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 Integra Hellsing, Hippo [Hellsing Ultimate]


hellsing ultimate



denizen leadership


as played by Hippo
if the heaven's ever did speak, she's the last true mouthpiece
Player Pronouns she/her
Player Age 29


May 9 2018, 11:41 PM

integra hellsing

hellsing ultimate

NICKNAME does master count

AGE twenty two

RACE human

GENDER female.

SEXUALITY heterosexual

JOB denizen leadership


You're cold steel, iron willed, and hard of heart, forged in the fires of betrayal.

He wasn't supposed to do this, he was family. The cold of the ventilation ducts crept through your skirts and into your knees making you shiver. But that was nothing compared to the shard of ice that felt like it had carved its way into your heart. His voice had changed from a familiar trusted family member's to something chilling. Twisted, there's something wrong with it. It shouldn't writhe like a snake when it leaves his vocal chords but it does. It sing-songs and you shudder, unable to stomach it. You can feel bile rising in your throat, trapped under the lump and you have to force yourself not to sob when he passes right under you. Using your full name like your uncle, speaking in that voice that is your uncle's voice. But now, the facade has come off and you can see him for what he is. A traitor.

You follow your father's instructions in a haze. It was almost as if you were dreaming though you know that it's all too real, the horror, the agony of knowing that you probably won't make it through the night, is too much for your mind to comprehend. You feel numb, you feel blank, strangely enough, you feel nothing. The rage, the pain, that will come much later. No, the only think you feel at the moment is a level of incredulity that you didn't even know could exist at your young age. That dry shriveled up husk is what your father was putting your future into. You knew you should have have run for the exit, but you'd trusted your father. In a way you still did, though you don't know how he can possibly come through for you now.

The pain of being shot brings out the pain of the betrayal and you prepare yourself to die, knowing there is no solace now. Maybe he'll at least explain himself if you ask, it's the least he could do. And then you hear it, the sound is abhorrent, disturbing, inhumane and when you turn, the thing standing there isn't human whatsoever. The carnage you watch it create, you tell yourself you should feel bad for it. He was your uncle, this monster defended you against him. Except this monster wasn't a monster to you and your uncle was. It's confusing so you push it away. But you can't help but to wonder:

There was a saying you'd heard said. If you couldn't trust your family who could you trust.

The simple answer: You wouldn't trust anyone.


You've never had many friends, so when someone threatens your people, you show no mercy.

You're worried, your defenses have been gotten through and you weren't prepared for it. You've prided yourself ever since the incident with you uncle with being ready for anything. These vampire brothers that broke into your home, that were killing your men, trained men who knew how to fight vampires, they weren't expected. They were a surprise of the worst variety. You didn't expect to lose most of your forces in one onslaught, but you did. People died, good men, men who had been like your family. You knew that Alucard, Walter, and even Seras could handle themselves. Your forces, you'd thought they could too. As the bullet bites through the first ghoul's brain you have one thought.

You know you've failed them. . . It won't happen again.


You know he's a monster, but you see something no one else does.

You know his brutal tactics, and you know they are necessary when fighting vampires and ghouls, the evil things that haunt the night. People are safe in their ignorance of their existence because a being like him exists that keep them that way. Alucard fights like a demon because he is one, and you know this. You aren't stupid, you aren't ignorant. However, there is a twinge of humanity in him and you see that as well.

Your entire childhood he watched out for you, he protected you, and while it was his duty to do so, you can't help but see him as your savior because if it wasn't for him you'd be dead. You adore him because he deserves it, in his own twisted way he's the closest thing you have to family anymore. Walter, Seras, Alucard, they've become everything to you. Your relationship is complicated and complex, and it's not easily explained, not even by you.

The idea of him murdering an entire SWAT team who were only doing their jobs because of the Iscariot organizations games, it tears at you. You don't have much emotion anymore because you've buried it deep, but this does hurt you. These people didn't deserve to die, they didn't deserve to be subjected to such horrors for following orders. You look at the phone and though Walter is the only one who can see the sadness in your gaze, you know Alucard thinks you've gone soft. You haven't, you can't.

Walter thinks you've forgotten, you haven't, but you can't help feeling disappointed at the idea of him murdering innocents anyway. Still, the brutality with which you reinforce your orders shows that you know it's a necessary evil.


You call him a monster, tell him not to speak to you. He's too nonchalant about the deaths of the SWAT team.

However, it was your decision that made him strike. He might be nonchalant about it, but it doesn't phase you as much as you'd like either. Death and darkness have been a part of your world for years. Everything that you do, you do for the good of the kingdom, for the good of the Hellsing organization. For the good of her majesty the Queen. You can tell yourself these things all day, but that doesn't change the fact that your heart tells you something else. That innocent lives should matter. That you shouldn't feel closer to a vampire than the people in your life who are human. It should bother you when Alucard tears open the throat of a human being, whether good or bad. Because they're human.

He's an extension of your will, your hand out in the field. If he's a monster, then what are you.


You feel a measure of pride for him even as you leave the room. You've never been particularly close to Penwood before, but you can't help but feel a sense of camaraderie for him now.

He's always served and though his fear made him weak, he's found the strength and proven his loyalties now. You feel a sliver of guilt for doubting that loyalty and as you hand him a gun you say a silent apology. He's searching for a way to tell his men that he cares about them and he lets them know they can leave. You smile at their laughter. He doesn't seem to understand, but you do. You know the feelings they're feeling better than he ever will.

They're the feelings of a human who has unwavering loyalty to a person or cause. They're the feelings of familial bonds that go beyond mere servitude. They're the unswerving knowledge that you've come too far to let go of something now. His men see him as a role model to be looked up to, not a thing to be abandoned. Your uncle couldn't possibly be any more family to you than the men who are under your care now and you had blood bonds. No, some bonds go beyond blood, and these soldiers feel these same feelings now.

They won't abandon him any more than you would abandon the Hellsing family.

There is a resolve in your eyes as you leave the headquarters. If it's a bloodbath these bastards want, you sure as hell will give it to them.

Later as the man dies in a fiery explosion that you listen to in the car, your memories of the man only strengthen your resolve. His death will be avenged.


Except it seems lately you've been forced to abandon a lot of the promises you made. You gave Walter an order to survive a fight and drove away, determined that you would see him again. Except after the explosions, the crash, you found yourself in a place you didn't recognize. Alucard is gone, Walter is gone, Seras is gone, your homeland is in ruins and you can't even be there to protect it. Every single promise of vengeance, every single promise to fight for God and country has been put on hold. This place is a purgatory of the worst sort and you don't even know if your family is alright. You're alone for the first time in ages and though you lost your fear a long time ago, there are emotions being stirred in you that you barely recognize.

This place leaves you feeling more powerless than you have since the night your uncle turned on you. So you settle in, finding a place in the leadership of Ipsum, fighting against any darkness in the land. It's been your purpose for so long and you refuse to lose it now. You can't turn the tide against the darkness in London now, but you hope somebody does.


FAVORITE FOOD tea and biscuits

HOBBIES sharpshooting, fencing, the occult

LIKES cigars, tea, her family

DISLIKES emotions, monsters

ABILITIES She is a fantastic shot. She also is a first rate fencer, has extensive knowledge of the occult. She also does hold the reins of one of the most powerful vampires known to mankind.


  • Born leader, she inspires loyalty even among enemies
  • Alucard's loyalty
  • Dedicated


  • Tends to get angry in the heat of the moment.
  • Tends to bottle other emotions
  • Mortality

PULL POINT End of the fifth OVA

SORTING Integra would normally hide her abilities and be in nadir but since she's going to be in a leadership position the parliament would know about her training both diplomacy wise and weaponry. So I figured Denizen would be the best spot for her.

as written by


AGE 29 EXPERIENCE 6 years LOCATION eastern us player triggers
no hard nos but warn before descriptive burning scenes, need the heads up
other characters
vivi ornitier, lara croft, nakajima atsushi


Earth, Allegedly



Code Wrangler


as played by Roswell
And when I fall to rise with stardust in my eyes In the backbone of night, I'm combustible Dust in the fire when I can't sleep a wink, I'm too tired This old world, this old world
Player Pronouns Any
Player Age ∞


May 12 2018, 02:45 AM


Hippo~ You know I love your Integra, and this app is no exception. The glimpses into her life are short, but full of emotion and a wonderful example of quality vs quantity. It must be incredibly hard for her, not being able to see her fight through to the end, but at least there's one familiar face lurking somewhere in the city, right?

Welcome to Ipsum Integra Hellsing! You have been sorted into DENIZEN! Please be sure to fill out your Claims (Character List, Member List & Employment) and your Mini Profile, and let us know that you have finished that here, so we can properly sort you!

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