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 Uzumaki Naruto, Roswell [Naruto]







as played by Roswell
Player Pronouns Any
Player Age


May 15 2018, 03:11 AM

Uzumaki Naruto


NICKNAME many, and few are flattering

AGE Seventeen

RACE Human (Nine-Tails Jinchūriki)


SEXUALITY He's working this one out bi af

JOB Student, for the allowance

USERGROUP Syzygy or Xephyr?

What is your full name? He seats himself in the chair provided, crossing his legs under him as the question comes. He's not entirely sure what he's doing here, his last memories are emotional and desperate and he has things that need done in his own world. He can't afford to waste time with stupid questions, "I'm Uzumaki Naruto, who the hell are you?" It comes with a frown, a glare - didn't they know? Isn't that why he was here? He is used to people knowing his name, for reasons both good and bad. He's also used to being a target, in a number of ways. If he wasn't purposely abducted, what is he doing in a city unlike any he's ever seen, so far from those who need him?

Where are you from? Tell us about your home town. A brow twitches in irritation, an annoyed growl coming as the first answer, "I don't have time for this! I gotta get back!" If he can go back, if they acted fast enough, they can save Gaara, he knows it. He has to believe it, because the alternative hurts too much to think about. The idea that the Sand Ninja, the Kazekage, leader of his village, who has overcome so much could just die like that. He knows all too well what the other Jinchūriki endured; the two share an unwilling burden, and a dream. It's too early for Gaara's dream to end.

He thinks of Konoha, though, whether he means to or not. The village tucked away in a sprawling forest, the colorful streets and lively people, the cliff face rising above all, bearing the carved faces of past Hokages. The village he dreams of leading, of protecting, one day. A village that has risen from the ashes, rebounded from disaster, and come back stronger and more vibrant every single time. Even if they shunned him for so long, it is his home, it is where his heart lives, where he belongs, the place he will return to no matter what.

Can you describe your childhood? He groans, and his head drops - they press on with their questioning no matter what he says so, maybe, if he plays along he'll get out and home faster. He doesn't know what else to do.

The question rubs him the wrong way, though, only increasing his agitation. He scoffs, "What's it matter?" It was hard, but it made him who he is now. Rejected by an entire village for something he had no say in - it wasn't like anyone asked him if he wanted to host the nine-tails that had rampaged through Konoha when he was born. He could have easily given in to bitterness and hatred instead of finding the desire and drive to be recognized as someone important one day. Someone the village could look up to rather than down on.

His dream of becoming Hokage is, originally, born out of a selfish desire to be acknowledged and respected. But, over time, and through many, many, interactions with the other villagers, it has transformed into a pure desire to protect his home.

Describe your three favourite things growing up. "Being home," it is instant, and frustrated, his answer. He crosses his arms over his chest, still agitated, but this inquiry hurts less than the previous and so he resigns himself to finally playing along. "I used to pull all kinds of pranks around the village," anything for attention. Whatever it took to get people to look at him rather than through or over him. Even anger was preferable to being treated as if he was invisible. "The academy was pretty cool, too," even if he had been at the bottom of the class, at least he'd been making progress toward his goals. At least the other kids his age had to acknowledge him, had to work with him, train with him, fight with him.

Time spent with Iruka ranks high on his list, as well, and everything experienced with Kakashi and Sasuke and Sakura.

Tell us about your family. His family? He's never known his family, not in the traditional sense. He never met his parents, never knew of any other blood relatives. There is nothing he can tell, so he scoffs, "Pass." There are vague stories heard in passing but he does not know what is truth and what is legend or assumption or rumor. The closest thing he has to family are Iruka, Kakashi, Team Seven (the original team, with Sasuke). Jiraiya. He misses the man, perversion and all.

Tell us about your social group. Friends, Coworkers, Allies. This is easier, "Yeah, I'll tell you about 'em, they're waiting for me back home." There are too many to list, too little time to talk about everyone that comes to mind. It is such a change from what he'd known as a child, to go from such isolation to having so many he can call friends.

There are prominent figures in his mind, and it is no coincidence that all of them also fall under the title of family, in a way. Iruka and Kakashi, the teachers who had believed in him. Jiraiya, the pervy sage who had helped him grow so much so fast. Sakura, the girl he had admired for so long. Sasuke, whose desertion had felt like a kunai in his stomach - he would bring his friend-slash-rival home one day, if he had to follow the other boy to the ends of the earth.

He thinks, again, of Gaara. An unlikely friend, but then he has such a habit of converting enemies to, at the very least, neutral acquaintances. The Kazekage and his siblings are counted as friends on his end, no matter how they, themselves, may view him.

Do you have a significant other? If so, tell us about them. It is such an unexpected question he experiences a second of stunned confusion. Then color flares in his cheeks, "What? No!" Not for lack of imagination or desire. He had been so persistent in his pursuit of Sakura for so long, but that has died down and his life has been so full he has barely had time to think of such things. There have been sparks (one-sided, he's sure, no matter how he acts, how can anyone want him? he houses a monster) but no flame. He fantasizes about a family of his own one day, but cannot truly say for certain if it will ever happen for him.

What is your ideal date? He's put very little thought into it, to be honest. Naruto is a simple being at his core, he needs very little to be happy, and there is only one place in Konoha that stands out in his mind as far as ideal destinations go. "Huh? I dunno, I guess we could go to Ichiraku..." He doesn't know what people do on a date. He's pretty sure it usually involves a meal, but he'd be perfectly happy just spending time with someone, doing whatever it was they wanted to do. But if it was left up to him, he doubts anyone would be surprised by his desire to return to his favorite ramen restaurant.

What is your life's ambition? This is one he can answer with no hesitation, no deep thought required. It is something he has known for as long as he can remember, and he straightens in his seat, a fist clenched defiantly in front of him, "I'm gonna be Hokage someday!" So he has to get back, if not to Suna to finish his mission, at least home to Konoha. Someday, his face will join those on the cliff, he will step up and lead his village into a bright and prosperous future, he will defend (or help to defend) against all who would threaten them.

He will, one day, become a man worthy of the title and respect and responsibility that comes with the position, he knows this as surely as he knows the sun will rise and set each day. It is this determination and conviction which drives him to improve himself - to become stronger, smarter, to learn every lesson he had been deprived of in his youth when it comes to interacting with others.

Do you have any regrets? He sobers at the question, "Well, yeah, don't you?" Doesn't everyone? He tries so hard, but he is not perfect, not by any stretch of imagination, and he has his failings that weigh on him. His inability to keep Sasuke home is a heavy burden, his failure to bring him back only adds to that. If he can't even save his best friend, how can he hope to lead Konoha?

Leaving Gaara and Sakura bothers him, too, but he knows his arrival in Ipsum was entirely involuntary. He did not abandon them - but he can still fail them if he cannot get home. And that is something he will regret for the rest of his life.

He cannot bring himself to feel regret for the events the day he was born, though. No matter how many have tried to make him take responsibility or apologize - it was not his fault and he has never been able to understand how anyone can blame a newborn for something like that.

Tell us about any hobbies you have. Hobbies? What does he do that someone might consider a hobby? "I guess training doesn't count, huh?" It is part of his daily routine, more often than not, but it is a necessity for the life he leads and the life he wants. He has mostly grown out of pranking the village as a whole - it is less necessary when they're finally paying attention to him. He shrugs, "I dunno, mostly I'm out on missions with my team, but I like trying to visit people around Konoha when I'm home." Some of them are those he and Team Seven had done small errands for when they were just starting out, some are fellow shinobi, "Or try new ramen at Ichiraku." A guy's gotta eat, right?

What is your fondest memory? This is one he has to think about, and he finds he cannot choose just one. There are many moments he cherishes, everything from victories and completed missions with his team, and smaller things like simply spending time with friends. "Oh, man, how'm I supposed to pick just one?" Did they have time? If he has a year he cannot tell them about every fond memory he has.

Such a lonely childhood, so many days spent on the sidelines, watching as others made friends or interacted with their families...why wouldn't he place such high importance on the memory of every new friendship forged, every little victory?

Pick three items to have with you on a deserted island. This is a tricky one, and he taps his chin with an index finger in thought. "Let's see...a lifetime supply of instant ramen, my favorite Icha Icha books..." he trails off, what else would be nice to have on a deserted island? A group of friends so he isn't lonely? "Can I take friends?"

Maybe his first though should have been a way to get off the island, but this does not immediately occur to him and will not until well after he has finished and left the building. Then it will come as a sudden realization, and the obvious answer.

At the moment, he thinks only of ways to make living in a place like that a little more bearable until rescue comes. That is, of course, assuming rescue is a possibility.

If you could eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? He snorts, have they not been paying attention? He's only referenced his absolute favorite food several times by this point. "If you gotta ask, you're not payin' attention." And if they aren't paying attention, why does he bother answering anything they ask him?

Ramen. The answer is ramen. Ichiraku's ramen, specifically, but he'd take any kind at all. It is his favorite food, no question. A comfort food, to be honest. He has such nice memories of eating at Ichiraku as a kid. Teuchi and Ayame were among the few that never treated him like a freak or a threat. They, too, are counted among his friends, and he will always be grateful for their kindness.

What animal do you identify with and why? His mind jumps to the obvious choice immediately. He's been compared to it so many times, treated like he was the beast himself. He doesn't know if the nine-tails sealed in him has any subtle sway over his personality, his choices, but he cannot fully deny the similarities between himself and the traditional trickster spirit. So he shrugs, and tries to resist scratching at his stomach where the seal resides, "A fox, I guess," as for the why, "people used to compare me to 'em all the time." It is a half-truth. The nine-tails is a fox, in a way, and if he has to live with memories of being treated like the monster, then why not try to own it? So yeah. If he has to be an animal, he'll be a fox.

Do you prefer mountains, woods or the beach? There is no contest. "Woods." He answers immediately, there is no other landscape he loves better than a sprawling forest like the one he grew up in. The mountains and the beach sound nice, but neither hold the same nostalgia, the same sense of belonging, as the woods.

He has so many memories of finding the highest point he could in Konoha and watching the sun rise or set over the trees. Of training in the forest, of fighting and defending among those same ancient trunks. The forest is comforting and familiar and he cannot imagine living his life in any other landscape.

If you could possess any superpower or ability, what would it be? Frustration sparks in him again. He has so many skills available, so many things he can do that might be seen as a superpower to someone unfamiliar with the world he comes from. But if there's anything he wishes he could do? "The power to go home, geeze, how many times do I have to say it? I wanna go." Has to go. Has things he needs to finish back home, people he needs to see again, people he never go to say goodbye to.

He doesn't know what they want with him, how he came to be in the city, he only knows it is urgent that he return to his own world, the mission he left behind. He will not mourn a friend if he is not certain they are beyond saving, nor will he do it in a strange and foreign land so far from others who also care about the man.

If you could settle down anywhere in the world, where would it be? Why? "Konoha. My home village." Where else would he settle? Konoha is his home and he cannot leave it. Not permanently. He dreams of leading the place one day and so he cannot abandon it for anything. He loves the village, and it's people - despite the way they treated him for so long. He will protect the place with his life if it is ever necessary and he will always be proud to wear the leaf headband, to call himself a Shinobi of Konohagakure. "It's my home, where else would I go?"

Tell us a scent that makes you happy, and explain why? This is difficult. Not because he doesn't know, but because he does not know how to describe the first choice that comes to mind. It is the collective scent of his village, the individual scents associated with his friends (perfumes, soaps, lingering smells from their homes or missions - sometimes good, sometimes bad), and he does not know where to begin. "I-...I dunno how to explain it. Forest, dust, clean air and the smell of food from restaurants and stuff..." he trails off because how can he describe the smell of home in a way that conveys everything it means to him. "It's the smell of a village in a forest, full of people and life. It's home."

Give us one sentence to describe yourself. He is on his feet in an instant, the irritation flaring back full-force as the seat clatters to the floor behind him. "Are you kidding me? You make me sit through all that and want me to sum it all up in one lousy sentence?" They're insane, aren't they. Abducting people somehow, putting them through a stupid interview process, ending with such a dumb question, "Here's a sentence for ya - Screw you, send me home!"

He's done. He's angry and worried and frustrated and has put up with far more than he should have already. He doesn't know how to say it again, he only wants to go back, to finish what he was doing, to save Gaara and go home, mission accomplished.



DOB Oct. 10



He, like most of his peers, has a very long list of techniques he's able to use, from the very basic to some near or at Junin level, but has been pulled long before he's started to learn Sage-level techniques and above. He does, however, have a few specialties.

  • Shadow Clone Jutsu
    Allows him to make copies of himself which can act with their own will but disappear into smoke either when too much damage is taken or the user wills them to disappear. They are able to think and perform techniques independently, but retain a connection to the original body. Information gathered by clones is also retained and transferred to the original when the clone disappears, which makes the technique highly useful for any number of situations. It is also nearly impossible to tell the clones from the real body - the only one shown to be able to do this was Uchiha Madara via his extreme mastery of the Sharingan. The number of clones able to be summoned is reduced in proportion to how much concentration is needed for a task, however.
  • Sexy Technique
    A type of transformation technique he perfected in his youth, which allows him to take the form of an attractive young woman. Often nude with private areas conveniently obscured by smoke, or dressed in a bikini. While it was occasionally used for pranks, he's also put it to use in actual battles as a confusion technique to throw powerful opponents off in order to gain an opening. He can also combine this with his clones in order to pull of the "Harem Technique".
  • Rasengan
    A condensed, spinning, sphere of pure chakra. Size can vary, but larger spheres require more skill. Upon impact with a target, it will propel them along the same trajectory until it explodes to inflict high damage. Naruto still requires the help of at least one clone in order to form a stable sphere.
  • Summoning Technique (frog) (unavailable in Ipsum)
    After signing a contract with a species, this allows one to summon a member of that species to a specific spot through the right hand seals and a small amount of blood. The Summoning contract also allows the animals to summon their human contractor if they wish. As this would require pulling others from his own world, he cannot use this technique within Ipsum.

Physical Skills
He's trained extensively in physical combat, both hand-to-hand and with the use of a variety of ninja weapons.

Chakra Reserve
Due to both his lineage and the presence of the nine-tailed beast within him, Naruto has an immense reserve of chakra which allows him to pull off the incredible number of shadow clones he's known for as well as vastly increases his stamina. He can last much, much, longer in a fight than the average shinobi in his world.

Jinchūriki Form
An involuntary state for him at the moment, it is typically induced by extreme emotion and involves tapping the chakra of the Nine-Tails. Version 1 allows him to retain his own mind, and comes with a slight transformation to a slightly more animalistic form (longer canine teeth, claw-like nails, red eyes and slitted pupils), as well as an increase in power and, sometimes, a pale red chakra aura. Version 2 renders him unable to distinguish friend from foe and is fueled by rage. It manifests as a black-red chakra shroud with visible fox tails (the number varies) and ears. In this state, he will do anything, regardless of consequences, to defeat his perceived target but retains no memory of anything during the transformation when he reverts back.


  • Determination
    Naruto is a boy with a goal and the drive to achieve it even if it takes him a lifetime. He aims to improve himself and has the strength of will to push himself to and over his own limits time and time again. That goal is less achievable in Ipsum, but he takes what he learns in the city and tucks it away in case he ever manages to return home.
  • Loyalty
    His was a rough childhood. Orphaned and shunned, friends and allies were non-existent until he started proving himself at the Academy and with his team - Haruno Sakura and Uchiha Saskuke. Friends are precious, and Naruto will defend his friends with his life without hesitation.
  • Optimism
    Nothing is impossible. Nothing. With enough time and determination, anyone can achieve their goals. He has to believe this, and he actively chooses to look on the bright side of every possible situation no matter how hopeless it seems.
  • Intelligence
    Despite the way he acts, he's not stupid in a fight. He's skilled and creative enough to throw enemies off with simple techniques and is highly adept at using his shadow clones to gather information or create distractions. He can be very observant and easily retains minor details caught in passing.


  • Loneliness
    He spent his childhood ostracized by the vast majority of his village for reasons that were not his fault and the mental scars do still linger despite all the friends he's made in the recent past. Even if the people of Konoha seem to have shifted in their opinion of him, he cannot entirely forget how he was treated as a young boy and can still get defensive when it seems as if someone's treating him as something strange. There is still a part of him, buried deep, that resents the villagers for the way they treated him when he was young.
  • Recklessness
    He can be prone to rushing into situations. He's a strong-willed, emotional, individual and sometimes these traits get the better of him. He can also make choices in a fight that seem completely senseless or pointless, or are poorly thought out and driven by pure emotion.
  • Immaturity
    Naruto had no strong parental figures or influences growing up, no one willing to help him grow in a healthy way in terms of mental and emotional growth until he entered the Academy and became Iruka's student. He neglects honorifics, often uses nicknames rather than actual names, has an enormous prankster streak, as well as a perverted side.
  • Naiveté
    As a result of the way he grew up, many social cues are lost on him. He can be blunt, and has little to no understanding of more intricate relationships than friendship or rivalry between people.

PULL POINT During the mission to rescue Gaara from the Akatsuki; after Gaara's rescue but before his revival. He's been in Ipsum two years now.

SORTING He's pretty strong in a fight - both due to skill and sheer determination - and has a number of jutsu and other techniques at his disposal. He does have the potential to be a serious problem if he, for whatever reason, enters Jinchūriki Form Version 2 but this wouldn't happen during the course of a normal sorting test and isn't likely to happen while living in Ipsum, away from the conflicts in his own world. So wherever you feel he fits best is just fine with me XD

as written by


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as played by Kitten
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May 15 2018, 01:15 PM


Ros, I love, love, love what you have here for Naruto. With each answer you can feel his frustration, his urgency to get home and back to the people he cares so deeply about. After all, there's a war going on and he can't just leave them to deal with it by themselves! Not when so many of his loved ones are risking their lives. Even though he didn't do much to answer the questions verbally himself, you put the depth of his thoughts and his feelings into the application through internal reflection and I love that. Sometimes you get a better sense of a character by just paying attention to the way they think and internalize their situation and this is definitely the case for Naruto. Here's to hoping he isn't too bummed when he realizes there's no going home from here.

Welcome to Ipsum Uzumaki Naruto! You have been sorted into XEPHYR! Please be sure to fill out your Claims (Character List, Member List & Employment) and your Mini Profile, and let us know that you have finished that here, so we can properly sort you!

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