everything he does, various brands of different beers, running lines in the comfort of his own apartment, the taiyaki he was able to get right outside his home.

DISLIKES Cats, cat fur, his intense allergy to cats, rich men that carry themselves like giant jerks, unappreciative people, his own smoking habits, Jumin and his teasing antics.

DOB April 1st



ABILITIES ZEN is as human as the next person, the only thing other-worldly about himself being his handsome appearance...oh and the fact that his body heals at a rapid rate. What takes the normal person weeks to recover from, ZEN can recover in mere days and as an added note, he never gets sick. Also, it is worth mentioning that ZEN tends to have 'psychic' dreams, dreams in which things progress that have yet to happen...but they always tend to play out in the way he dreamt them. For that, there is a reason to believe that ZEN would be considered clairvoyant on a smaller scale as he cannot control when and how often he has these prophetic dreams.


  • Charismatic
  • Multi-talented in the arts
  • Hard-working
  • Loyal
  • Flirtatious


  • Filled to the brim with self-doubt
  • Easily upset
  • Depressive at times

PULL POINT From the ZEN route in the casual story, shortly after Echo Girl accuses him publically of sexual misconduct towards her, thus tarnishing his career.

SORTING I find that ZEN is properly sorted under the SYZYGY category based on his enhanced self-healing and clairvoyant tendencies alone. I would happen to mention his other-worldly beauty, but one cannot really chalk that up as anything more than good genetics (even if said genetics are somewhat hard to pinpoint). If he was not under the SYZYGY category, I feel NADIR would the next best bet.

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AGE Twenty-five EXPERIENCE 10+ years LOCATION Hell player triggers
Descriptive rape & Zombies
other characters
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as played by just snow
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Jun 7 2018, 12:35 AM


This took forever, Kitten, but it was well worth the wait. ZEN is such a doll and such a mystery of a man. How he can heal a broken leg in two-three days is superhuman, to say the least. Everything about this man is inhuman, his talent, his looks, his abilities... Yet he's human it seems. seems. You capture him so well, but Kitten. You are forbidden from doing interview apps henceforth. You take to long, and they turn out to damn good. You know what you need to do. ;3c

Welcome to Ipsum Ryu Hyun! You have been sorted into SYZYGY! Please be sure to fill out your Claims (Character List, Member List & Employment) and your Mini Profile, and let us know that you have finished that here, so we can properly sort you!

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