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 Azura, Nara [Fire Emblem]


Fire Emblem: Fates






as played by Nara
Embrace the dark you call a home. Gaze upon an empty white throne. A legacy of lies, a familiar disguise. Sing with me a song of Conquest and Fate. The pillar crumbles beneath it's weight. Night breaks through the gloom, hard as a stone. Lost in thoughts, all alone.
Player Pronouns she/her
Player Age 16


Jul 3 2018, 12:10 AM


fire emblem: fates

NICKNAME lady of the lake

AGE twenty

RACE vallian human

GENDER female

SEXUALITY demisexual

JOB performer

USERGROUP i don't know for azura please give me a hand

a double edged blade
A dragons roar cuts through the air as the baby child is held against her mother's chest. She listened to her mother's shallow breaths, ignoring the noise that could be heard around. Loud crashes of swords, the screams of the people as they ran.

Even now, she could remember the single phrase her mother would whisper in her ear over and over. A protective phrase, of sorts it seemed. "Everything is going to be fine Azura." she said. "You will be safe."

The child's name was Azura.

Her mother found home in Nohr, where Azura would find a temporary home among the higher class. There was a feeling deep inside her saying that this was wrong.... this wasn't where she was supposed to be. But her mother would marry the Nohrian King and take to the throne as Queen. She had little time to spend with the woman who gave her life, but what she did learn was a special song passed down through her bloodline. Her mother always told her to remember this.

This did not stop the pain, for there was far worse to come.

cuts your heart in two
Loathed by the nobility, even a blind man could see. Even to the people she and her mother were outsides. Although the elder loved her very much, Azura felt alone due to the time her mother would spend with the king over her. Of course she understood that reasoning yet...

That would never stop the loneliness creeping in.

In an instant it was gone. Her mother now lay deep in the earth, leaving her behind. A lone Princess of Nohr, for even her adopted siblings Xander and Camilla would keep their distance. To protect themselves she guessed, although never blamed them. Assassinations were not uncommon so perhaps it was best she was left alone.

Then Nohr was gone. An assassination attempt by the King against the King of Hoshido, Sumeragi. It was wrong she knew, but what could one Princess do? She was no Camilla, she had no warrior spirit. She was a songstress, a woman of music. She stood no chance at stopping the events that were meant to unfold.

Death would occur, but she would not be near.

The screams upon his death could be heard, but she had been taken by a man calling himself Shura. He claimed to be on an assignment to kidnap her, but when they both arrived the truth of the matter was revealed. There was no upper hand to be gained; in exchange for her they had lost one of the royal siblings. A child named Corrin.

It was to be the beginning of the end.

waking dreams fade away
Queen Mikoto would welcome her as one of her own - a Princess now of Hoshido. Three of the four royal children welcomed her with open arms, letting her feel the warmth of a true family for the first time. A void in her chest was filling, one she had always known was there.

Perhaps this was where she was meant to be all along.

The second son and Prince of Hoshido - Takumi - would always remain suspicious. While she did fear that he would never truly trust her, Azura knew that his distrust was justified. It always would be, she believed. Although she found peace here, there was still the looming fact that another child had been taken in exchange for her.

The day she laid eyes on the other, she knew. It was the day when she was found at the lake, singing her mother's song. At first, there was no recognition but there was only one conclusion she could draw. Corrin, the other child. Back in Hoshido.

Panic rose while they all stood in the throne room what if they no longer wanted her? What if they sent her back? All those years of happiness would they be.... pulled away? The same as the day when her mother had passed on - without warning nor sign. She wouldn't be able to bare such a thing.

The standoff.

Birthright, or Nurture.

Suddenly her heart reached out to this other child. The one whom had been taken from one and raised by another. Unlike her, this child was forced to chose a side. Nohr would never want Azura back, her only place now was with Hoshido. Specifically.... wherever this child may be. Kindred spirits, one might say. The child with the dragon's blood and the woman with the song.

embrace the new day
Corrin sided with Hoshido and lead them to war, but nothing without her. Azura was by their side the entire way, through thick and thin. A close advisor, someone who could be trusted and confided in. There was never going to be an easy path to walk once this decision was made and she admired Corrin for being able to walk this path.

Perhaps... she also considered this child her sibling as well. Her mother had mentioned that her bloodline were descended from the blood of dragons, with Corrin changing into a dragon there was the change that they may be related by blood.

That would certainly be a momentous day, should it prove to be true.

Traitors and betrayals, time and time again. Time again she would witness these happenings and each time Azura's heart would break. The worst of which was the time when Takumi fell under control of the sorcerer Iago. Her song, she knew, could break the control over the Prince but it took it's toll. There was a select number of times she could bring someone back like this.

One, again Takumi again when his weaknesses were pried on by Nohr. To save him, it would would sap her strength, but give a moment of clarity. A moment was enough.

The final time - the one she had been preparing for - was against the King. Against Garon. The one she now knew had been taken over my a malevolent force she could only pin on one entity - Anankos. The dragon who had forced her mother to flee from her home. Her song was the only thing that could provide a chance for the final blow to be struck.

But at a grave price.

Her strength was sapped, causing her to return to the waters. To return to her mother. Corrin would be able to lead the two kingdoms into a bright new age of peace. One which could undoubtedly be achieved, she was certain of this. Reaching out, her hand would brush the Royal one last time as her eyes would close for the last time.

"Smile for me... for me..... one last time..... just one last smile.... before I go...."
the path is yours


FAVORITE FOOD Strawberries

HOBBIES Singing, Dancing, Performing, Caring for both people and animals

LIKES Peace, Family, Safety

DISLIKES War, Strife, Families being torn apart

DOB March 3rd


ABILITIES A descendant of Dragons, armed with a song taught by her mother. This song allows her to calm dragonkin to return to their human forms, should they not have human forms it's capable of simply calming them to the point of a placid state. While used during a performance, this allows for water to appear and to be controlled by Azura herself. This means they could be used for attacks as well. Her skill with a spear is also not to be denied as she can use her performance skills to assist in combat, including flexibility and strength which comes from performance practice. Unfortunately, overuse of her mother's song can cause a strain on her body as it is what originally caused her disappearance in her world. This is generally only the case should the target be possessed by some form of malevolent force, leaving her physically weak for a time.


  • Kindness
  • Spearfare
  • Singing


  • Those is need
  • Overexertion
  • Physically weaker than many combatants

PULL POINT Directly after the moment she disappears in Birthright. She's been here three months.

SORTING help please

as written by


AGE sixteen EXPERIENCE idek LOCATION aest player triggers
sexual situations + manslaughter
other characters
staff modal now nyehehe


A Dank River Valley Near You



Head Admin



as played by just snow
Not sure I'm there yet but I'm certain I've arrived; Oops I, did it again, I forgot what I was losing my mind about. I only wrote this down to make you press rewind and send a message, "I was young and a menace"
Player Pronouns Any are fine.
Player Age 31


Jul 9 2018, 09:45 AM


Gosh, Nara. I have such a deep love for this sweet princess, I think if I didn't have Takumi I would have her. She is such a perfect princess, and you have captured her so wonderfully. Her anxiety, her fears, her loneliness have all been so perfectly captured in this app, and her final wish before she was whisked away. Takumi will be so happy to have someone else he knows and trusts. You know what to do next. I hope you don't mind the sorting <3 It was a hard decision.

Welcome to Ipsum Azura! You have been sorted into DENIZEN! Please be sure to fill out your Claims (Character List, Member List & Employment) and your Mini Profile, and let us know that you have finished that here, so we can properly sort you!

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