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 Choi Luciel, Nara [Mystic Messenger]


Mystic Messenger


Hacker / Fast Food Guy



as played by Nara
Player Pronouns she/her
Player Age 16


Apr 27 2018, 04:41 AM

Choi Luciel

Mystic Messenger

NICKNAME Choi Saeyoung 707

AGE Twenty-One

RACE Human



JOB Hacker + Fast Food Worker



Happiness was something you never used to understand. Oh yeah, yeah you're happy now. Totally 100% fine now. Especially after meeting the RFA. But when you were younger, it wasn't just you. There were two Choi brothers; you, Saeyoung, and Saeran. You would have done anything for your brother. But the both of you were hidden away where no one could see you... all because your mother didn't want you to be seen or even known about. To make things worse, she exchanged money to hide you. A horrible woman who caused the both of you pain, tearing you apart each time you had to watch her hurt Saeran moreso than you. She called him the weak one.

But the weak one was you.

Things were going to change. They had to change. You couldn't sit there and let that horrible mother beat you and your brother while your father turned a blind eye. Without their knowledge, you devised a plan. It would get the both of you out of there. It had to. For some time, you read stacks upon stacks of books. All of which were on the subject of hacking. Thanks to those books your plan quickly formed and you began to try and convince your brother to come with you.

You ran. As far as you could, as far as you legs could carry you, as far away from your parents as possible. Soon your legs gave way and you had to stop. Would your parents even bother looking for you? It was doubtful. But Saeran was there with you. He was with you and that was all that mattered. He was safe which means your plan was a success. Little did you know that at that church was where everything was going to change.

That's where you met Rika.

In that church she offered you protection. A way to keep yourself safe from what you had run from. After everything that you'd been through, trusting someone was the last thing you wanted to do. Especially if it meant putting your trust in someone else to protect Saeran. Only you were able to do that. But she was kind and never gave up on you. Eventually you put your faith in her and her partner V. You agreed to let them protect Saeran.

From then on your name was 'Choi Luciel'.

I have so much work these days
just feels like air=work
I wanna get rid of my stress
I wanna mess with someone!

The greatest highs create the lowest of lows. You had become a member of the RFA, helped to organize parties. To gather guests. To chat and mess about on the messenger that you had designed specifically for the other members of the RFA. Everything had seemed to be looking up. Your life what... somewhat under control. You had friends in the other members. not to mention it was hilariously good fun to mess with them

But then it was all gone.

Everyone went their own separate ways. Out of everyone in the RFA now, V would only talk to you. He was rarely in the chats and the chats were used just for talking about everyday problems now. It didn't really bother you. You had your job, you had money, you had Honey Buddha and Ph Dr. Pepper. Yet the moral of everyone who had interacted with Rika had gone down. A lot... yours included. Yoosung stopped studying and began gaming. a game that you'd gotten bored of ages ago Which was a shock. But it was still fun to mess with him. So naïve - it was easy!

Then she came.

A girl you'd never seen before. One that had managed to download the app from some 'Unknown' person. Well the first thing you did was a background check on her - and yeah it was actually a her. A very pretty her. She was fun and hilariously funny, you were glad that V let her do Rika's work. The parties were back on and everyone in the RFA was coming together just like they had in the past. It was like... there was this warm feeling in your chest. But that was probably just the junk food talking.

Or so you thought.

Seeing her and Yoosung together hurt. It hurt and you hated it. That feeling weighed down on you to the point where you spent very little time in the actual chat. Sure you weren't exactly lying when you said you had work to do but at the same time you couldn't stand their flirting. You wanted to be that one. The one to protect her. You even told her that and nothing came of it. But you could still do something for her.

You would track down those messages.

Yoosung begged to come along. No matter how many times you told him to stay and protect her, he demanded to come along. All because he wanted to be the person who could protect her. You admired him for wanting to change for her. He came along because you doubted you could stop him. You promised to bring him back for her. So they could be happy in time for the party.


He got hurt and it was your fault. As you drove him to the hospital and he messaged her, your mind was flickering between the scenes that had occurred. 'Unknown'.... you couldn't believe that he had joined that organization that was threatening the RFA. How had Saeran turned into that person. He was like a complete stranger. And that stranger had hurt Yoosung. After everything that had happened, after you had sworn to bring him back safe, after telling her that you would bring him back safe. You were a liar.

Yoosung's eye was hurt and it was all your fault.

DOB June 11



ABILITIES 707 is 100% human with abilities such as 'loving' cats and hacking~ SEVEN ZERO SEVEN DEFENDER OF JUSTICE AIII.


  • hardworking
  • outgoing
  • happy-go-luck


  • selfish
  • secretive
  • lonely

PULL POINT Yoosung's route (good ending I believe) when they're on their way back from infiltrating the base and Seven DOES NOT APPROVE OF LYING TO THE MC LIKE YOOSUNG N O

SORTING Well he doesn't really have any special skills other than hacking and he tries to keep that as covered up as possible. To keep up this front he's also a Fast Food Worker :') So it's Nadir for Seven.

as written by


AGE Sixteen EXPERIENCE I don't even know anymore LOCATION Australia player triggers
Sexual Situations and manslaughter
other characters
Haan Ara, Pidge Gunderson, Kiragi, Midoriya Izuku


That one magical girl anime





as played by Kitten
No, this is not about me, I see you thinking I'm a missing piece to the puzzle that you use for life. I'll wait a minute while you try to come for mine
Player Pronouns she/her
Player Age Twenty-five


May 1 2018, 12:22 PM


Nara, you break my heart with this character choice--707 is definitely one of those characters that have a very touchy background whilst the character himself tries so hard to hide it with comic relief and generally being a goof ball to throw those close to him off. I love how you touch on his guilt-ridden thoughts and how he blames himself for Yoosung's injury...ah, I am simply impressed by the grasp you have already when it comes to this lovely little hacker.

Welcome to Ipsum Choi Luciel! You have been sorted into NADIR! Please be sure to fill out your Claims (Character List, Member List & Employment) and your Mini Profile, and let us know that you have finished that here, so we can properly sort you!

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