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 Tsukino Usagi, Sailor Moon [Nara]


Sailor Moon



Hero / Flower Shop Assistant



as played by Nara
In the name of the Moon, I'll punish you!
Player Pronouns she/her
Player Age 16


Jul 2 2018, 04:33 AM

tsukino usagi

sailor moon

NICKNAME Usa, Moon Princess, Princess Serenity, Sailor Moon

AGE Sixteen

RACE Lunarian



JOB Hero + Flower Shop Attendant

USERGROUP Give me a hand here pls wherever you think is best <3

She would always fantasize about love. Pure, blissful, dream-like love. Yet everyone around her would get mad and demand that she bring her head out of the clouds and Serenity couldn't understand it. Wasn't love supposed to be an amazing thing? A good thing? Yet one of her four Guardians were determined to show her that love wasn't as great as she made it out to be.

Of course there were time when Princess Serenity didn't think about love. She had four amazing Guardians whom she treated as her closest friends as well as her Moon Cat Adviser who she treated more like a sister. Because of those people, her life was always full of happiness and joy. As though nothing could ever go wrong and it could remain the same forever.

But life is never that kind.

The beginning of the end began when the Moon Princess began falling in love with the Prince and Heir to the Earth. To Terra. At first she didn't know what this feeling was called. The feeling that felt as though it was pulling her to the Crystalline planet below the Moon. Eventually the fateful day came when she was caught out by the Prince who eventually ended up returning the Princess's feelings. Feelings which she would then understand as love.

Soon the denizens of the Earth rebelled against those of the Moon and this lead to war. Lead by not only the Prince's three Generals but also one of the Servants whom it turned out was behind the entire rebellion. This entire war lead to the death of the Prince as he protected her from an oncoming attack and the Princess couldn't take it. Her heart burned and it was eating her from the inside out. In this despair, Serenity took her own life so the she wouldn't have to live without the one she had mutual feelings for.

Unknown to the Princess, her Guardians died not long after that and her mother Queen Serenity used the last of her power to seal the Evil as well as make sure that she, her Guardians and the Prince would be reincarnated in a future of peace....

It was all forgotten. Time passed and the world moved on without memory of the once-beautiful Silver Millennium. But it seemed that time itself hadn't forgotten as in the modern day the Moon Princess Serenity was reborn.

Tsukino Usagi didn't act like her past self at all. She wasn't graceful, dignified or anything that may symbolize her royalty from a past life. In fact she was the complete opposite. 'Bunny' was clumsy, ditzy, a crybaby and a glutton with no essence of grace in there whatsoever. Her grades were low and generally just cruised through school without thinking about the future.

But that all changed when she met Luna.

At first, Usagi had only saved the black cat because it was being bullied by a bunch of kids for the crescent moon shaped mark on her forehead. There had been no memory of ever meeting her before - from either side it seemed. Yet the cat had told the blonde that she had the power to become a soldier for justice. The power to become Sailor Moon!

But it didn't quite happen through the blonde's choice. Instead, it felt to her as though the role was just thrust upon her and she was expected to save the entire world. The entire Solar System! Her first thoughts were that she wasn't good enough; especially since she was barely managing to get through her school life! Although there were times when Usagi lost spirit because of the way Luna treated her, the cat was one of her strongest rocks when it came to confidence. Even after she met those who became her friends and her allies.

Sailors Mercury, Mars and Jupiter soon joined her in the fight against the enemy and Usagi would be eternally grateful. These became her best friends and the ones that she found herself relying on most, even falling in love with Tuxedo Mask after he discovered her identity. But things got difficult once Bunny found out that Sailor V was the supposed Princess Serenity.

As soon as Sailor Moon touched 'Serenity', it felt as though she was on the verge of remembering something important about who she was. Yet there was a barrier stopping her and the others as well. ALthough they were all assured that everything would come to them in due time, Usagi wasn't so sure.

During a battle with Kunzite, everything became clear. To all of them. In order to protect the 'Princess' that they had worked so hard to find, Sailor Moon had sent her as well as Mercury, Mars and Jupiter to the base of Tokyo Tower while she remained to fight their opponent. But she wasn't strong enough and just as she was about to get hit by an attack, Tuxedo Mask jumped in front of her. It was horrifying and Sailor Moon couldn't bare to watch it. Someone had jumped in front of her to save her... but in the process she began to remember. She remembered who she was in her past life and all the pain she had experienced as Princess Serenity. Since she had remembered and now knew that Sailor V was actually a substitute Princess, the other Senshi as well as Sailor V (now Venus) also recollected what had happened in the past. Unfortunately, it wasn't soon enough because although the Silver Crystal had appeared from Serenity's body, it wasn't enough to save Tuxedo Mask - who she now remembered was the Prince she fell in love with - before he was captured by the enemy.

Usagi was distraught. She couldn't believe a life was worth living without him even though she now remembered how important her friends were to her. There was just no way she could do that. With all of her power and strength, the blonde couldn't do anything to protect the people she thought were most important and that hurt more than anything else.

Then he came back. It was impossible but Usagi refused to just give up hope. She met him at the arcade and it was as though she was being haunted by a ghost that she refused to believe was dead. Every day she would meet him and every day she would fall more under his spell. But when he would interrogate her, 'Bunny' made sure to run away and keep away from him. Everyone warned her and in the end, she should've heeded their warnings.

She was called underneath the Game Center where the Senshi's Command Center was, only to find Luna injured and Sailor Venus fighting her Prince. Sailor Moon's emotions were so confused and distraught. Up and down were mixed with left and right. She had no clear path to take. At the end of the battle, the Prince ended up kidnapping Sailor Venus and the blonde couldn't let him take her friend. So she ran after him to an unknown location.

A location she soon knew as the Dark Kingdom.

There she tried over and over to get through to her Prince and nothing seemed to work. He would just demand the Silver Crystal's secrets even thought the Princess knew that she didn't know them. In front of her very eyes her life fell apart piece by piece. Her dear Prince was attacking her with one of her best friends held captive and she could do nothing.

It seemed that history repeated itself no matter where she was or in what time because Sailor Moon couldn't take it. The pain had been just too much and in that state, she had taken the sword that Venus wielded and slashed her Prince through the heart just as the other Senshi arrived. Then she turned the sword around and stabbed herself as well.

The next thing she knew, Sailor Moon woke up surrounded by the Silver Crystal and inside of their final enemy Queen Metalia. After looking around, she discovered that she had survived thanks to the music star that her Prince had given her and that the Prince still had not woken up. Sailor Moon was terrified that he would never wake up. Yet she still tried to fight back against Metalia, bringing the Silver Crystal back into it's normal form and attempting to use all her power to attack the enemy.

She threw everything into this attack, but it still wasn't enough. The blonde felt weak and useless as she watched Metalia absorb all of the energy from the Crystal. But Sailor Moon continued to throw everything into the attack, only breaking through when her energy was combined with her Prince's after he woke up. Just that fact alone gave her more strength than she would have ever realized and allowed her to defeat Queen Metalia once and for all.

But at a heavy price.

With her power expended, Sailor Moon's transformation broach broke and caused her transformation to be extinguished. Unfortunately, it also lead to her collapsing into a deathlike state. Her mind simply went blank and she couldn't see anything..... until she began to feel the warmth of her Prince again. He never gave up on her and she could feel it. He would never have given up on her and that gave her strength.

Her Prince by her side, the blonde used her Moon Stick to take her to the Moon Kingdom where Luna was waiting for during that battle her power had also revived the Kingdom she used to call home. Although it was offered for her to stay in the Glistening Castle, Usagi refused. Her Prince was on Earth and if she were on the Moon it would just cause her pain. So with the gift of a new broach, she returned to Earth and healed all the damage that had been done. Soon after, joyfully reuniting with her friends.

But the battle wasn't over.

It's never over.


FAVORITE FOOD Anything sweet and sugary

HOBBIES Videogames, Procrastination

LIKES Friends, Staying as far away from school as possible, Lounging around

DISLIKES Evildoers,

DOB June 30



ABILITIES Moon Crystal Power, Make Up!
Using her Moon Broach Usagi can transform into the Guardian of Love and Justice, Sailor Moon! This power stems from her past life as Princess Serenity of the Silver Millennium with her domain being love, healing and purification. Said three attributes represent what the moon is said to and many attacks have the appearance of Lunar Light.

Moon Tiara Stardust
An attack that requires Sailor Moon to use her Senshi Tiara. After taking it off the tiara is surrounded by a white light (representing moonlight) and throws it at an opponent. It does have the ability to cut, however Sailor Moon prefers to use it to simply push an opponent back.

Moon Healing Escalation
Must be used with the Moon Stick. By using the power of the Legendary Silver Crystal, Sailor Moon can heal/purify those around her or a specific person. It takes far more power and energy to purify a large group of people than it does a single person.

Supersonic Waves
With the power in her transformation, Sailor Moon is capable of releasing supersonic waves whenever she's distressed, upset or in danger as a last minute defense mechanism. This causes a high pitch frequency to be released, meaning that it will leave headaches to anyone able to hear it.


  • Kindness
  • Openness
  • Healing


  • School
  • Overly Trusting
  • Needs Allies

PULL POINT Post Dark Kingdom Arc. Two years spent in Ipsum.

SORTING Give me a hand pls wherever you think is best <3

as written by


AGE sixteen EXPERIENCE idk LOCATION aest player triggers
sexual situations + manslaughter
other characters
check staff modal!


life in the city






as played by hippo
becca that's not the worm that's the slug
Player Pronouns she/her
Player Age 29


Jul 10 2018, 06:39 PM


Ah!!! Usagi! I'm so excited that she's going to join us here in Ipsum. Your writing is lovely and I like that you touch on all her vices as well as her virtues. Often, I find that people ignore the negatives of the character when she's apped on most sites, and I love that you didn't! You summarize things so beautifully and I appreciate the effort you put into getting into her head. Most people would indeed feel a bit overwhelmed with such an important task being thrown onto them! I can't wait to see what you do with her. <3

Welcome to Ipsum Tsukino Usagi! You have been sorted into SYZYGY! Please be sure to fill out your Claims (Character List, Member List & Employment) and your Mini Profile, and let us know that you have finished that here, so we can properly sort you!

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