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 Midoriya Izuku, Nara [Boku No Hero Academia]


Boku No Hero Academia






as played by Nara
The words I'd always wanted to hear... 'You Can Be A Hero'
Player Pronouns she/her
Player Age 16


Apr 21 2018, 02:53 AM

Midoryia Izuku



AGE Sixteen

RACE Human


SEXUALITY Asexual Biromantic

JOB Hero

USERGROUP Syzygy or Xephyr

Midoriya Izuku
A boy with one dream. That's how you saw yourself when you were four years old after watching one hero rise from the ashes of building ruins to save all those people. He laughed and he smiled, whenever he was there everyone would be safe. That set off a spark in your heart. One that would burn bright for years to come.

You wanted to be a hero and to save people, just like him.

But you were told the one thing you never wanted to be. 'Quirkless' they said. Your parents were both so cool with their Quirks, yet you had nothing. There was no spark. No strength. No power. There was nothing that made you special compared to others.

Even your mother apologized to you that day as tears streamed down your face.

There was something inside you, even after that. From then on claiming that day would be 'your first and last setback'. You never wanted to give up on this 'unreachable' dream, not even now you knew how unspecial you were. Racing to each scene, to each fight you wanted to see the Heroes in action.

You still wanted to be a Hero.

Bakugou Katsuki
Your neighbor for years, the one who had all the power and encouragement with the same dream that you had. He wanted to be a Hero, you knew he could. Everyone knew he could. He knew he could. But then....

Kacchan could do anything.

Even though you saw him as strong, a goal to overcome he looked down on you. Beat you and bruised you emotionally. You were terrified to go anywhere near him, to risk him yelling at you again.

All because you didn't have a Quirk, he told you that you weren't worth anybody's time.

The book you had spent so long recording notes in, he burned it. He threw it out the window and left you there on your own. Maybe you didn't have a Quirk like everybody else, but did that really mean your dream was an impossible goal? Was it really that far away for somebody like you?

Kacchan would pass the exam to U.A, the most prestigious Hero academy and begin training to become a hero. He was - in a way - one reason you didn't want to give up. Because he was one goal, a goal in reach that you wanted to overcome.

All Might
The Number One Hero. The Hero who always wore a smile. No matter what person was watching, he was admired by everyone. He made them all feel safe in any situation just by being there. He was the person you wanted to be, the type of Hero you wanted to be.

Someone who would always be there to save people.

But he told you it was impossible. That there was no chance of you becoming a hero because heroes had to have Quirks. You could feel the sharp jabs of pain in your chest, the feeling that told you he was right and you knew that. As though it was a fact you had been in denial about all this time.

Even though he'd said that, even though he'd destroyed your resolve, your feet moved before your brain had time to think. All because you'd made eye contact with Kacchan, trapped inside a liquid Villain and suffocating.

'Help Me'

Fighting against the Villain; a boy with no Quirk and no hope of winning. But you didn't know that All Might - who had lost that something after he was injured five years ago - was watching you. That you were the reason he appeared that day.

He offered to make you a hero.

Toshinori Yagi
The man behind the mask of All Might, who told you the secret of One For All. That it was passed like a torch from vessel to vessel. Cultivated from one generation to the next. A Quirk that could be passed on to a worthy successor.

He had chosen you.

Training was hard, the hardest thing you had ever done physically. He had gone to such lengths to create a plan, something to keep you on track, but it wasn't enough. It was good enough to just be ready you had to work twice as hard to stand the ghost of a chance to get to the same level as everyone who had their power their entire lives.

Ten months of grueling hard work.

Ten months of pushing yourself beyond your limits.

But you succeeded. The training.... you managed it. You cleared it. He acknowledged you hard work in a way that no one ever had before. Through everything you had done, you had proven yourself to want this.

You inherited One For All that day.

Ochaco Uraraka
The girl you first met at the day of the U.A entrance exam. A girl who had given you the first kind words you could remember, aside from All Might and your mother. She stopped you from falling flat on your face and never did you expect her to become such an important part of your journey to becoming a hero.

One thing you could remember clearly about that day; you had no points for the exam. There were two minutes left. There was nothing you could do. No chance of passing the practical side now.

That had been when the giant robot burst from underneath the ground. It came from nowhere, everyone ran away from it. Defeating an opponent brought no reward for anyone, as it awarded no points.

But your eye had caught Ochaco, trapped under the rubble and you acted without thinking.

Fear welled up inside you. Everything was undoubtedly going to be over. Doing this cemented the fact that you wouldn't be able to pass the exam. Never move toward your dream of entering the same school that All Might had attended.

But you had to save her.

One For All activated without you realizing, launching you into the air as pain erupted through your legs. They were broken; they had to be. But you were nearly there and the force was enough. Enough to hit the robot and send it flying, breaking your arm in the process.

She saved you, in the end. Stopped you from breaking yourself anymore by using her Quirk to lower you to the ground.

Because you rescued her, you passed the exam.

Tomura Shigaraki
Cemented into your brain, a member of the League of Villains. How could you not remember him without your blood boiling to the surface with both anger and fear. Anger, because he had endangered your friends. Your classmates.

Fear, because he had calculated a plan that nearly took down All Might.

He had helped to create a creature that could take All Might at 100% power, a monster known as Nomu. All you could do was watch as attack after attack was thrown. Punch after punch but nothing got through. Listen, as you hear him laugh at All Might's near-defeat.

Watch as he attacked All Might at his weakest, even though Nomu had been defeated by your hero.

You would never not remember him. He would always be there, him and the League of Villains. As enemies. As people that couldn't be allowed out into the public, people who had to be captured no matter what.

Shouto Torodoki
Your clash with Shouto; you would always remember it because you pushed yourself harder than you ever had before.

The Sports Festival, the third round. You had managed to make it past two other challenges to be placed in a tournament-style fight with Shouto Torodoki. The best in your class, the most powerful.

The son of the Number Two Hero Endeavor.

He saw his power not as his, but as his father's. Because his father had only cared about winning. Only cared about overtaking All Might to become Number One and was using his son to do so. That meant - to you - that Shouto wasn't going to be fighting you, he was fighting All Might's 'prodigy'.

And was determined to do so without using his full power.

More than losing, more than being noticed, that was what surfaced in your mind throughout that entire fight. He thought he could win using half of his full strength. That no one else was worth it, you said those things to him.

You broke your fingers, one by one. It was painful, but something you were used to by now. But you weren't going to give up. More than winning, you wanted Shouto to be able to use all of his Quirk against you.

The flames lit up on his right side.

One final attack for you both, fire and ice versus the strength you had found. A clash sending shockwaves throughout the stadium. You remembered the pain, the flying sensation, then the impact of something behind you.

A loss, because you had been knocked out of bounds. But you knew that in reality, this was a victory for both you, and Shouto.

When you next opened your eyes, you didn't know where you were. An unfamiliar hospital, filled with people you didn't know going about their business. You were in a bed you'd never seen before, but people kept telling you that this was a safe place. Everyone said this place was Ipsum and you would never make it home.

They helped to get you back to health, but the scars on your hand and deformed fingers would never be the same.

A mere days later, you were dismissed. But in the lobby, you saw. A coverage of a recent attack nearby which was stopped by a group of heroes. That's when your eyes widened, a sort of hope igniting.

Shouto had lead that team.

Now you had to find him.


DOB July 15th



A mutation combination of two Quirks; A Quirk to stockpile power and a Quirk that can be transferred to others. He received this Quirk from All Might, who got Deku to ingest his DNA (specifically by eating his hair) as that's how the 'torch is passed' vessel to vessel. When active, this Quirk allows for destructive superhuman strength, superhuman speed and increased agility. The person to last use it cultivates the power, passing it on to the next for them to cultivate. Unfortunately for Deku, he had to become a worthy vessel in a short amount of time and was unable to properly master One For All meaning that when he uses this Quirk against anything other than human beings, he ends up breaking all the bones in the focused area. However eventually there is a chance that he will figure out that he can use 5% of this power across his entire body, he can use this Quirk. This is known as One For All: Full Cowl.

Deku puts himself through a lot throughout BNHA. This points to the fact that he has an incredibly high pain tolerance, able to break numerous bones in his body and still being able to move and attack.

STRENGTHS Determination, Analysis of abilities, Protector

WEAKNESSES Lack of Quirk control, Needs more self-confidence, reckless

PULL POINT Pulling Deku from the end of the fight with Shouto in season 2

SORTING Because of his powerful Quirk, Deku has the sheer power and strength to be placed into either Xephyr or even Zenith. Unfortunately he doesn't have enough control over his power, currently only able to use 5% without breaking any of his bones. This would put him in either Syzygy or Xephyr.

as written by


AGE Sixteen EXPERIENCE who knows not me T.T LOCATION AEST player triggers
sexual situations and manslaughter
other characters
Haan Ara, Pidge Gunderson, Kiragi


Earth, Allegedly



Code Wrangler



as played by Roswell
And when I fall to rise with stardust in my eyes In the backbone of night, I'm combustible Dust in the fire when I can't sleep a wink, I'm too tired This old world, this old world
Player Pronouns Any
Player Age ∞


Apr 23 2018, 02:43 AM


First off, thanks for making those edits <3

Deku, precious boy, he puts himself through so much chasing his dream. He'll get there one day, even if it's in a brand new world. He better be careful in Ipsum, though, there's no Recovery Girl to heal him up quick if he gets carried away and there are some pretty terrifying villains in the city.

Welcome to Ipsum Midoriya Izuku! You have been sorted into SYZYGY! Due to the fact Deku does not yet have full control over his ability. Please be sure to fill out your Claims and your Mini Profile, and let us know that you have finished that here, so we can properly sort you!

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