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 Suoh Mikoto, Roswell [K Project]


K Project






as played by Roswell
Player Pronouns Any
Player Age ∞


May 19 2018, 07:12 AM

Suoh Mikoto

K Project


AGE Twenty Four

RACE Human


SEXUALITY Demisexual

JOB Unemployed


the sword of damocles is hangin' over my head
To be a King means to wield great power - for better or for worse. It is never his dream to assume this role and yet he finds himself saddled with the title and the aura and everything that comes with it.

He builds a Clan, somehow. Friends he has known for years, strays who gravitate toward him, they find a home in HOMRA - the bar owned and run by his best friend Kusanagi Izumo - they take their name from the bar. They take their motto from his ruthless treatment of those who threaten his own.

No Blood. No Bone. No Ash.

Nothing left of those who harm his Clan, that is the ideal. They are his family, and he cannot forgive any harm against his family. Maybe their reputation is a little scuffed, a little rough, but appearances are deceiving and they are not as bad many may claim. They watch out for their own, and abuse of power is forbidden. Those with ill intentions upon attempting to join never make it past the initiation anyway.

He recalls meeting the boy who will, eventually, send him careening down a one-way street of reckless decisions in the name of justice. A boy with the audacity to ask a King to scratch his foot upon their first meeting - and a boy who will become one of his first Clan members. Totsuka Tatara is an odd one in many ways, but he swiftly becomes just as important as any other clansman.

So, the news of his murder is...distressing.

There is only one course of action available. He cannot allow anyone to get away with harming any of his Clan and despite his stoic facade he cares deeply about each and every one. He mourns, and it manifests as a relentless quest for justice. A manhunt, each and every HOMRA member involved, their mission is to find and punish Totsuka's murderer.

All except himself.

There is a deep trust placed in his Clan, and he knows when to remove himself from play. They all search in their own ways - his Clan scouring the city, Anna with her marbles, and he simply biding his time. Willingly confined within Scepter 4's - the Blue Clan's - headquarters, he waits. Until a call comes, until a strange fox-like spirit makes the mistake of trying to posses him, until he can ride the spirit, psychically, back to its origin and locate the one foolish enough to kill a member of HOMRA.

Breaking out is child's play. There is no prison built which can contain him, not with the power he wields. The building is destroyed on his way out, as is much of the surrounding area, but he is on a mission once more. The Blue Clan's efforts to stop him are...ineffective.

Their target, it turns out, is the Colorless King.

The fox-spirit, hiding within a student of Ashinaka High. To kill one, he must kill both, and it sparks an invasion of the island school, a war between the Blue and Red clans that spans the campus.

Yashiro Isana is no ordinary student; however. He may have been, once, but his body is now home to the First and Silver King, the so-called Immortal King.

Again, he chooses to remove himself from play, sitting on the sidelines to bide his time. To wait for the moment to strike. When it comes, he moves among the fighting without engaging, without bringing attention to himself, seeking his target with single-minded determination.

If it means justice for Totsuka, he will burn the island to ash.

He knows, without a doubt, his Sword is failing. There is no way to hide it, it hangs, immense and ominous and fractured high above his head every time he makes use of his power and it is the price of drawing so much so often. There is no question that it will come crashing down - it will - he simply cannot guess when and he only hopes it will last long enough for him to bring Totsuka's murderer to justice.

The path he walks...there is no turning back.

No matter how earnest an attempt is made by the Blue King - Munakata Reisi - to talk him down. If he must die (and he must, he sees no other option) he wants it to be at the hands of his rival King.

His old friend.

Funny how things can change so much.

When he finally encounters his target he finds himself interrupted by Reisi himself - and so he humors the man. Perhaps it is better this way; their fight takes them into the forest surrounding the school, well away from accidental casualties.

There is only so long he can indulge his old friend, though, and he is glad for Yashiro's intervention, and his tenuous restraint of the Colorless King hiding within him.

Only a King can kill a King.

It is a simple act, but brings such satisfaction. Even if it is what will lead to his own end. He can be content with that, and safe in the knowledge that Reisi will not let the Sword fall. Not fully. He knows what this means, and he is prepared - after all, the only way to prevent the fall of the Sword is the death of the King it represents.

He knows the power required to destroy the Colorless King will push him over the edge, past his limits, and yet he does not falter.

He is, however, immensely surprised to find himself suddenly in a strange city, rather than facing off against his old friend and awaiting his imminent death. The power fades, the sword dissipates, and he wonders if it might have fallen after all. If Reisi was, inexplicably, just a little too slow, and if the place he finds himself in now is some strange afterlife.
and i've got a feeling someone's gonna be cutting the thread

DOB August 13th



As the Red King, Mikoto's aura is fire-based and can destroy almost anything in its path. It can be used both to attack - in the form of actual flames or "waves" of aura projected toward a target - and shield him for defense, a state which has been capable of incinerating bullets. His attack has been shown to be powerful enough to slice a clock tower in half, and his shield has been able to defend against at least one fellow King, who was a powerful opponent in his own right. He's also been able to use this to break the illusion cast by Neko just by letting his aura flare.

The Aura is also used to induct new members into a clan. Mikoto will envelop his hand with his aura, and the new member must shake. Afterwards, the insignia of the Red Clan will appear somewhere on the new member's body.

Sword of Damocles
Less an ability and more of a burden, really. The Sword is an enormous construct of pure energy which appears high above the head of a King when they use their powers. Each is unique in design and bears an orb and an aura of the King's color. It is the indicator of a King's condition and deteriorates as a King begins to lose control of their power. When a King has reached their limit, the orb cracks and the sword falls. If the sword hits the king, it is capable of killing everyone within a wide radius - quite like a bomb. The only way to prevent this is to kill the King before the Sword reaches the ground. Mikoto's sword is in very poor condition and in very real danger of falling should he overexert himself with his powers.


  • Loyalty - to Clansmen
  • Commitment - to his role as King and seeking justice for Totsuka
  • He's literally just incredibly powerful in his own world


  • Temper - violent but quiet
  • Apathy - because he never wanted to be a King
  • The giant fractured magic sword threatening to kill him and everyone else in a multi-mile radius when he uses his powers

PULL POINT Basically the instant before his Sword of Damocles reaches its limit

SORTING ??? He has the potential to be a real threat if he tries, as his Aura can be incredibly destructive, but he's lazy and reluctant to make actual use of his powers for fear of bringing his Sword down on him. If that ever happens, it can easily take out a large portion of the city, but he wouldn't survive it and Ipsum probably has some kind of magic or something to prevent it so lol.

as written by


AGE Old, kay EXPERIENCE years LOCATION East Coast US player triggers
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life in the city






as played by hippo
becca that's not the worm that's the slug
Player Pronouns she/her
Player Age 29


May 19 2018, 05:44 PM


Gosh this app fits Mikoto so well, quiet, emotional but not overly so. It's just like him, and I love it. I adore Mikoto, he's just such a great character and I hope he can find some measure of peace in Ipsum because he completely deserves it.

Welcome to Ipsum Suoh Mikoto! You have been sorted into XEPHYR! Please be sure to fill out your Claims (Character List, Member List & Employment) and your Mini Profile, and let us know that you have finished that here, so we can properly sort you!

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