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 Zuko, Snow [A:TLA]


Avatar: The Last Airbender


Hero & Tea Shop Owner



as played by Snow
I know now that no one can give you your honor. It’s something you earn for yourself by choosing to do what’s right.
Player Pronouns Any
Player Age


Jul 1 2018, 11:40 PM


Avatar: the Last Airbender

NICKNAME Fire Lord Zuko

AGE Nineteen

RACE Human Fire Bender


SEXUALITY Heterosexual

JOB Tea Shop Owner & Hero


Born With a Heavy Crown
I was born first, a desendant of Avatar Roku, and the Great Fire Lords.

A pride to the nation, a son meant the future was secured, the seat of Fire Lord would be filled if anything were to happen to my Cousin, my Uncle and my Father... I am lucky to be alive as my father longed to toss me over the walls at my birth, saying I lacked the "spark" of a firebender at birth. I did not learn of this until I was on my father's throne and wearing the crown of my ancestors on my head... If not for my mother and the sages... I would have been cast aside at birth.

I was too young to understand the weight of the crown that was to be placed on my head, too small to comprehend the weight that rested then on my shoulders. To nieve to realise my destiny was anything beyond that of a boy who could have his every demand catered to and had no worries about the crown, forever a prince. I was excepting of the title "spare". A spoilt prince, that's all I was.

Father came to accept me... in time...

The only time I was ever truly happy was when my family travelled to Ember Island. The ocean and the beaches were always wonderful. There, when I was so young, a story so akin to my life played out. I saved a Turtle Crab from the clutches of an Eagle Hawk... yet, once the Turtle Crab was safe in my arms, I realised the Eagle Hawk would starve if it didn't eat. As I stood, torn between saving the weak and condemning the strong or sacrificing the weak and feeding the strong... A wave swept me away.

Father saved me from certain death, and the rest of my day was spent in my mother's arms.

I have always been conflicted about what was right, and have always held a great empathy that is so unlike a Fire Bender. Mother once said it was a feature that spoke volumes about how I was descended from the Avatar, how I could see the beyond myself in a world where man only considers themselves...

Perhaps that was why I was a weak bender for so long...

With a Drop of the Mask
It was overnight, like a snap--

There was nothing but the mask Ozai wore that he simply took off... that his love for me vanished. One day I was his precious son. The next day he loathed the ground in which I stood. It was sudden, it was jarring. It was never-ending. I never understood the offence I had caused, the reason for such sudden and relentless torment that I had to endure. I had eaten all my vegetables without complaint, I had been well behaved all day. I had even learnt a new bending technique that day, which had made him proud. But within the hours between my going to bed and waking the next morning he no longer looked at me with love or caring, but a indignation that no man-- no normal man I should say-- would hold for their firstborn son.

He so wilfully told my younger self that he almost discarded me for being a nonbender, when I was. He told me that I had no place to scold my sister, he told me I was lucky to be born. I was far too young to understand why my father would say such horrible things to me, yet old enough to understand the weight those words held. I only wanted to do what was right, what was just... yet Father felt it right to cut me down no matter what I did, what I said. He was a man of cruelty that knew no bounds. He placed my sister upon a pedestal and forced me to bow down to it, with no regard to my status as the crown prince, as the eldest, as a son. I was made to be lowly and my humiliation and pain, my fear of my father and my endless desire to earn his approval left me shaken and weak to his demands. I was nothing but a good son, but nothing would ever be enough...

I became a target for not only his ire, but that of my baby sister's as well. It was painful, many nights I asked Mother what I could do to earn Father's love once more... She could only hug me and tell me that father loved me very much. It was a lie, I knew it. I learnt later that Father was willing to kill me with great ease at the order of his father. A father so hungry for the throne that he was willing to sacrifice me. A Grandfather who was as cold as my Father... I knew nothing but their distaste. Azula told me, with great mirth and joy, that I was to be killed. I will never forget my fear then, as I knew he could, and would... However, I still slept, exhausted by my fear and anguish...

I was awoken not by an assassin, but my Mother. She spoke of loving me and promising me that everything she did was for me. That over time she hoped I would understand... but at the time I saw it as Mother being sent away. My Mother was stolen from me by my Father when I was just a boy, she sacrificed her life with me to save me. She enabled grandfather's death for Father, and his thanks were to send her away from myself and my sister as he stole the throne from my uncle. The fracture, the fissure that this caused would never be healed, yet for the newly crowned Fire Lord Ozai, love and stability were two things he would never be able to provide.

For Honour, and a Father's Love...
I was barely a teen when I lost everything.

I was stubborn, I wanted to know everything I could, and didn't know my place. To join the war meeting was an honour, a privilege... yet advice always fell on deaf ears when the lives of others were at stake. I had been so angry, that our countrymen, our own people with families and loyalties, were offered up as sacrificial lambs in a war that I had never understood. One Hundred years, the war had waged, the Fire Nation against the world.

Father called for an Agni Kai, a fire duel. A fight for honour, it can be to the death-- and many had died in an Agni Kai. To win, one must burn the other fighter, and it is tradition to remove your shirt if you are male. Sunset is the traditional time... And as per tradition, I had prepared to fight the general that dared make plans to sacrifice so many... but I miscalculated my actions... When I turned to fight, standing there was not the general, but the most powerful fire bender in the nation-- My Father.

Instantly, I dropped to my knees and begged forgiveness. But this only angered my father more, as his honour could not be restored with a son who refused to fight. My punishment, for the cowardice I showed, was the right side of my face being permanently scared and my birthright stripped from me. I was banished, only allowed to return to the Fire Nation once I had captured the 100 years missing Avatar. For his folly of allowing my entrance, my uncle was banished with me.

Even in those times... Iroh was more of a Father to me than my own, yet my anger, my pain, and my self-hate blinded me to his love for so long... I came to hate the water. Oceans as far as the eye could see, it was my only home. Banished from the Fire Kingdom, unable to walk upon any other land without facing fear or hate. I lived off of it, it was my fuel to keep pressing forward, seeking the impossible. But it was not enough... Seeking the last air bender...

Aang was... Aang was the kind of boy that was unexpected. He was strong, he was witty and endlessly frustrated me. He was like a fish, slipping so quickly from my grasp as I continued to try to catch him. I could only chase him.

From Royal to Traitor
Some actions, no matter how rash and foolish, set you down a new path.

For me, it was an act of defending my honour from a man that had none. I dawned the blue spirit mask and saved my enemy from my greater enemy, all to ensure my honour would be returned someday-- and yet such an action lead me down a path that would leave me questioning everything. I had always grappled with what was right, something my father saw as a weakness. But when I saw the innocent of the North being attacked, the death of a god by the hands of my honourless kinsman....

I carried the brand of a traitor with a bit of pride, deep down. But the confliction of knowing that with such a brand, I would never regain my birthright, my father's love or restore my honour haunted me. I broke away from my uncle and decided to forge my own way once we escapped Azula. But alone, as Lee, I was left to fend for myself and survive on my own... I saw first hand the crule nature of my kinsman, and felt the hate of years that oppression causes.

Ba Sing Se... I had never been so happy for a reunion with my uncle. However, never in my life had I pictured myself working in a tea shop, living the life of a commoner... My world had been changed, my views altered. I was no longer at the top looking down, but the bottom looking up. The perspective was enlightening. And fearful.

So against my nature it made me sick. Or perhaps I was sick from those around me. But freeing Appa... I knew it was the right thing yet my honor-- how did one earn honor when the socitity that bestowed your honor was corrupted? But it was all I ever knew...

Azula came, and while I still wanted to do what was right... my honor was bistowed by my family. I wouldn't allow myself to faulter from my goals. But in doing so I felt empty, I felt as though I had betrayed myself, and the only family that truely loved me. Iroh...

Prodigal Prince
My Honor was restored with Azula's lie... But at what cost?

I couldn't settle back into the life that was desired of me. Being a prince once again felt so empty, felt so far away. I saught out Iroh and in doing so, I learnt of who I was. Until this day, I did not understand my connection to the avatar, and yet upon learning I was his great-grandson... I knew what path to walk. I had much to prove, but the avatar, but Aang was not ready to face my father. Someone would need to teach him firebending.

I found them trying to blend in, and offered to teach Aang everything her needed to know. I worked hard to earn their trust, and soon, after lots of work, I earned it. Aang and I because friends, we grew into brothers, and I taught him through dragon dance how to unlock the fire within him. Together, we learned. While I taught him fire bending, he taught me how to banish the doubt in myself.

The day came, when the comit would overtake the sky, the day where firebending was it's strongest. Aang fought to the fire lord, my father. I, with iroh's encouragment, went to claim what was mine. The throne. It was not father, but Iroh, who restored my honor, and as his chosen nephew, I would sit on the throne that had been meant for him, that my father stole from him, with his blessings.

But to gain the throne, there would be only one way. Azula was slowly going insane, I could see it, as she called for an Agni Kai. I acepted her demands, and fought her as an equal. I refused to let her win against me, taunt me, or destroy me any longer. Katara watched as I fought my sister-- but she could never be honourable, resorting in a dirty trick that forced my hand-- and almost killed me. Had it not been for Katara.

But she in the end saved me, and finished my fight for me. When Azula involved Katara, Katara became an extention of me. My fight became her's. And her water bending became the reason for Azula's downfall. Healed and looking upon my sister for one in my life with pitty, I took the throne, and the crown, from my father.

Fire Lord
As Fire Lord, I wanted to work toward peace, and once my father was jailed and my sister was placed in a hospital, I got to work, along side my friend, Avatar Aang. I made him promise that if I ever slipped, and became like my father, that he should kill me.

I hoped it would never resort to that...


FAVORITE FOOD Dumplings and Tea (Iroh need not know this)

HOBBIES As a lord, teacher of the avatar, and now the ruler of a nation, his hobbies have taken the backburner for years. Though, he does enjoy quiet time and turtle ducks.

LIKES Turtle Ducks, Team Aang, Doing what's right (even if that is not always clear cut)

DISLIKES Strife, Acting selfishly, Azula's outbursts




Zuko possesses the ability to manipulate fire and is exceptionally skilled in the craft. Coupling martial arts with his ability, he is considered a Master Fire Bender-- yet he has not always shown such ability. He was always considered a weak bender as a boy and was cast aside by his father for his younger sister and her talents. Only under the teaching of his Uncle, has Zuko blossomed into a powerful bender, to the point that he could teach the Avatar to fire bend.

He even has the ability to redirect lightning, and in the later years, into his rule as Fire Lord, Zuko is able to now to summon his own lightning.

While most firebenders use their whole fist, Zuko uses two fingers to control his fire, with the refinement and finesse offered by the change, Zuko is a dangerous bender to rival now.


Due to the fact that the young crown prince was not as skilled with fire bending as a boy, he took up other ways of battle, and one of his ways was sword-play. Zuko is a highly skilled swordsman and is very skilled with dual wielding. His master made sure the young prince was one of the best swordsmen in the Fire Nation-- so skilled that his father refused to face him during the eclipse when their firebending skills were not accessible. The Fire Lord knew he would lose. He has also beaten Sokka a number of times.

Martial Arts

Due to his firebending ability, Zuko is very skilled at unarmed combat, being able to defend himself against spears and swords easily. Zuko is also physically capable, able to seemingly nonchalantly send a person flying with a single palm strike and smash through iron shackles with a single heel-kick. He is also quite agile and able to perform many acrobatic feats, such as running across walls and scaling vertical faces with great efficiency and climbing speed. Zuko is skilled in the art of infiltration, able to sneak into heavily defended fortresses and conceal himself effectively for long periods of time. Zuko is also a skilled tracker.


  • Firebending
  • Intelligent and Skilled Strategist
  • Natural Born Leader


  • Unsure in his choices
  • Quick to anger
  • Not very good at making friends

PULL POINT At the end of the comic "The Search"

as written by


AGE old EXPERIENCE long time LOCATION Alaska player triggers
Rape, Abuse, Gore, Vore
other characters
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life in the city





as played by hippo
becca that's not the worm that's the slug
Player Pronouns she/her
Player Age 29


Jul 5 2018, 01:01 PM


Gosh dangit Snow, I did not need these tears at fricken 9 in the morning. *ugly sobbing* Zuko is one of my favorite children from Avatar and watching him grow over the course of the show was such an incredible feeling. You capture that growth so perfectly in this app. From the spoiled prince just wanting to restore his honor in Book One, to the trouble boy torn between two futures in Book Two, to the grown young fire lord he becomes in Book Three, I cheered with his mistakes, I cried at his anguish, I loved the moments when you could see who he truly was shine through. And this app got all of those feelings to come out in me again. I can't wait to see who Zuko decides to be here,

Welcome to Ipsum Zuko ! You have been sorted into XEPHYR! Please be sure to fill out your Claims (Character List, Member List & Employment) and your Mini Profile, and let us know that you have finished that here, so we can properly sort you!

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