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 Gaara, Hippo [Naruto]







as played by Hippo
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Player Pronouns she/her
Player Age 29


May 18 2018, 05:33 PM



NICKNAME The Golden Child

AGE Eighteen

RACE Jinchuriki


SEXUALITY Demisexual

JOB Bodyguard


"He's a freak, a monster, stay away from him."

The small child couldn't help the tears that stung his eyes as he watched yet another possible friend turn their back on him. Their parents filled with hatred, fear, loathing. He didn't understand, this hadn't been his choice. He'd never wanted this. He'd lost everything that made him normal because of this stupid curse. How could anyone think he'd choose this. It was so stupid. He kicked at the ground, and then chased after them. Maybe if he proved he wasn't a bad person, they would tell their parents. Then he could play with them like a normal little boy. Instead, they continued running. They wouldn't even give him a chance to prove he was a good child. He had to stop them. Sand exploded from the ground, wrapping around the other children with but a thought and he grinned. Now they'd have to listen to him.

"Gaara! No, stop!"


The attack came suddenly from behind, the sand rising up to protect him. If it hadn't he would have been dead, though with how much people hate him he can't help but wonder if he wouldn't be better off. He turns, angry, attacking. He's done being a victim, angry with this person who obviously feels the same way about him that everyone else does. And then he takes off the mask and his heart breaks. Of all the people in the Sand village this was the one he expected least.

"Yashamaru why?"

His childlike voice is tiny and weak as he seeks the answer to something that cannot be comprehended in his mind. Then his uncle explains and he can only listen, frozen in horror. He hates him, his mother hates him, he's never going to be loved. Never going to be desired, never going to be cared for. Rage fills him as he gives himself over to the hate, if no one will care for him, then he will live for himself. He will love himself. Only himself, because no one ever returned the courtesy. Why should he do anything more than hate if everyone else only hated him?

And this hole in his soul, maybe it was there to make him strong.

"Love is the only thing that can heal your broken heart, by the way, I never loved you."


That little blonde child had beaten him, even while he'd been in the midst of a perfect possession. Even with all the strength of Shikaku he'd been bested by a young boy. Even with the help of a giant toad, that kid shouldn't have been able to beat him. He'd always been strong, always fought for himself only. How could a kid who let weaknesses such as love and caring into his life have bested him in his most powerful form?

It's love Gaara, love is the only thing that can heal the hole in your heart.

His uncle had been a bad man, so Gaara had rejected his words outright, but what if, just what if, wrong people could say right things. What if love did make one more powerful instead of weaker. What if that was why the spiky haired ninja had been able to take out the Sand Spirit. The what if's swirled through his mind, his head aching worse but somehow he began to feel better. Hearing his siblings about to start another fight, he called out to them.

"That's enough, leave them be, let's go."

Even after all he'd done to them, even after how horribly he treated them, they still cared enough to put their lives on the line for him. Why? He didn't understand, did they love him? Was that why they always put up with him? He'd never considered it, he'd never felt anything for them more than coldness and had assumed they felt the same? Was he wrong, if that was the case, then......

"Konkuro, Temari, I'm sorry."


I'll just protect them all, I'll make sure they stay safe. I'll make up for all my mistakes by being the best defender I can be.

His father is dead, his people are lost. He's taken the position his father left vacant, and he vows to protect and serve them. He's grown a lot, learned to love, learned to care. He's by no means perfect at it, but Gaara is a better man that he was a few short years ago. So when Deidara and Sasori show up in the village, Gaara fights with everything he has to protect. Sasori was from his village, but he's turned traitor in working for the Akatsuki.

The fight is a brave effort and Gaara was fully prepared to meet his end at the hands of the shinobi. Even if it cost him his life he would protect his village. They would know that the jinchuriki that had tormented them had turned over a new leaf. He had changed, he cared for them. Had even grown to love them.

Still, as Deidara takes him prisoner, something happens. He's still not quite sure what, but he's suddenly no longer in his own world. There's no sign of the clay manipulating ninja. There's no sign of anyone he knows. There's just a strange land with its vast city. The old Gaara would probably have destroyed everything in the wake of trying to get out, but the young Kazekage quickly realizes such an effort would be futile. If he can't protect his own village anymore, he'll just protect the people of this city.


HOBBIES Brooding and protecting people

LIKES Spending way too much time overthinking everything, peace and quiet, his siblings

DISLIKES Shukaku, his mind, himself

ABILITIES Gaara is a Jinchuriki, a spirit medium for Shikaku, the One-Tailed Sand Spirit. He had the spirit sealed in him at birth and has lived his whole life as an outcast for it. The spirit can take over his body while he sleeps and thus his entire life he's never had a full restful nights sleep. While Shikaku enhances his speed and strength it is required for him to be asleep to have Shikaku do a perfect possession.

Chakra Reserves: His chakra (the spiritual energy a ninja uses to do his Jutsu) is incredibly high. High enough to literally terrify Kiba's dog Akamaru. The dog could sense the incredible amount of power that Gaara held. This level of chakra extends his endurance in battle quite beyond what a normal human being could do.

Earth, Lightning, and Wind Elemental Jutsu's: These are the elements that Gaara can call to his command using hand signs.

Magnet Release Kekkai Genkai: This is an ability he inherited from his father, and he keeps it rather under wraps to use as a last means of defense. An element of surprise. It is a mostly defensive Jutsu that increases the density of his chakra and sand. This allows him to better defend himself.

Sand Manipulation: Gaara can use his ability to manipulate sand to do quite a few nifty little tricks. His defensive sand abilities originally thought to come from Shikaku are actually given by the love of his mother and her willingness to die to protect him.

Sand coffin: Sand surrounds the opponent, encasing and trapping them and allowing him to use sand funeral.

Sand funeral: Sand crushes the opponent's body and bones, turning them to liquid.

Shield of Sand: If Gaara is approached by any physical attack sand comes up from the ground or from his own reserves to protect him.

Armor of Sand: An outer layer of sand that Gaara wears at all times during a fight.

Various Other Uses: Other small various things he can do with sand are use it to make a clone of himself, use it to make weapons, use it to fly or to help others fly, use it to find concealed targets, and as a third eye for reconnaissance.

Jinchuriki Transformations: Gaara can transform his body into Shikaku the sand spirit. This will greatly increase his abilities and make him much stronger and more agile.

Half Possession: When Gaara is awake he can do a half transformation into Shikaku enlarging his body and taking on a strange half demon half human form. His strength and speed are increased quite a bit by this but it also affects his personality making him a lot more dangerous and unstable.

Perfect Possession: This can only be done while Gaara is asleep and allows the one tailed sand spirit to overtake him completely. He grows to an immense size and is effectively no longer himself at all. Shikaku takes control and he gains all the abilities of the sand spirit. Most of these abilities have to do with his immense strength and size though there are a few others as well.


  • His abilities
  • Shukaku
  • protective


  • sleep deprived
  • a little unhinged
  • not very good at emotions

PULL POINT Right after he was kidnapped by Deidara and Sasori at the beginning of Shippuden

SORTING He has a giant beast spirit sealed inside him that could easily cause massive damage if Gaara ever lost his control. Thankfully that is unlikely. Outside of that Gaara is a pretty big force to be reckoned with and is himself VERY hard to injure.

as written by


AGE 29 EXPERIENCE 6 years LOCATION Eastern player triggers
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as played by Kitten
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Player Age Twenty-five


May 21 2018, 12:49 AM


Hippo, this app was wonderful! Gaara is such a tragic character, his childhood filled with such hardship and trauma. As a tiny little thing, having the eyes of the villagers upon him filled with so much hatred...it isn't any wonder that he turned out the way he did. I am thankful that Naruto was there later on in life to beat some sense into that red head of his.

Welcome to Ipsum Gaara! You have been sorted into XEPHYR! Please be sure to fill out your Claims (Character List, Member List & Employment) and your Mini Profile, and let us know that you have finished that here, so we can properly sort you!

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