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 Asuka Ryo, Snow [Devilman Crybaby]


Devilman Crybaby


Parliment/Mafia Boss



as played by SNOW
I will break you. I will make you a fucking psycho.
Player Pronouns Any
Player Age


Feb 28 2018, 10:58 PM

Asuka Ryo

Devilman Crybaby

NICKNAME See Freeform

AGE Sixteen (Reborn)

RACE Archangel

GENDER Intersex-- Identifies as Male

SEXUALITY Homosexual

JOB Zenith Parliament Member/Mafia Boss


Fuck God.
     This wasn't supposed to happen...
          No, No this was not possible with all his plans...

"Asuka Ryo" was just a moniker. A name that was given to you by a human woman once you were a boy after you were reborn into this world. God must have found it fun to place you into his little experiment, to force you to walk among them-- the beings you found nothing but contempt for. Ryo was a fine name, and yet... It wasn't your true name. None of it mattered, whatever your birth name it didn't matter, whatever the tribe that raised you was called didn't matter. Blood, family, relations... All meaningless to you.

Your first memory was his palm reaching out to you, and the softly spoken words "Are you okay?" Fingers pressed against the offered hand and blue hews lofted to gaze at the face that belonged to it. He was your first memory. Fudo Akira. The most important person on earth.

And you wanted to completely possess him.
Akira was a strange human, you realised. He would only cry for others yet never for himself. He had so much empathy, it was almost ...intriguing. He would smile, yet he would cry. I would look hopeful, and yet he would know despair... And this... nothing more intrigued you than this. This boy, you decided, the first human to treat you as an equal, would become worthy of that place. You would see to it.

"I told you it was going to die, why are you crying?"

You couldn't understand why... why Akira was crying over a cat that was to sick to survive. You had tried to put it out of its misery, you wanted to end its pain... yet your Akira had demanded that you let it live, something you didn't understand. He was so compassionate, it seemed to blind him to logic and reason. You had offered to end the pain the young kitten was suffering through, and yet it was allowed to continue. And now, now they were here in the rain.

He held the cat as if a hug would bring it back from the dead, crying over it. It was stupid, you couldn't help but scold him. Your sweet, stupid Akira had extended its pain, continued its suffering needlessly. You wanted to see the sweet, copper scented crimson ore, yet it would not flow if it was dead--

"You're crying too!"

You paused and only stared in confusion. There were no tears on your face, there was no pain in your soul. You wouldn't cry over a broken and dying cat? It was useless to think that it was something that he would do, he could only furrow his brows at the proclamation. The only one crying here was your Akira.

"No I'm not!"

He shook his head, his stupid, beautiful head. He repeated himself louder, that mantra on his lips to haunt you as you toiled over it in the darkness of the night before sleep for years to come... What did he mean... 'You're crying too'....

You could only stare in horror, as he burned... the man who was like a father to you, burned by his own hands. You knew you had to run, but horror rooted your feet to the ground as his body distorted and became monstrous. In your 16 years of study, of working hard, of trying to understand... this was beyond you.

He was a monster. A demon. He was grotesque, he was horrific. You could taste the bile in your throat, bubbling up and threatening to spew forward from your lips. Yet, you could only run. Run hard, Run fast. The horror of what you just witnessed drove you into an obsession, an obsession that centred on one person... You needed him, you needed him to understand how. In your research of these demons that took over humans, heart and mind, devouring their soul and turning them into shells... No... absorbing them and becoming wolves in sheep's clothing...

You needed him to expose the demons, by turning him into one. You knew he was the perfect specimen, and this would not only ingratiate him to you but also bind him to you in need, in guidance and in reliance-- you deepest goal in life....

You needed Fudo Akira.

This sweet innocent child of a boy.

          He was precious.
     He was adorable.
He was innocent...

He would become a perfect partner-- there was a drive that you could not explain to have him by your side as you exposed demons to the world, gathered your evidence to make a case for the general public to learn and understand. He wouldn't be easily corrupted, he wouldn't lose himself like Fikari did.

The Sabbath, however, was dull. Nothing more than a massive drug-fueled mega orgy; nothing would come of this. Devils needed more to want to come forth a join the party, their hunger needed to be tantalised. Dowing the rest of your wine, you decided that there needed to be an escalation, a grin playing on your lips as you smashed the bottle in your grip against the wall.

And proceeded to paint the party red with sweet crimson, filling the air with the scent of copper and death. Laughing as you slashed, you cut, you shaved flesh, you knew that this violence, this bloodshed, was the last key to awaken the devils sleeping within the people here.

There was pain-- then darkness. You knew it would happen, you would become a target for violence. Yet, you hadn't expected it to take your consciousness, not so quickly. You came to dazed, and could only lay on the floor as you watched Akira take the blows for your actions. And yet, you are smiling. Smiling as the first of the demons come from hiding-- the violence of your actions are negligible compared to what is about to transpire...

You pull yourself up, move yourself to a place where you are not a target, and aim your camera to the carnage. You watch as blood spews forth to paint everything crimson, listen as the screams of the damned and dying echo over the technological beat of music. You smile ear from ear, revelling in the gore. It's utterly delicious...


Your eyes catch movement towards you, your gun pulled from your jacket and aimed at the offenders. Demons think guns cannot hurt them, yet, they don't know... they don't stand a chance. From above. Your head lifts and you shoot, just to feel the crushing weight of a demon, the pain of broken ribs and legs, yet you still reach for your camera-- Watching Akira was the most vital thing.

Watching as he ran-- Why did humans run? They were incomparable to dogs and cats and other creatures. They would never stand a chance against a demon--

Your eyes widened as Akira's form altered, shock hitting you hard as you watched the small boy turn to a man, and then, into a devil. Yet, he did not attack humans... but the demons threatening him. You could only smile to yourself as he created carnage, unlike anything you have seen, watch as he freed you from under the dead demon, and cling to him as he grabbed the camera and took off into the night, breaking through the ceiling with you in his arms.

You could only admire him, in utter awe...

What had happened?

What he wanted.... you would do anything in your power to make sure he would get it... it would be made sure of, if not use the boy--

If plans went astray, however, there were no guarantees. Amon loved to buck against you...

You and he... were the same after all.
You hated your body. You never understood why it was considered beautiful. Your fingers pressed to the foggy mirror, water dripping from your hair as you glared at the mirrored, hazed reflection. It was shameful, to look upon it and see what was and shouldn't be there. You were male, you had always been... and yet...

Walking from the shower, Jenny is standing there-- ready to help you. She never says anything, which is fine by you. You know she knows what to do, you know she will ensure your comfort, even as you hobble towards her and your room.

The doctor called it "intersex". Said it was rare for a case to not be taken care of after birth-- yet you didn't know of your birth. Your first memories were his hands reaching for you, asking if you were okay. No, you had no mother, no father. You couldn't help but wonder if that was normal... for children to be discarded like you were.

Standing in your room, You pull on the fabric that presses your chest flat, an object that you have come to despise. It is painful, it is suffocating... Jenny assures you it is normal as she helped pull the zipper up. You feel normal with it on, like you had for years. Before puberty... before you started to form breasts.

The doctor called it "Intersex". You call it your "darkest secret".
It was the only thing you could do, you couldn't help but feel pain for Akira. It was strange, but it hurt Akira-- thus it bled into you. He had been so excited to see his mother again, he had even put on a new pair of shoes... You could only assume shoes his mother had sent him. You didn't understand the sentiment, you had never known your mother.

But the reunion was not to be. Only a death mask, and his father's loss. You knew it was hollow, but you did what you could. Memories to be preserved in one form. She had given you your name. You had to honour her, her son was important to you after all. Akira was crying... for himself for once. Tears he needed to have. He always cried for other, and yet never for himself.

To see him crying for himself... It gave you a weird feeling, you were so used to being numb. You wanted to help. Picking up the woman's cellphone, and pulling out your own, you hacked your way into the smashed device and pulled from it all the pictures she had saved. Baby pictures, young Akira. Even some of the two of you playing together. You watched them fly by on your screen, before looking to the man.

What did you do in this situation? Death was a part of life. Humans were such fragile beings. But demons seemed to pray on that. That was why Akira was important, he represented a way to beat the demons. To push them back and make them submit. If humans, even a few humans, could win against the demons, then humanity still had a chance of survival, of fighting back...

"Akira... we should go..."

You knew that was not the right thing to say, you knew there were better words, better actions... but exactly what... was beyond you. Did you hug him? Did you give him space? Did you comfort him? Did you try to cheer him up? You didn't know... because human emotions were beyond you, it seemed. You would never understand emotions. Without love, there is no sorrow... Love didn't exist. No... Love would never exist.

So there was no need to comfort him...
"Look Ryo! They are circles!" Akira shouted as they walked towards the cliff. They had been let out of class early so they could watch the solar eclipse on the cliff side with their masks. Looking down, you realise he's talking about the circles of light from the slits between the leaves, "How do they do that!?"

He was only 6, as were you. You doubted he would understand like you did, but you decided to explain it anyway, "It's called the Pin Light Theory." You start, as Akira struggles over the word 'theory, "Yes. It says that light travels through space in a circle, and when it reflects on the ground it's an image of the sun."

It wasn't like that, but it was close enough.

The light expanded, it was almost symbolic. Akira was so full of love and emotion. yet when the eclipse would happen, those pin holes of expanded light would be empty, rings of light around darkness...

Like you.
Asuka Ryo had been nothing but a moniker. A beautiful name bestowed upon you by his mother...It was just one name. One of many you have been known as. You knew that, while many knew your true name, in different words, languages both dead and spoken, that this one name would always remain special. It was the name given to you, it was the name you would bare for a million years, a million lifetimes. Yet, it would never hide who you truly are... who you have always been. The truth was hidden away from you... by false memories, implanted or fabricated to protect your mind... either way, you were free to understand the truth now…

You had to return to find the truth, to seek answers…

It started with that light— when you realised something… something was weird. It hurt, to look at it. The very sight of it made you cower, made you curl and hide your face as if you were doomed if it shined upon you. You had said it had all been going smoothly until now… But why. Why!? What has been going smoothly!? Why would you say that? What else have you said that you have forgotten? You had to find out—

This is not a typical war
It’s Divine Judgement determining
whether we go extinct or survive.

5 million likes…

Five… Million… It was proof the world was moving in a way you expected it to when Demons were exposed…

I didn’t turn you into Devilman so you can do such things! — Then why… why did you turn Akira into Devilman?

“Amon, come! Posses Akira! Now is the time, Amon!”— Why. Why did you say that?…

You realised there was a key missing, and it was within you. You had to know yourself. Now. You had to understand what inside you started this path, why you couldn’t control you…

You started from the beginning, where Devilman was born. The Sabbath. And what you expected— You did not find. You instead found a hovel, a squatter’s camp. With humans… who have lived there for ten years… There was no way of explaining this. Yet the scars of what happened were there— patched up and painted over. The Sabbath had been erased. Why?

You had to go further back… Calling the University you worked for, you asked about Professor Fikira, and had to explain who you were— But if that was not odd… they hung up on you. Why?

You had to go even further…

You knew you had buried the body there, you knew it. You had marked it for others so they could find it, you had mapped it out just in case. And yet, as you dug… you found nothing. But a wee boy, calling you “Sada”. You speak to him, natural as your native tongue, and yet— You don’t know how you know these words. You don’t understand how you understand him!

Yet more come, more from the village nearby, the one you know Fikira was working with— All calling you “Sada” They had your hair cut— they took you towards their huts… and there sat an effigy—

Of you.

As a child

With 8 wings


Memories flooded your mind. Water. A plant growing by just you pointing. A military plane. A light enveloping you—Akira… Devilman on TV.

A military plane?

You turn just in time to see bombs dropping on the forest, onto the village.

 Yet you live.

You live and stand there, unscathed surrounded by dead as the military comes in. A light surrounds you, a light you don’t understand… and then you hear gunfire… You look towards it and realise the light————

It has stopped the bullets. It turns them around. It fires them all back.

Demons… protect you. DEMONS!

Jenny… protected you. Jenny… a demon…

“You should already be aware…”

And you were….

You have had… many names….

   Evil one
            The Bringer of Light
                The Most Beautiful Angel
                    The Prince of Darkness
                            The Morning Star
                                God's Favourite

You now know that you, Asuka Ryo, are the reborn Lucifer....

why. WHY! WHY!?

There was no way... you were losing your grasp on yourself, on who you were. Trauma. Terror. You did this. You did this... No... God did this.


You couldn't win against an angel, who you were never mattered. But you still clawed to get to the surface. You had to protect Akira. You had to stop this... but It was no use. He wore your face, spoke in your voice... But it wasn't you... You heard him expose Akira... NO! NOT LIKE THIS! Akira was not a pawn! Not HIS PAWN... NO ONES!

But this was you, you were him... No... It was true, wasn't it? You had always been this. The child you were meant to be, shoved aside and manipulated-- MERGED. Your heart was not strong enough... was it?

Satan was Ryo, Ryo was Satan... Minds had melded, memories formed to safeguard the angel within. Within you. Yet, the trumpets had played, with your birth, with your life, the trumpets of the apocalypse have played. And now... the final battle, God's white queen, Akira-- and you-- him--- us as the black King.

"I wish I had never found you again... I'm sorry... Akira. Live..."

You could never be like Akira... You could only allow yourself to be absorbed. Become one with the Angel--

He dared to taint such a happy memory... his, yours... both? How were you to know anymore? You could on watch as the angel waited for Akira... Akira where you met. How beautiful it had once been now destroyed by war... Your favourite place in the world... gone. NO! You refused to let a past life take you over! You were Asuka Ryo! The name given to you by his mother! You were the boy that defeated the angel once! You would do it again! If it took being satan to save Akira... becoming one with the angel and bearing his sins as your own-- For Akira, you would. You would take on the madness and the damnation, you would take his memories and his powers as your own-- You would win.

And yet when you opened your eyes... Akira... Akira was dead. Your world shattered at that moment. You were too late... You came back... too late.

You were wrong. Love did exist...

Sorrow existed...

How quickly you realise... you have always been one with the angel, two sides of the same coin. He was not wrong. You were him, he was you. You were Satan... He was Ryo. You were the one created by Akira's selflessness, his emotions. You never understood them, you never understood him at all... Why he cried for others, why he cried for you.

"You're crying too!"

You killed the only man, the only human you had ever loved.


Why didn't you just take the baton?



FAVORITE FOOD Will eat anything Akira feeds him

HOBBIES Working on his laptop, Spending his money like water, Abusing and ordering around those under him.

LIKESAkira, Death, Bloodshed, Demons, Insanity

DISLIKES Humanity, God, Emotions, Demons

DOB Unknown

ZODIAC SIGN Useless and Unknown


ABILITIES As a child, "Ryo" (then nameless) displayed amazing abilities such as making plants grow with a simple point, killing animals with just his thoughts, creating water from nothing... and when he was in mortal danger, he was able create force fields and housed a powerful, unconscious telekinetic force that killed many men.

While living life as Ryo, the young man has earned a PhD at very young age and even taught classes, his students older than he was. Ryo knows how to drive, which isn't common in Japan for a person his age. Ryo is also an accomplished mechanic, owning a modified sports car designed to keep up with the speeds of a demon. Ryo is always armed with an assortment of guns; including a machine gun (which is his favourite), an anti-material sniper rifle, and a semi-automatic pistol. Ryo also has an unnatural healing ability, one he cannot explain. He has the ability to heal and recover from any serious injuries, ones that would have crippled regular human beings. It should be noted, that Ryo is also a keen manipulator, and is able to control people and events easily, to the point of total domination. This is because he is actually Satan.

Once fully revealed as the archangel, they have the ability to fire powerful beams of light that tore the moon in half in their world. They can also summon lightning bolts attacks.

           Ryo is, in fact, the reborn form of one fallen angel named Lucifer, the king of hell. In his Angel form, he possesses Lucifer's 12 wings, an angelic glow, and even a body that transcends human beauty. Even if his memories have recently surfaced, his powers have always been subconscious. Bullets cannot touch him, he is strong. As a baby, he would involuntarily kill animals and the Amazonian tribe that rose him worshipped him as a god. However, he has control of his powers for the most part, but that will not change who he is. He knows now that he is Satan, and the fallen angel's rage and sorrow are his own now. But his goals are unchanged, he just wants to prove a point to one Devilman... That humankind is the true evil of the world.

           Ryo would never leave the house without a form of lethal protection, even now. He is a proficient shot, and while demons like to tell him bullets cannot kill them, he has quite frankly proven them wrong many times. Ryo is usually not found unarmed in some way, seeing as he has a handgun on him at all times, but his preferred weapon is a Machine Gun. He is known to sometimes improvise his weapons, and if he intends to kill you, you will likely die. Usually as a sacrifice, or as a means to an end. He does not have any remorse for anyone he has ever killed, and likely never will.

           At a very young age, Ryo graduated from university with a Bachelors, and hand in his hand a PhD before he was 11 years old. He is seen as a prodigy in his world, a young professor teaching at high-level schools at only fifteen. Only recently did the sixteen-year-old return to Japan, for his own personal pet project. Ryo is fluent in 5 languages, not including the important tech languages-- all this stems from being an Angel Reborn. His ability to taken in and retain knowledge is barred none, and he uses his brain to soak up as much information as he possibly can. His speciality and passion is archaeology, yet he has a masters that he earned in tandem in languages, computer science, History, General Sciences... He has been hailed as this generation's Einstein, a title he will neither reject or deny being called-- seeing as he lives for the attention.

+ RICH +
           Being a professor, an incredibly smart kid and, frankly, famous has made Ryo a very rich person. He has a large net worth and has invested soundly over the last few years to grow his wealth in the billions. Ryo is, without a doubt, richer than any sixteen-year-old should be-- especially one born into the Amazonian Tribes of South Africa. He is literally a young prodigy rags-to-riches story, and he loves the influence and freedoms that come with having billions in your bank account-- Credits or dollars or yen, as long as he's rich, he's not hurting for anything, and Ryo is able to get what he wants, when he wants it.

           Everything Ryo does, every move he makes in the chess game of life, any tiny action is for one thing-- or rather person. Fudo Akira. His obsession to completely possess the Japanese teen, honestly, is beyond the pale of what is humanly possible. He turned Akira into a Devilman for the explicit reason. Not to expose demons, not to film him... He wanted to ensure Akira's survival of the extinction of man-- even if he wasn't aware of it at the time. Satan within Ryo has been pulling strings subconsciously and only after he discovered who he was did he realise the full plan before him, the pieces he had been putting into place. No, for Akira, he would destroy all of humanity to show him that Humans are the real monsters, not worth his tears and that they all should die so they could possess earth together-- just the two of them...

           Humanity as a whole lives in a bubble, believing God benevolent, believing Jesus died for their sins, believing lies fed to them from a wicked god that cares NOTHING for them (Go Nagi's God is terrible. Utterly terrible.) God would rather play like he created light, earth and mankind. But if only they knew the truth. Satan fell because he disagreed with God, was kicked from Heaven because he asked one question... "why?". And now, he's stuck on earth, forced to be reborn, meet Akira, fall in love, die, and have God wipe the earth for it to begin again. Humans are just pawns in the punishment Satan must endure as Asuka Ryo. They are disgusting to him, creatures who reached for the intelligence of God, and forgive the monster so easily when he spats on them and treats them like shit. He hates them all. Sans one...

           If there is one person who is the crux of his weakness, it would be Akira. For him, he would burn the world to rubble. His love for the teen transcends time and space, and he would do anything for Akira. Because of this, he is a deep and stark weakness for Ryo, to the point that he would change his actions in an effort not just to protect him, but to keep him. Ryo's obsession with Akira is stark, and while it's not obvious on the surface, deep down it's all-consuming and passionate. If Akira were to abandon him, Ryo would likely lose his mind and any semblance of sanity he has left.

Ryo is... literally... a Sociopath with Psychopathic tendencies. He has no concept of human emotions, and he himself feels nothing. I will say that not everyone who is a Sociopath and/or Psychopath is like Ryo, many can function normally in society-- sadly Ryo is barely this when apart from Akira. However, Akira is the catalyst of his insanity and coupled with his obsession for Demons and Akira, and his underlying need to defy God and destroy his experiment, Ryo has no passions for anyone but Akira. He's emotionally detached from humans, and sees them all as God's pawns to make him suffer-- thus he has never connected with any of them but Akira. They are pawns, pawns to be used and discarded in favour of his queen. Don't trust his smiles and his kindness, Ryo is not your friend. He is, I guarantee, using you.

PULL POINT At the end of Devilman Crybaby

as written by


AGE Old EXPERIENCE 20+ years LOCATION Alaska player triggers
Rape, Body Horror, Gore, Vore, Angel Asuka Ryo art without boobies
other characters
See Staff Modal


That one magical girl anime





as played by Kitten
No, this is not about me, I see you thinking I'm a missing piece to the puzzle that you use for life. I'll wait a minute while you try to come for mine
Player Pronouns she/her
Player Age Twenty-five


Mar 11 2018, 05:16 PM


Why is it with each character you bring to Ipsum, I am even more thoroughly impressed? Ryo is a very complex character, being that of Satan himself--but you capture his obliviousness to the fact amazingly, speaking in detail about how he doesn't know where he came from, who his parents where...or why he does the things he does. He almost thinks he is doing what is good for the world, he has this skewed perception of reality until he finally realizes what has been happening all along. Meanwhile, his reaction to Akira's death...it always gets me, because you can feel the regret, see the sorrow he has up until that point been hiding...ugh. Please, just be kind to my heart--as kind as you can when you have a muse that is the devil.

Welcome to Ipsum Asuka Ryo! You have been sorted into ZENITH! Please be sure to fill out your Claims and your Mini Profile, and let us know that you have finished that here, so we can properly sort you!

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