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 Keith Kogane, Snow [Voltron]


Voltron: Legendary Defenders





as played by SNOW
I don't like my mind right now stacking up problems that are so unnecessary...
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Feb 28 2018, 02:01 AM

Keith Kogane


NICKNAME Keef, Little Blade, Keith Yorak Kogane

AGE Twenty One

RACE Human-Galra Hybrid


SEXUALITY Homoromantic Demisexual

JOB Racer



The final frontier, it’s said. The endless possibilities that could come from space, humanity has said. There are so many things that could come from it-- resources, knowledge, new life… The idea of space as a whole is just within the grasp of humanity, they say. Yet, they reject the idea of aliens, reject the idea of intelligent life…

“Why is humanity so stupid?”

It was a question Keith found himself asking many… many times in his life… even before he found himself here… where, you ask?

In Space.

The teen lay, or would it be floated?, outside the cockpit of his craft, the Galran ship an offer of safety to the black and purple clad male. But he wasn’t worried, safely tethered to the craft as he tried to fix the wing so that he could fly to the castle of lions… The battle had been won, another victory, another decisive win to find that the Galra were ⅓ less an empire and the coalition was ⅓ closer to freeing the universe.

He had been working on the wing, but the nova before him caught his eye, and the hybrid couldn’t help but pause and stare at the beauty of the star garden, his eyes wavering. Not 30 minutes before this moment, Keith had been willing to kamikaze himself, for the greater good. But, his enemy had halted him. The man he wanted dead-- had saved his life. Not just his life… but the lives of everyone in the coalition.

There was a pause, as the teen just blinked a few times at the sudden thought that crossed his mind. How did I even get here? That startled him from his annoyance to rocket him into a trip of nostalgia.


Keith didn’t know much about his early childhood. He only had flashes of memories of his younger years, Stories of space from his father before falling asleep, of a people at war and people trying to stop the war from within. Of triumph and failure. He remembered talking about wanting a tail, and kitty ears-- to be a cat. He remembered his school taking a trip to San Antonio. He remembered visiting the Alamo with his class and thinking it was lame. It was all brief, useless memories, really. There was no real context to most of them. A TV show, a night he watched his father out with window in their backyard looking through a telescope-- that was a constant though. The man cared more about the constellations and the stars then he did his own son. There were many nights that he went to bed hungry because his father forgot to feed him-- or the man had forgotten to get food.

Memories started to come together as he grew in his memory. The memories were not always happy. His father basically had forgotten him some nights, like his mind was lost on what was beyond, what was above. That Earth was just a consequence. There weren't many people that cared about the kid. All but one. He was an older boy, who would play with him, who looked out for him. The other kids avoided Keith, saw him as a weirdo. Keith could feel their taunts at his back, and it hurt. But the older boy-- he stood up for him, protected him. He was... like a big brother to him.

He had been born in a small Texas town named Saragosa, just outside of the Garisson… A small town... with barely enough kids to fill a single school house. His bus came early and dropped him off late. But his father refused to move, said he had a mission... He didn't know what that mission was, but he knew that he would get up before the sun every morning to be bussed to a school that was run by the Garrison and would come home late in the evening. Usually, he just did his homework in his room and waited for his father to come home. Made himself food if there was food... Or went to his only friend's home for a meal. It was home... but...

Home was Hell.

“Beef Brains Keef” it was a mantra from the kids when Keith couldn’t keep up with school. “Stinky Keithy” was another, and the classic pull-at-the-corner-of-eyes “Chink”. He had cried at home so many times, both from frustration and pain. He was an outcast, teased ruthlessly and beaten up by the older kids when he stood up to them. His father finally, FINALLY took notice and asked Keith why he didn’t fight back. Keith told his father that he would hurt the boys if he fought back, but the man told him that there was nothing wrong with standing up for himself… Words he would regret saying the next day with his third-grader son fought back and won against three fifth grade boys.

He was proud of himself as he was handed his suspension slip and sent from the school with nothing but a shiner and a toothy grin. The rumours were that the smaller boy was ruthless on the older boys, whispers spoke of a broken arm, of a bruised rib, of Keith fighting like an animal when they swung. And Keith, he knew it was all true. They might have been taller than him, but he used their weight and height against them. The first swing hit him, and was like a shock to the system as he stumbled back…

But that was where the rage took over. Enough was enough, and while he knew the phrase was “see red”. Keith saw a hew of violet. His fist connected with the smallest boy’s jaw so hard, he could feel the recoil in his arm as he screamed in rage. He has flipped another boy after sidestepping his punch, slamming him so hard on the pavement that he could hear the crack of his arm that shot out to protect his neck. With a spin, the smaller boy slammed his foot into the last fifth grader’s chest and sent him spiralling back. It took seconds, but the fight was over, and Keith could only stare in horror at the power he realised he possessed.

His father took the boy to get lessons in martial arts the same day, so that his son would not only have discipline, but a way to control his abilities, the look on his father’s face as he spoke of his plan before going to sign him up-- Keith would never forget-- was unbridled fear. For him or of him, Keith could not tell… but he knew it was fear.

But, after that day, people stopped teasing him…

In fact, they avoided him completely. No one would talk to him, new people were warned to avoid him, anyone who did speak to him were soon talked out of being his friend. He was left alone, with only his training and his studies. His father and his friend-- Takashi Shirogane-- were the only people he had personal contact with, who asked him how he was feeling, who showed the boy support. Keith’s smiles were reserved for them-- while his father wasn’t the best father-- While Shiro was always gone because of the Garrison-- he was the only family he had. He looked up to them both, saw them as inspiration, of sorts. His father told him very little of his mother, just that she was in the stars. That was all he knew of his mother-- not even a name, just that she had to do with space.

It was enough for Keith to decide he, too, would go into space. Where he lay now…


He jerked a bit, the voice of Shiro rocketing out of his daze into reality, “Huh? YES! Sorry, I couldn’t hear you…”

“Oh thank god, you’re alive.” The voice cackled back of his dearest friend.

Keith couldn’t help but chuckle, “Takashi, please. Like I would let myself die.”

But there was a hollow tone, Keith realised, to that response as he pulled himself back into the craft. He had been willing to die, was in the act of laying down his life to save the coalition… his friends… Shiro... When Lotor stopped him. He had been willing to do what it took, even if it meant his death-- yet he told Shiro he wouldn’t let himself die...

Pushing the boosters of the Galran craft forward, pressing out a friendly signal so that he would not be seen as an enemy, Keith pushed his eyes upward at the Nova, and couldn’t help but wonder if his childhood played a huge part in how he was now… But there was a sputter and a pause in the boost, which caused the teen to curse loudly.

"What's wrong, Keith?" Shiro's voice echoed through his helmet, and the teen could only click his tongue.

"I might be here a minute. I was grazed and my craft might have been short-circuited. I'll figure it out and if I need a lift I'll contact someone in the area. Someone will be close." He said with an audible sigh as once more the cockpit door was pushed open and he was once again floating over the wing--

But his mind wasn't on the wing... it was on death...

It had been in 6th grade, getting off the bus late and walking into his house. He had thrown his backpack on the couch and was quickly digging out something to eat from the fridge. Keith was used to being alone, he often was for hours after school, falling asleep on the couch and waking in his bed the next morning. Weekends he was usually alone all day-- and the small house proved this point. It was a mess of equipment Keith had claimed from his father, a CB Radio strung up to the TV antenna so he could listen to the pulse of stars, to the sounds of distant "alien" chatter with some rewiring of the equipment and jerry-rigging.

That day was no different than any other. Keith was nibbling on a cookie, sitting in socked feet with headphones over his ears and turning a few dials when there was a loud knock on the door. It jolted the young preteen, gun steel violet eyes flicking to the door with a sense of fear. He had been warned by his father to never open the door to strangers, just ignore it until they left then call him. But the knock came again, a loud... hard knock. Not a normal knock. An urgent knock. Pulling back the curtains a bit, the twelve-year-old's eyes fell on... police. Swallowing hard, Keith knew he could not ignore police...

Pulling open the door, there was a small 'Did I do something?' in the back of his head, trying to wrack his brain for anything that would require this level of anger. But when they asked about his mother-- Keith's nose wrinkled a bit. Mother? What was that? She had walked out on them so soon after his birth that his father was his mother now. This town all knew that the rumours of Keith's mother were as rampant as who was fucking who's husband or wife.

"Uh... I dunno? Dad says she's in the stars, sooooo maybe... spaaaaace?" He said sarcastically to the Texas State Troopers, a hand pressing to his hip as he frowned a bit.

"Do you have any other relatives, son?" one asked him, which suddenly struck him as-- weird. Keith looked towards where his father would park the truck, then back to the officers with a knit brow.

"Uh, yeah. My dad, but he's working right now." Shifting to cross his arms, the boy tilted his head a bit, "Why?"

There was a moment of silence, the two brown and tan-clad officers exchanging glances. "So... no one else?"

It was that moment that Keith realised-- They were not here for him, not here to arrest him or to scold him for something he could have done-- Not here to take him away... They were here to talk about something more serious. About his dad...

"Where is my dad! Is he okay!? Is he hurt? He's the only family I got!" Keith was suddenly yelling, "Where is he!?"

"I'm sorry son... There's been an accident"--

It's shocking how one's world could shatter so quickly around them. How quickly everything can drop off and you can feel like you are just free falling in life. Orphaned at age 12, Keith's life became a haze of foster homes, anger, confusion... He wasn't ever once okay in his youth. The only thing he could focus on beyond his loss was the Garrison. The Garrison had the answers he needed. Shiro was there. His only family. And while he worked hard, he was also angry inside. The humiliation of being moved from one home to another with everything he owned slung over his back in a black rubbish bag was enough to instil an anger in the boy-- his stuff was like his life to these people. Garbage.

There was a grunt, as he kicked the wing, and shifted a bit, "Hey guys, can someone give me a lift?" He called out, "I'm dead in the water."

"I got you." came the call. It wasn't moments later he was on the rebel craft, pulling off his mask and rubbing a bit of sweat from the back of his neck as he walked toward the cockpit and his saviour. Eyes fell on the brown locks of Matt Holt, a grin forming on his lips.

"Oh hey!" He would lean on the seat and look out with a smirk at the stars, his eyes glittering a bit as he pressed into the seat, "Good to see you, Matt." He would say with a cocky grin, "I haven't seen you since the Garrison Days." He teased

Matt would just smile a bit, "It's good to see you again. You look well. Shiro and Pidge will be happy to see you again, they both adore you."

There was a pause, his smile wavering a bit. adore... him? He would chuckle a bit, "Is that so?"

Shiro was important to him, had been since before he joined the Garrison-- if it wasn't for Shiro, he would have never been accepted in the first place. How many times did he put it in jeopardy? He got into fights, he was rude to teachers, he didn't stay awake in classes. Many times, Shiro pulled through for him. Matt had become roommate number seventeen. He was the last one. It was rough, but the garrison training had helped him put his own mind at ease in a way. He could learn everything about the stars, and he could start to process to find his mother. But there was a hitch, a small thing that stood in the way of his plans...

Takashi Shirogane. The raven-haired Japanese garrison pilot was so proud of him as he grew, endlessly every day it was the same routine. He would talk to him with his kind smile, he would pry about his day and his school work. Congratulated his placement as the best pilot in the class. Offered him very sound advice Keith pretended to ignore but took to heart. Keith had always been a stubborn kid-- his father would say he got that from his mother... but Shiro, Keith listened to him, smiled for him and looked up to him as a mentor, as a friend... As family.

Keith was shocked when Shiro told him first that he was chosen to pilot the Kerberos mission, Keith's eyes wavering at the idea. It was an honour, and there was so much pride in his friend. Keith was the one who Shiro showed the launch pad, the craft. Keith was introduced to the scientists-- The Holt's-- briefly. He was excited for Shiro, and scared. There was a small fear that something could happen, however, he had no doubts in Shiro's ability. The day of the launch, Keith sat in the family seat and counted down, next to Commander Holt's wife and daughter, Katie. There was a small conversation, then a parting of ways as Keith returned to his studies.

The announcement came over the loudspeaker like a bullet in the night. "The Kerberos Mission has been lost due to Pilot Error." There was a moment when all eyes turned to him. He just sat, in shock for a long minute before his shock shifted to anger. The violet hew filled his sight once more, and in his rage, he flipped his desk over.

"THAT'S A LIE!!!" He screamed. There was no way-- no way it was Shiro's fault. Keith will admit, he doesn't remember much beyond that. He apparently punched out a teacher. He was a mess of rage and violence. And when Commander Iverson got in his face? He apparently slammed his fist into the man's face so hard, there was permanent damage to the man's eye. That was when he found himself expelled. Walking from the building with nothing but his pack slung over his shoulder, he walked. And he cried.

"The Castle of Lions is dead ahead!" Matt exclaimed with a smile, pulling Keith from yet another memory-- did almost dying... do this to you? Make you reflect on what happened in your life, make you question the choices you had made? The path you walked down? To make you wonder how things would have been different?

Stepping from the craft onto the crisp white flooring of the castle, Keith could only look around him, reflect on everything that had brought him to this point. Finding Shiro, Blue... forming Voltron, Fighting the Galra... Every step was a memory laced with a twinge of guilt. From figuring out his lineage to losing Shiro again, being Leader of Voltron. Violet tinted gun steel flicked across the expanse of the place he had once called home as he walked down the halls he knew so well-- yet they held an unwelcome feel.

He stood at the door that led to the main control room, hesitating a moment as memories of what he had done-- abandoned his team-- haunted him. He would only be here for a short while, before the guilt of his choices built up in his mind. Just long enough to hail Kolivan for a craft and escape.

The doors slid open, and there he stood. Regal and Violet, as the team debated what to do with him. His hands were in shackles, and his eyes unwavering as the fight raged on. Keith could only lift a brow at this. "Uhhhh. Hi." He said, catching the attention of his old friends. Lance and Pidge were the first upon him, followed by Hunk and Shiro trailing behind with Allura. It was a welcome he didn't deserve, Keith thought to himself as he hugged them all back.

"So, what are you gonna do with him?"

"Not sure." Lance retorted, and arm pressed to Keith's shoulder as he leant upon him, "We're thinking we're gonna lock him up."

The was a hitch to the teens back, his eyes flicking from Lance to Shiro, then back to Lance, "I... I want to talk to him before I hail Kolivan." He said suddenly, his fist balling uptight as he pushed past his ex-team on the warpath toward the man in question. He wanted to punch him, He wanted to slam his fist into his pretty face-- for toying with Voltron, For sending them into another-- fucking dimension... for...

"Lotor!" the words were harsher in his mind, colder-- more bitter and angry... But the sound that came from his mouth was softer, had a touch of nerves in them, and were sincere. Those eyes, the colour of a summer sky on earth, caused Keith to falter, and look away, "I wanted to..."

Cuss you out. Break your stupid fucking nose with my fist. Kick your violet ass from her to the Piricant Galaxy--

"Thank you..."

Lotor would just blink a few times, the hostile approach Keith had taken initially faltering once close enough; their bodies mere inches apart, Keith being so near that he could almost bask in the warmth radiating off his body. There was anger just beneath the surface but it bled into sincere gratitude. “You are thanking me? This is most unexpected...”

Keith would just shake his head a few times, before looking upward at the man for a long moment before his eyes cast towards his friends, the most important people in the whole of the universe for him-- his family, his support network... his four best friends. A smile formed at them before he turned to the prince,"You... You saved Voltron..."

Lotor opened his mouth to speak, but Keith looked down, his cheeks blooming in a blush as the next words slipped from his lips, a smile on his face, "And you saved my life. If you hadn't fired on that Galra ship when you did, to stop everything.., I would have flown my ship into the barrier so the rebel fighters could have an opening..."

"Keith..." The word was uttered somewhere behind him, the shocked tone within his name was enough to hurt him-- But he couldn't look back, not now.

Rubbing the point of his chin, the once prince of the Galran empire would fight a small blush that threatened to bloom against violet plains. The human, he was quite beautiful—distractingly so now that he was smiling and not looking like an angry wet kitten. Pausing to allow the teen to say his peace, the hybrid royal would finally find room to speak.

“Keith, consider it an act of solidarity, a pledge of my loyalty to your cause...to our cause.” Clawed fingers would slowly press into the meat of his own palms, his crystalline hues watching the Earthling with sheer curiosity, but also a hint interest. “I would make the decision today, tomorrow, whenever. Saving Voltron, saving you? It’s one step closer to the peace we all desire.”

Standing there, Keith felt a wave of something-- his head tilting as he gave a small nod. This was the moment he decided that this man... he could be trusted...

Fingers could not move fast enough. The Kral Zera was upon them-- the had a mission to impede the advancement on the empire-- it had been a perfect opportunity to take out the most powerful of the Galra, to crumble their ranks--

Had the Black Lion and Lotor not shown up.

He knew he could die, fingers flying over the disarm codes as fast as he could, one by one. He couldn't leave Shiro or Lotor to die-- he respected them both too much. He knew he let his emotions compromise the mission, but there was a line-- both Shiro and Lotor were too important of pieces in the path for peace to let them perish here.

His eyes cast towards the remainder of the bombs, before shifting to run. His feet could only move so fast, his legs propelling him towards the grand theatre that housed the bloody spectacle that was the Garla way of claiming a new Emperor. His eyes only widened behind his mask for a second as Sendak fell to the ground. In his mind, he was counting down the ticks. He knew he only had seconds, and with a leap, his arms wrapped around the Prince of the Galra and he thrust him forward-- and away-- from the blast as it powered out the exit he had just jumped from.

Keith felt the man tense, then relax just before Impact, shift them so that Keith would not get hurt-- Yet... stairs. They landed hard, Keith groaning in pain a bit, but Lotor was alive. However, the teen knew there was no time to hesitate. Pulling out his sword, the Half Galra teen knew, now, that he had as much right to be here as Lotor, yet he held no designs for the thrown--

He would protect Lotor the best he could, especially with Shiro having escaped from the area to draw the fire of the other ships-- Everything was different. The power vacuum of leadership was too much for the Galra to bare, and the turned upon themselves before their very eyes...

"This is exactly what I wanted to avoid!" Lotor exclaimed, not a drop of blame in his voice against Keith-- yet the teen still felt like it was his fault. "I knew they would all turn on each other!"

Before Keith could say a word, however, Sendak was back on Lotor, and Keith could only just protect his head from the sword of another general. His mask vanished, and he was left exposed as a human, Only able to defend as Lotor fought Sendak. "Lotor!!" his mind screamed, "You have to protect Lotor!"

But the moment of distraction had him losing his blade. It was a moment he feared, his hand reaching for his protection, his weapon, but the general's foot pressed to it-- until a shot ran out and slammed into her grasp. It was an easy knockout at that point, a simple knee to the chin-- His gaze cast towards the shooter and fell on Axra. Keith didn't understand her actions, and yet he was grateful for them.

Keith could only stand by, and watch Lotor ascend the steps, the rose flame in his hands as he walked towards his destiny. It was almost poetic in a way, a dark poem of betrayal, of loyalty, How blood stained the path was to peace. As the flames rose up and the remaining Galran Generals fell to one knee, Keith turned away. He would, once again, need a ride home-- seeing as he was left to die-- again.

But he could not help but look back, his eyes wavering a bit at the sight of the half Galra, half Altaen man... Emperor of the Galra. A hope for peace as great as Voltron was. Keith knew... he belonged in the shadows, climbing into a Galran craft, he pushed it forward and went to return to his place with the Blade...

He could only look at the woman in awe and wonder. She was Galra. She was an agent of the Blade… She was tall, she was beautiful. He could understand by looking at her she was his mother-- but how was the burning question. Yet, the mission came first. He knew that. Even though his mind reeled with the news that Krolia was his mother-- it had to wait. She had a mission for them. The mission always came first…

They needed to find the source of the pure quintessence. There was only one place that it could be. Krolia had called it "The Quantum Abyss..." It was hard, but Keith knew that what they must do, and he set aside his feelings, knowing that this was more important than himself, bigger than himself. He steeled himself into focus, knowing that he would get his answers in time. But they must enter a place of great power, where the stars and space-time were altered. He knew that it would be a hard mission— but he was not ready for how hard it would be…

There was a way to make the mission faster, to follow the path of the probe that didn’t effect the space-time— and keep a sharp eye out for anything. Keith found himself trying to pilot carefully. Fate would have different plans, however. There was nothing they could do to stop the attacking creatures. They were ferocious, they were strong. The ship didn't stand a chance against them. The engines went down before they could even put up much of a fight. Keith realised all they could do was ditch-- and watching their only hope fly into the abyss, being turned into nothingness.

Their only option was to go on foot. Jetpacks and jumping, staying out of the reach of the gravitational pull. And the light flashes... No words needed to be spoken, not when he could see them. The past played before his eyes, their eyes. There was a flash of Shiro-- he couldn't understand it-- but no. He wanted to focus on the memories that his mother had, that she was giving him as they moved forward.

She had fallen to earth protecting the blue lion. His father had found her downed ship and nursed her back to health, and together they found it-- they found the blue lion. His mother wanted to stay on earth and protect it. Krolia and his father-- They worked together to protect the lion. Each flash of light told the story more and more, the understanding of each memory washing over him like a shockwave, each bringing him both pain and understanding. His father-- He had been such a good man, not the best father-- but he was a good man.

He understood or thought he did. "You put the mission before everything else." He said, understanding that his mother left. But he was corrected, the reason she left wasn't that of the mission-- no. It was to protect him.

With understanding came bonding. He had his mother, he was no longer an orphan. He had someone who loved him. But-- they needed a plan. Jumping for days was sapping his energy, he knew that without food, without water-- they would die. But fate once again had a plan for them. They found themselves a ride, a ride that could provide for them. Keith wasn't sure what to call it, but for now, it was home.

And home provided. Shelter. Food. Water... an atmosphere... even a friend. They had not been on the back of the beast more than a few weeks when it crash landed on a spike. Keith ran to its aid, killing the monsters looking at the pup like it was food. He couldn't help but feel an understanding with the cosmic wolf, a closeness. She was alone, they were alone. Together, they made a family.

Time flowed differently. Hours were days. Days were months. Months were years... He and Krolia built for themselves a home, with the wolf their faithful companion. Keith and the pup were almost inseparable. Together they talked of earth, of space, of Voltron. Stories were swapped. Every flash pulled from them memories, good and bad. Krolia taught Keith many things, and Keith even taught his mother a few things.

And together they taught the young wolf everything she would need to know.

Two years passed, two years of laughing, crying, building, growing and becoming a family together. Two years of hunting, of learning, of maturing. Keith was happy to leave the back of the beast, yes. But he would miss it. For him, those two years-- however long it had been in reality, but for him, two years--

They would always be the most important years in his life. The years he learnt to love himself, completely. He learnt to be a man, that family loves absolutely. That no matter what, they will always be there.

For him, Two years with his mother, learning, growing... Those two years would be invaluable.


FAVORITE FOOD Anything Hunk makes

HOBBIES Training, Knives and Swords, Fighting

LIKES Fighting the Galra Empire

DISLIKES The Galra Empire


ZODIAC SIGN Scorpio/Libra Cusp


Keith is an expert Martial Artist, Swordsman, Pilot and is very good at tactics when he's level-headed and actually assess a situation.

MARTIAL ARTS >> When Keith was in third grade, his father signed his son up to take lessons at a local Dojong, and the Korean instructor took to teaching the young man how to actually fight. Keith left his town for the Garrison with a black belt holding a single stripe on it, Needless to say, he is considered an expert Martial Artist who is quite capable with his hands and feet.

SWORDSMANSHIP >> When training in his Korean Martial Arts, Keith was given the opportunity to learn different common weapons of his craft, the sword, the Nunchuk, the Staff. He is quite skilled with all three, but to say Keith took to the sword like a fish out of water. Some Texans like guns, Keith prefers a Qutar, a Scimitar, and is quite skilled with a Khanda.

EXPERT PILOT >> In the Garrison, Keith found himself as an A-Class Pilot-in-training, with the natural talent of a skilled pilot. He looked up to Shirogane Takashi, and soon was turning to him and mentor and a leader as the elder Garrison Student took the time to teach Keith many tricks and tips one on one. With his insight, Keith went from a natural to an expert in no time.

TACTICIAN >> Keith always had a knack for tactical things, be it games or in class, yet in the heat of the battle, Keith is not very likely to keep a cool head. He has to pull himself back often and look at the whole picture-- but sometimes he can even trick the best tactician, Example: The time he tricked Lotor into blowing up the Teledov he was trying to steal.


  • Martial Arts and Fighting
  • Piloting
  • Being Emo
  • Being a Leader


  • Getting Along
  • Opening Up
  • Talking about his Feelings
  • Letting Himself be a Leader

PULL POINT The moment Krolia and Keith go into the Quantum Abyss

as written by


AGE Old EXPERIENCE 20+ Years LOCATION Alaska player triggers
Abuse, Rape, Body Horror and Gore.
other characters
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as played by Kitten
No, this is not about me, I see you thinking I'm a missing piece to the puzzle that you use for life. I'll wait a minute while you try to come for mine
Player Pronouns she/her
Player Age Twenty-five


Mar 3 2018, 05:34 AM


Snow, my dearest, you know damn well how I feel about your Keith but this app, this app blew me away with how detailed you made his past. The sweet boy has been through so much, faced countless trials and all while still being so young--from his dealings with his father and moving around all the damn time, to being orphaned, to finding peace within the garrison., before having that all taken when Shiro turned up missing. It is one thing after another, after another but he stays so strong throughout it all.

I loved how you handled each portion of his story, touched on his feelings towards those around him and his loneliness, how singled out and alone he truly feels...and it breaks my heart all the more. I just want to scoop him up and give him the biggest, longest hug, he deserves it.

Welcome to Ipsum, Keith Kogane! You have been sorted into SYZYGY! Please be sure to fill out your Claims and your Mini Profile, and let us know that you have finished that here, so we can properly sort you!

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