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 Lance Mcclain, Roswell [Voltron: Legendary Defenders]


Voltron: Legendary Defenders






as played by Roswell
Player Pronouns Any
Player Age ∞


Mar 12 2018, 07:06 AM

Lance Mcclain

Voltron: Legendary Defenders

NAME Lance Mcclain

AGE Seventeen

RACE Human (Cuban)


SEXUALITY "Straight" (but actually bi, just figuring that out himself while basically everyone else knows already)

JOB Lifeguard


Pilot's Log, Day 1, is that how you start these things?
I...have no idea where we are. I don't even remember a planet anywhere nearby, but...suddenly there were mountains and open water and we set down on what looks like an island. Scanners aren't picking up anything familiar and-

Hey, Red, zoom in there.

Looks like a welcoming committee, buddy, I'm gonna go down and check it out.

Hailing from the vicinity of Varadero, Cuba, Planet Earth, Lance comes from a large family and essentially grew up in or on the ocean, for all the time spent with water. He's just as comfortable in open water as he is on dry land and has been shown to be far more agile in aquatic environments than his teammates.

Pilot's Log, Day -- oops, this is like day 3 isn't it?
Sorry Red! Didya miss me?

[annoyed growl in background]

Okay, okay, point taken.

So! Turns out, we landed at the edge of some huge city. It's crazy how big this place is! That group from the other day? They took me to some weird place and put me through all kinds of tests and told me I'd been "sorted" into...I don't actually remember most of it, but it was really weird, but also kinda cool.

[a moment of silence]

Hey, uh, I don't know if anyone's picking this up, but they said we can't leave. Not like we're not allowed, but just can't and...I miss you guys...

As often as he can be cocky and confrontational, he can be sensitive and quiet. He cares deeply about the entire Voltron team, and their mission, though he struggles with his place in it all. More than once, he's voiced his doubts about being chosen as a Paladin, going so far as to suggest the Blue Lion made a mistake in picking him. Despite this, he bonded with Blue very quickly and still misses piloting her.

Pilot's Log, Day 4
Started the morning off with a visit to the beach. Oh man have I missed open water. You don't get oceans in space, not unless you're lucky enough to find a planet with actual water.

It's still weird, though, being separated from everyone. I guess I'm not the first person to just show up like this, either.

They weren't lying when they said we can't leave. Red can only get so high before we're forced to level out.

Yeah, I know, buddy, it sucks.

Speaking of water, you don't have a shower hidden on-board do you?

Lance often wrestles with feelings of inadequacy, particularly when it comes to his place on the Voltron team. However, he does display a love of the spotlight and a level of confidence that contrasts, and often masks, his insecurities. Possibly the least perceptive of the group, he can often get caught up in his own view of the world, rather than seeing things as they actually are. Quite often, he acts as if he has something to prove, which has earned him a reputation as a showoff and a goofball to those who only get a glimpse at his surface.

Pilot's Log, Day 7
Hey, so, turns out, you need money to book a room in that fancy hotel I saw earlier.

What? No, I don't hate staying in you but I need a shower, Red. I have a routine! I don't even have anything to make my sleep mask!

I've been wearing the same clothes for a week!

Fine, you're right, I don't have anything else, but I'd like to at least be able to wash them.

We've got nothin', buddy. Zip, zilch, naaaadaaaa - Hey, you think we could give tours of you for credits?

[angry growl in background]

Geeze, fine, okay.

His sense of humor can be crude, at times, and he can be impulsive and emotional, but he's still young, of course, and there are still parts of himself he's figuring out. For the most part, he is wholly unashamed to be who he is. From his first reaction to an alien warrior being the urge to knit the creature a sweater, to answering his door with a full sleep mask on his face, hair up in a towel.

Pilot's Log, Day 11, please, if anyone can hear this
Give us some kind of sign.

Keith..? Shiro? Pidge? Allura? Anyone?

This planet's making me homesick for Earth. I miss my family, my hometown...I thought I could finally see my family again. We were on our way back and now...Now I'm somewhere new again.

[several long seconds of silence]

I can't believe it's all gone, buddy. I know it was the only way, but...how long did we live in the Castle? Even if we do get back and figure out how to build a new one...it's not gonna be the same.

[a thud in the background]

I quiznaking knew it! Lotor played us all. I feel so stupid - he got us to trust him and we basically handed Voltron over to the Galra, just like Zarkon wanted. He turned out just like Zarkon...we never should've given him a chance. It almost destroyed the universe and the war's still going. And I'm stuck here! How are they gonna form Voltron with only four lions?!

[another long pause, then a sigh]

I'm tired, Red...

Lance can also be easily distracted by a pretty face and has a reputation as a notorious flirt, even going so far as to embrace the nickname "Lover Boy Lance" bestowed by Coran during their run of Voltron-themed shows for various planets. On occasion, this has had a negative impact on missions and left him in a compromising situation.

Pilot's Log, Day 14, I think
I never thought I'd say this but I might actually be sick of fish by now. I'm not actually sure the locals are thrilled about me catching and making dinner on the shore of their fancy resort, either.

This place is awesome, though. Salt air, ocean sounds, at night I can almost imagine I'm back home. There's a cove on the other side of the island, with a reef!

Hey, maybe I could work at the resort, I wonder if they give employees free rooms.

I probably should've paid more attention to that orientation thing, huh?

While he knows the mission of Voltron, and the pursuit of peace in the universe, is very important, he's often homesick for Earth and his family. He never really expected to be in the position he's found himself these days when they first found Blue, had never dreamed he might be a hero to countless beings on numerous worlds. He does genuinely enjoy the spotlight and recognition, but sometimes the only thing he really wants is to be back on the beach near his home on Earth.

Pilot's Log Day 19
Ya know what I miss? That food goo. Never though I'd say it, but there it is. I miss it. And Hunk's experiments with alien food. At least I have Kaltenecker, I guess.

In Ipsum, he's lost, confused, and lonely. For a little over his first month in the city, he lived in Red at one end of Minima Cay while just trying to take things day by day. Due to his impulsive and excitable nature, the sorting process was heavily overshadowed by the sheer size of the city. As a result, he retained none of the important information and has had to re-learn it all and try to adjust.


Keith? Pidge? Hunk? Shiro? Allura? Coran??

If he cannot return home to Earth, or even to the Castle of Lions, he hopes that somehow, someday, he will be reunited with the remainder of the Voltron team. They're his space family and he loves them all in their own ways (even Keith); he desperately misses them all.

Pilot's Log, Day 38
I think this might be the last one for a while, buddy. I don't think anything's getting through and I can't keep camping out in you forever. Tomorrow, I'm gonna go to the mainland and start trying to get a real feel for this place.

FAVORITE COLOR Blue (sorry Red!)


HOBBIES Swimming, flirting, video games, knitting

LIKES Water, adventure, animals, annoying Keith

DISLIKES Non-rebel Galra, war, missing out on his beauty sleep

DOBJuly 28th


ABILITIES He's a fairly skilled sharpshooter, but also has a moderate-to-high level of physical combat experience as well as a fair amount of pilot training and experience between flying two lions and training with the Garrison. With the use of his bayard, he can summon at least two styles of gun and, more recently, a sword. In Red he has access to high-powered, highly futuristic weaponry such as beam cannons and a blade held in the Lion's mouth. While the Red Lion does have other weapons, he's not able to access these yet.

STRENGTHS Smarter than he comes across, while generally dense in everyday moments, he has a high level of situational awareness during a fight and the ability to correct moves made by his teammates and to think and improvise quickly. He can also be uncharacteristically perceptive at times, and predict how others might react to a situation, though his assessment is usually passed off as a joke or sarcastic remark with no expectation it's correct. Lance is very good at improvisation, particularly in battle, and has show latent leadership skills. He's also exceptionally comfortable in the water, and is a very strong swimmer.

WEAKNESSES He can be confrontational and arrogant, and tends to be easily distracted by a pretty face which has occasionally interfered with a mission. He can be impulsive and emotional and has been tempted by visions of stardom and glory, but can also be very insecure and has doubted his place on the team more than once.

PULL POINT End of season 6

SORTING Considering he's a Paladin of Voltron with a good amount of weapons/combat training and experience, still possesses his Bayard, and is a skilled sniper/sharpshooter, Denizen and Syzygy seemed the most likely categories he'd be placed in. He does also have the Red Lion with him, if that makes any difference in where he'd be placed.

as written by


AGE Old, kay EXPERIENCE years LOCATION East Coast US player triggers
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Not sure I'm there yet but I'm certain I've arrived; Oops I, did it again, I forgot what I was losing my mind about. I only wrote this down to make you press rewind and send a message, "I was young and a menace"
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Player Age 31


Mar 14 2018, 06:26 AM


Roswell! I loved the path you took with this app. It was very unique and really was very Lance! It was enjoyable, yet sad that he's so lonesome. I don't see him doing well alone, I'm shocked it took him so long to leave Minima, however, I suppose it kinda reminded him of home? And the little factoids were very insightful about who he is! All in all, I enjoyed this. Watch out, Keith is gonna come find you, Lance!

Welcome to Ipsum Lance Mcclain! You have been sorted into DENIZEN! Please be sure to fill out your Claims and your Mini Profile, and let us know that you have finished that here, so we can properly sort you!

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