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Ipsum. A mega-city that is located beachside, with mountains and a river surrounding its expansive homes and towering buildings. The city is beyond beautiful... yet none of the residents have any idea how they arrived, and have yet to leave, because Ipsum is a city you can never leave -- not by choice. People appear here without any knowledge where they are, no one knows what country or world they are even in. Yet, the city still provides for her people. Jobs, homes, goods are all readily available, and there is a place for everyone, be it the good or bad — Ipsum shall provide.

Please make yourself at home… you will not be returning to yours any time soon.

We are an Intermediate to Advanced RP Forum that offers a sandbox world for our members to play in with plot driven events! Please read all the rules before joining, and please be sure to register your OOC account first, with your name, then please register your character account in PROPER CAPITALISATION after you make a reserve. Please ensure you have registered with the proper naming convinctions of your character's country. We have no word count, we are rated L3|S3|V3, and are pleased to have you join us.


JULY 19: RULES UPDATE: We will now allow Silent Protags on a case by case basis. Please use the inquiry forum if you wish to apply for one of these.

JULY 14: RULES UPDATE: You must have a reservation. If you have not had a reservation in 10 days, your app will be dropped. If you have not had a reservation for a month, character account will be dropped, even if you have asked to hold the character in a recent Activity Check.

JULY 6: TAG BOX CHANGES We have some updates to our tag box, read about it here

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 01. Rules






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Feb 8 2018, 03:07 AM



We will not allow any form of disrespect or rudeness anywhere on the forum. We expect that our members will be welcoming, kind, and show respect to everyone from the staff to current members, to new members and guests. We understand that not everyone will get along, but we ask that you still keep things polite and respectful. If ever there is an issue you cannot solve on your own, please do not hesitate to contact anyone on the staff.


Please register with an OOC ACCOUNT first. Register your OOC account, and please make sure you fill everything out. Images cannot be canons unless you RP them. Please, then, sign up for your character with the canon name, in proper capitalization and the naming conventions of the character's home country. Please use English lettering. ō would become ou for Japanese, ß would become ss for German, æ would become ae... so on. This is for easy tagging for our members, as we utilise the tagging system.


When joining us, we ask that you come up with an alias that we can call you in the CBox (see CBox rules) and on the forum. We ask your name be something that is simple, but please don't make it long, and avoid using numbers or a single letter. Please keep your OOC name something unique, and not a character's name... Meaning the OOC name "Sora" would not be allowed, as it is a character name. Also, please be sure to have the same name for the CBox and Tagbox and the forum, you will be asked to pick one if this happens. Please choose something appropriate, that no other member or guest will find offensive. Also,if possible, please do not pick a name longer than 10 letters, as it can distort our CBoxs.


We here at Lorem Ipsum only accept characters from animated media, manga, western comics and video games. Live Action characters are absolutely NOT allowed. While there is no character limit, we ask that only apply for a character amount you can handle RP wise. We expect characters being applied for to have depth and adequate time shown in their media source. You may have one main character per fandom, and an additional supporting character or two only if your media source has a larger cast, and as long as the interaction between your characters is minimal. If the cast is large enough we might allow more; please feel free to ask. The youngest character age we will accept is 11. You may only age your character up by two years. Finally, we DO NOT allow OCs, Genderbends, or extremely minor or obscure characters here. Please keep this in mind. If your character has been accepted yet you have not filled out claims within three days, your app will be archived and your character will be opened up to the public.


We require that all characters be reserved. If there is no reservation, there is no guarantee that the app will remain safe, nor that you will keep the character if someone else wants to app them. A reservation protects you from this. Apps will be archived if the following things happen: The app author has not held a reservation for the character for ten days and has not logged onto a character for a week. If one of these factors are met, then the app shall be archived. You can always ask that your app be returned in Moderation. If you have had a character account for a month without a reserve or an app, the character will be dropped.

Our expectations are that all apps be unique to the writer, that all apps be detailed and concise with proper grammar, spelling and with enough context to show the writer's understanding of the character and that each app is completely filled out. More details can be found with both of our apps.


In order to apply for any additional characters, you must first complete the following things on the most recent accepted character before reserving and applying for any additional characters: a)You must have a completed plotter/shipper thread in our plotting forum, on all characters, b) have at least 5 or more roleplay replies from your character in addition to at least one active RP thread and c) a minimum of 10 posts total on your most recently accepted character. We only allow one character to be applied for at a time, with a week at a time reservation window, equalling up to three weeks. This rule might be altered as needed.


We do not allow character death on Lorem Ipsum, as a dead character cannot be re-applied for. We are a premium JCink forum, and we may contain mature content. We allow cursing, sexual and violent RPs. Please use discretion, tag everything that is not safe for work and triggering in the title with a [M] and require a warning at the top of the thread as to what the content is, and please always ensure that your roleplay partners are okay with more mature content. All apps with Mature Content only require a warning. We only allow RPers AGE 13 and OLDER, as per the age requirements of JCink. However, at no time are we legally responsible for the content that any minors come in contact with. It is their responsibility to not only have parental consent, but to be open to the fellow RPers of their legality, or lack thereof.


Lorem Ipsum is an INTERMEDIATE to ADVANCED roleplay forum, and while we have no word count requirements, we DO have a standard of writing that must be met. We expect your application and all posts to showcase not only your writing skills but your creativity and your knowledge of your chosen character. We want to also ensure that you not only write so that your posts are understood by fellow members, but you must have a command of the English language. While a few spelling and grammatical errors are forgiven, even if you are ESL we are lenient and understanding. However, if the errors happen too often without efforts made to correct them, or we find your characterisation is too out of character, then the staff may ask you to choose a different character or leave.


To ensure that we hold a welcoming atmosphere here at Ipsum, we ask that all members please try to RP with the other members here within the community. Even though we understand not knowing other fandoms or even knowing about other characters, we ask that you put forth an effort in at least RPing out of your comfort zone. This is what it is to join a Panfandom, after all, and we have a community here that is open and friendly. Please try to check you plotting threads often, and please don’t be exclusive to just one or two members in RP. Please be aware that if the staff sees that an effort is not being made, we may approach you to ask that you please try to RP with other members. Especially if you have multiple plots that have gone without an answer for over a week


There is space for four graphics on Lorem Ipsum, a 100x100 icon which is uploaded in the avatar settings, a 200x100 gif or image, a 665x150 header image that will be shifted black and white with a filter based on the colour of your user group over it and a place for a 250x500 avatar. If you are unable to cut a picture properly, please ask for help; do not use a poorly cut, stretched or pinched image. You will be asked to change it if you do. Cycled pictures are allowed, however, we ask that all images and graphics be kept safe for work. This also extends to ALL songs that can be played on the profiles and lyrics and/or quotes. If you are asked to change any content by staff that has been deemed unacceptable or inappropriate, please do so without argument or excuses. In order to be sorted, your profile must be filled out completely, sans the plotter and development links, which will be required upon posting these things.


Lorem Ipsum will have a monthly activity check. This is to ensure that everyone has been an active member of the forum and is still contributing to it. Anyone who has not posted by the first of every month, as judged by an activity check, will be moved to inactive, their claims removed and all of their posts all archived. If you happen to find yourself in this situation, we have a special forum that inactive characters can only see, meant for reactivating your characters. Once the requirements for reactivation are met, your characters will be returned to you. Any inactive characters are indicated by a "✘" at the end of their name along with being resorted into 'dropped', thus turning them light grey. In the terms of activity requirements, one post a month is the minimum we ask for. Activity Checks will be posted with a deeper explanation of expectations, or this will be edited with the said explanation.


We understand the need to occasionally take a break, real life always comes before roleplay, no matter what. If you need to take a break, please post an absent notice in the absences forum. Please don't be gone forever. We will only accept an absence for 1 month before you are deemed gone, and that is only if you update your absence every week or so. The longest an absence can go un-updated is three weeks before the staff will assume you have left for good. However, you are always welcome back at any time, of course, but while you are inactive your characters will be opened up for other members.


This offence, if you are found to have stolen anything from another, by any means, for anything from your app to your roleplay, be it Wikipedia or another roleplayer from another forum, will result in an instant and permanent ban. Plagiarism is the act of taking another's work and passing it off as your own without giving proper credit. If at any time you copy paste from another source, use links to credit. Any app that has any plagiarism will be instantly denied and you will be IP banned.


We at Lorem Ipsum have decided against allowing the use of VPNs or Proxies, and if you are caught using either of these you will be banned from the site.


The staff reserves the right ask you to leave our forums if you have overstayed without the completion of one full character app. While we do not enjoy the idea of chasing anyone who wants to be here off, we cannot tolerate a user applying for extremely long periods time. If you have been switching between characters or apping one in particular for over a 2 month period, we will take it upon ourselves to ask you to either finish promptly so you can be reviewed or please consider taking your roleplaying needs elsewhere.

16. FAQs

The FAQs purpose is to cover what we do and do not allow roleplaying wise, to the specifics of situations. If you do not see something within the rules, please also check over the FAQs as well. We will be updating the FAQs frequently, as well, with answers to questions that have been asked and answers to questions we as staff are primitively answering. Please consider the FAQs a set of rules as well, that showcases our expectations for RP here.

17. MORE

The staff of Lorem Ipsum will add, subtract, expand or remove content from the above rules by their discretion. Any changes made will be accompanied by an announcement explaining the changes, but explanations as to why may or may not be disclosed. Also, to expand, Admin decisions outweigh the rules written above. All decisions made by the admins will be passed by the mods, but in the end, the admins' decisions for what is best for the forum will stand above the rules.






as played by N/A
Hello, I am Lorem Ipsum's root account.
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Feb 11 2018, 08:45 AM



Like previously mentioned, all aliases should be simple and less than 10 characters long, avoiding numbers and symbols. The length restriction is so it does not upset our CBox, it is narrow. Please use the same OOC alias that is listed on your character account within the cbox. If you have an anime character icon, please be sure to use characters that you have accepted/are applying for. We ask this so that there is no confusion as to what characters are available.


As a whole, we ask that while using the Lorem Ipsum Cbox that you hold yourself in a respectful manner. We aim to make Lorem Ipsum a safe, friendly site that makes those here feel at home, but we need everyone's cooperation to do so! If you find that this rule is being breached and someone isn't handling themselves properly do not hesitate to inform a staff member of the issue and we will see to handling the problem as swiftly as possible. However, please do not act as a staff member unless you are one. If staff is present, please let staff handle things. We understand wanting to help, but we also ask that you let staff deal with any questions or issues first.


The general conversation of the Cbox should be kept at a PG-13 rating. This means the use of mature language should be used sparsely, if at all. Also, subject matters that are violent or sexual in nature should be avoided as often as possible. We ask that you don't advertise other roleplay sites within the cbox, there is a forum for that specifically if you happen to be trying to get the word out about another site. Anything that could be considered triggering should be avoided; use fair judgment on this as not everyone is the same.


Lorem Ipsum is a site that prides itself on the inclusion of all persons who join. When chatting in the Cbox, try to be inclusive of all members as we are not here to provide a place where cliques are rampant, so be friendly to all. Please engage in the conversations at hand. Excessive derailment of conversations is disruptive and could result in a warning.


We do not tolerate certain things being the topic at hand within the Cbox. Among those things is consistently talking about your application and pestering staff within the Cbox about acceptance and how long it's taking. Excessive fandom chat is also frowned upon, this includes ship wars and the like. Also, we do not want other members pestering each other to make certain characters; let muses develop naturally. This also extends to bothering members to post or reply, in any form. As far as sharing content such as gifs, images, videos, etc, we would like to keep it as clean as possible. No gore, violence, or pornography will be tolerated.

06. MORE

The staff of Lorem Ipsum will add, subtract, expand or remove content from the above rules by their discretion. Any changes made will be accompanied by an announcement explaining the changes, but explanations as to why may or may not be disclosed.

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