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 Fudo Akira, Kitten [Devilman Crybaby]


Devilman Crybaby






as played by Kitten
Sex and violence, who is gonna make you cry?
Player Pronouns she/her
Player Age Twenty-five


Mar 25 2018, 08:06 PM

Fudo Akira

Devilman Crybaby

NICKNAME Crybaby, Devilman

AGE Sixteen

RACE Demon/Human Hybrid



JOB Superhero


You were just a boy when you met him, a frail little blond boy seemingly washed up out of nowhere. No home, no family, not even a name. Just the clothes on his back and big blue eyes that bore into your very soul. You knew, it was clear that he needed you, that he needed someone--and the magnetic pull to this small child was palpable even as mere children. There was no way you could leave him to catch cold in the pouring rain, lost as he was. So you outstretched your hand and took his chilled palm into your own, tugging him from the barren ground beneath him.

"Are you okay?"

The very first words you spoke to him caused his pale brows to furrow, lips still agape much like your own. He failed to find his voice in those first fleeting moments, almost as if struggling to understand why someone was acting so tenderly towards him, as if unaware that anyone was capable of simple acts of kindness. You did not realize you were following some blind prophecy, repeating a cycle that had happened not only then but hundreds of time before.

Fate intertwined and reborn just to die.

You grew up together for those few years, your parents taking him in when he had nowhere to go and graciously giving him a name. The small child from the cliff had been dubbed Ryo, and you...you were still just a crybaby. A crybaby with a tender heart who's tears were shed for that of others and never yourself. It happened various times and Ryo--he never seemed to understand. His words biting and cold even for a kid, but it never stopped you from trying to make him see things clearer.

"It's going to die, so why don't you let me kill it?"

You clung on to hope, even as tears streamed down your face, your body hunched over the box as tiny fingers yanked and pulled at the shirt. Rain, rain again, you had heard your mother talking about the storm rolling in but you trekked your way out regardless. The clouds heavy and the fog thick, but a tiny life needed to be protected, sheltered from the elements that were to come. "No! No, you can't!"

A small kitten, it wasn't doing too good--patches of fur long gone and it's breathing ragged. It barely even mewled, it wouldn't eat no matter how you tried, in yet--you still had faith. Ryo lacked sympathy, lacked emotion, always had...or at least that is what everyone else thought. You knew better, you could see the sadness that radiated off of his person. Your still growing mind couldn't comprehend why he would be sad, especially given his actions, but with time, you would come to realize that it was merely an attempt to put the creature out of its misery.

If you had known then, maybe you would have listened, but you were just a boy and you wanted to be a hero.

When he was eventually taken, you cried--cried and cried. Perhaps it was the one and only time tears fell from your eyes due to your own desolation, your own sorrow. Ryo was gone almost as quickly as he had come, fleeting but leaving a lasting impact on your person. There was something hollow about the way you felt afterward, but you grew up and your memories kept you warm. One day you'd cross paths again, you knew it, you could feel it in your very marrow; but until then, you could fondly recall the good times you had.

Your day had been like any other, wake up, have breakfast with the Makimura's, go to school, show up for track and field. You were your team's weakest link, tailing behind Miki and the rest by a good amount. It wasn't anything new, you were used to leading from the back. This wasn't a sport you had any glimmer of talent for...but it was a sport that Miki was passionate about. Miki, also known as the 'Witch of Track & Field' was a dear friend, a teenage girl who was not only kind but extremely popular and beloved by her peers. You loved her with the entirety of your heart, but not in the way most expected. You adored her kindness, her spirit, you wanted to protect her much like one would want to protect their baby sister.

You had the privilege of living with her, her parents, and their youngest child, Taro due to the closeness between your families. Your own mother and father abroad, working the medical field. They were gone often, it had been so long since you had seen the face of your mother or your father...in yet, you understood why it was the way it was--it still did nothing to quell the loneliness. In your younger years, it hadn't been so long-standing, trips were made here and there...but now it was constant. You were allowed the comfort of your mother's voice through the phone, but even that was scarce


The dock you had followed Miki to out of sheer worry had to lead you to a big surprise. the blond of your childhood tumbling full speed into your life once again donning a huge white coat and a machine gun in hand. You flung yourself into his arms like one would upon seeing a long-lost lover, his arm feeling warm around your scrawny waist. You barely even had time to question why before he swept you into his pure white sports car, speeding down the road and leaving the brunette behind--

you had no regrets.

Their screams, they were so loud--and the blood, it fills your senses, pooling beneath your hands, the metallic scent wafting through your nostrils as you struggled to grasp at your sanity. Ryo...Ryo had needed you, pleaded with you for your help as you were the only one he could trust. You had fallen for his schemes, so easily trapped by the sweetness in his voice and the waver of those big blues. He spoke of demons, vile nasty creatures that manipulated that of humans so they could live upon Earth undetected. They stowed away within mortal flesh, consumed by the depravity of man, unadulterated lust, and greed feeding them and keeping their kind ever growing.

Your mind was fuzzy at best, brain struggling to remember more than the scent of death and the soul-shattering cries of horror. Hazy visions of demons being slaughtered, people being stabbed...the chaos that took over. You awoke the very next morning as if nothing happened, but the state of your body had been altered. You were no longer the meek, scrawny little thing who had become the butt of plenty of jokes. You were taller, more defined--you actually had muscle! Your skin even a few shades darker your eyes a golden hue instead of the muddy brown they once were. You had found a confidence about you that had not had reared its head before--and everyone could tell.

In yet, no one questioned the overnight change, girls fawned over you--but you didn't seem to care. It was all just too weird, like some bizarre flick you'd catch on late night television. You needed answers from the one person who had dragged you into that Sabbath party to begin with--you needed to know why you were the way you were, felt the way you did...but more importantly, what had happened that you just couldn't seem to remember.
You needed Ryo.


FAVORITE FOOD Anything and everything, especially if it is meat related or bonito flakes.

HOBBIES Watching porn on the giant projection screen at school, track and field, you know...the usual.

LIKES Humanity, porn, running, making a difference, Ryo-chan, the Makimuras.

DISLIKES Unnecessary death, the cruelty found in the human heart, Ryo-chan

DOB August 9th, 1994


ABILITIES Akira was once a frail, weak teenage boy with little talent in anything. The teen was hailed as the slowest on the track team and often made fun of due to this reason. Once merging with the demon Amon, his body took on a massive transformation that aided not only in the strength and appearance of his person but various other capabilities also arose as a result.

Seeing as his body is no longer human, Akira has the ability to transform into a demon-like creature that still resembles mankind but on a much larger scale. His skin turns from a sun-kissed tan to a pasty blue, from his head sprout small black wings that are akin to that of a bat's. Black antennae dip low in a widow's peak like fashion revealing the skin of his skull is shown as a deep crimson red. His legs are thus covered with coarse black fur and from his lower back there is a tail resembling that of a monkey's. In addition to the wings on his head, two emerge from his back, the massive appendages are strong enough to carry himself plus whoever he deems necessary of carrying through the skies.

The once slow teen is now capable of speeds beyond that of human comprehension, unfairly trumping that of professional athletes. even in that of his 'mortal' skin.

Durability & Strength
As a Devilman, Akira is capable of taking hits without flinching, it is difficult to wear him down resulting in the teen being savagely strong. Akira's claws alone are capable of slicing through his enemies in one swipe, his jaw strength tearing apart flesh straight from the bodies of demons (and human's alike).


  • Akira has various other strengths that are not mentioned above. His strong wings give him the ability to fly & glide long distances, his eyes are keen to the dark, capable of seeing through the darkness once night falls, and his limbs hold a vast amount of elasticity.


  • Weakness falls into Akira's lap in the form of his humanity. The emotional flaws of what makes him still human. His will to protect those he cares about a driving factor but driving weakness when he fails to complete that goal. He takes the blow personally, fitting the blame on his own shoulders. His emotional state is something that keeps him bogged down and it is clear that if he lacked conscious, he would be a force very little could withstand.
  • Also, it is worth mentioning that Akira is very dependent on things like food and sex, both in extreme excess--if starved or sexually repressed long enough, his mind is that of the very demon he has merged with, seeking only the primitive need consume all around him, no matter who or what it may be.

PULL POINT Mid Episode 2, before being reunited with Ryo after becoming Devilman.

SORTING While Akira has the potential to be a member of the Zenith usergroup, certain portions of his personality hold him back. His humanity, in particular, helps to keep himself in check, refusing to do anything that is of direct harm to unsuspecting people. Being a human merged with the demon king Amon, his strength is unfathomable to most; able to tear demons limb from limb as if ripping up a thin sheet of paper. This alone makes him a good candidate for Zenith, but I would prefer his usergroup to be Xephyr due to the sheer fact that I have pulled him so early on in the series. He is unaware of himself, doesn't have a really good grasp on what he is capable of and thus less likely to be at his tip-top performance.

as written by


AGE Twenty-five EXPERIENCE 10+ years LOCATION Hell player triggers
Descriptive rape & Zombies
other characters
Matsuoka Rin, Lotor, Yuri Plisetsky, & Leo


A Dank River Valley Near You



Head Admin



as played by just snow
Not sure I'm there yet but I'm certain I've arrived; Oops I, did it again, I forgot what I was losing my mind about. I only wrote this down to make you press rewind and send a message, "I was young and a menace"
Player Pronouns Any are fine.
Player Age 31


Mar 29 2018, 10:37 PM


Sweet baby boy. Kitten, you have truly brought to Ipsum a saving grace. Akira's blind trust, his sweetness-- yet unbroken or tainted, his innocent nature still intact, it's a blessing. Akira is such a good boy, he doesn't deserve the pain that was brought down upon him. And to have him here, unjaded and excited to learn about himself and his powers, Ryo's gonna weep at this gift. Bias-free, this app was a joy-- something hard to say about Devilman, in general. Your "sweet" angel is waiting, Akira. Go placate him. only you can.

Welcome to Ipsum Fudo Akira! You have been sorted into XEPHYR! Please be sure to fill out your Claims and your Mini Profile, and let us know that you have finished that here, so we can properly sort you!

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