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 Sora, Nara [Kingdom Hearts]


Kingdom Hearts



Student / Explorer



as played by Nara
The heart may be weak and sometimes, it might give in. But I've learned that deep inside there's a light that never goes out!
Player Pronouns she/her
Player Age 16


May 18 2018, 09:12 AM


kingdom hearts

NICKNAME Plenty of nicknames, many very grand. Idiot is best tho

AGE Seventeen

RACE Human


SEXUALITY Asexual Demiromantic

JOB Student + Explorer

USERGROUP Syzygy or Denizen most probably

Thoughts rushed through his head while he slept. But they weren't just random thoughts about what he wanted to eat or do later (although there was a little bit of that). More like memories flashing in front of his eyes, telling him fragments about who he was. What he was supposed to do. The kinds of things that he had done before. After all it wasn't that long ago that he couldn't even remember his name. Now was a different matter though.


His name that belonged to him and him alone. At least he was almost positive that was the case unless someone had decided to use his name instead of their own. Which would be really weird if they ever met up and wasn't something that he wanted to think about.

There were other people too! A blue haired boy.... Riku. How could he have forgotten Riku?! His best friend who he had not only fought but searched for all this time. His friend who had been in the realm of the Heartless for so long who he had almost met up with.... somewhere. Why couldn't he remember? He was sleeping somewhere and wherever that was he had almost met Riku again. How weird. But he had promised.... someone to find him again. To bring him home so the three of them could have fun together again.

A girl with crimson hair... he liked her a lot. More than he would care to admit to anyone even though they probably did catch on. Her name... what was her name....


That was right. Kairi. The girl he had promised to return to with Riku. The girl who was waiting for him back on the island. She had given him a charm to keep him safe before leaving to find Riku and bring him home. Yeah. That was her all right. He had sacrificed himself (becoming a Heartless in the process) to awaken her by releasing her heart from inside himself. She was a Princess of the Heart. The final one that he had to meet before confronting... someone. Stopping whoever that was from reaching Kingdom Hearts. Maybe she lost her memories at the same time he had? Maybe her memories were blurs as well... of him and Riku. Of all the experiences they had all had together. The thought hurt, but somewhere deep in his heart said that she remembered everything. Kairi would never forget him.... and he forgot because he was an idiot.

Donald and Goofy too. His two traveling companions and two of his closest friends (Riku and Kairi aside). They had helped him so much while fighting the Heartless and stopping Ansem. A trio of friends traveling the universe and each of them wanted to find something important to them. They had all gotten so close.... so close to finding Riku and King Mickey. But they slipped away. Life was full of disappointment but they had never given up. Those two gave him strength. The will to press on through the darkness. The three of them had fallen asleep together, he was sure of it!

So... where was he now? There was nothing in his memory about how he'd fallen asleep or why. Just a feeling that he wanted to protect someone. Someone who was fading from his memory piece by piece, being replaced by Kairi. Who was she? A blonde girl.... a lonely girl. Someone who he was forgetting quicker and quicker as time passed by. He could tell that she was right outside the place he was sleeping but he couldn't reach her. Soon enough she vanished from his thoughts entirely...

Now there was someone new that wasn't anywhere in his memories. In fact he had never seen anyone like this person at all. A boy about his age with spiky what appeared to be blonde hair. It was a faint image but... he felt as though this person wasn't just someone he felt a connection to. He WAS him. This boy was Sora and Sora was this boy. No name appeared, try as he might to find one. But even the image of him was fading... just like the girl from before. The girl who's face he couldn't even picture anymore...

Oh yeah. The Keyblade.... that was his weapon. How much of an idiot could he be that he forgot that he was supposed to beat the Heartless and seal each of the worlds with the Keyblade?! It was something that he'd done ever since Riku had left Destiny Islands and Kairi had been kidnapped. He'd been doing it for ages! Everyone kept saying it was his destiny to defeat the darkness of all the worlds and he was more than happy to give it his best go. But... all he wanted to do was find Riku and bring him home. That was how it all started. Beating all the Heartless was a bonus. He wouldn't tell anyone that of course! He wanted to help Donald and Goofy.... as well as anyone else who might need it. It just felt like everyone in all the worlds wanted him to help and there was no time for him to do what he wanted. Honestly, he just wanted to go home.

He could remember darkness. Two giant shadows looming over him but he couldn't quite remember who they were... one was Ansem. The creator of the Heartless and the guy who had tried to take Kingdom Hearts for himself so he could turn everything to darkness. That was right wasn't it? He, Donald and Goofy stood up to him even though the darkness was engulfing them. He could still feel it, that constricting feeling that forced him to give in. But he didn't give up. Even though darkness closed in, there would always be a light to shine through it. Always. The Keyblade had responded and let lose a burst of light, taking out Ansem and saving his friends. But somewhere he felt like Ansem was still out there somewhere and if he was, there was no doubt that he would go out there and stop him. Especially if he was going to try and hurt all those people again.

The second shadow was a witch. He knew she had control over the Heartless and had also been trying to reach Kingdom Hearts.... Maleficent. The name was Maleficent. A witch that he'd set out to beat so the Heartless would leave... and Riku would come to his senses. Maleficent had captured the Princesses of the Heart - a lot of them that he'd met - so he couldn't just sit by and watch the witch take Kingdom Hearts. Even when he felt alone after Riku took the Keyblade from him, Donald and Goofy with it, he managed to pull through. No matter how dark things got he always managed to find a way out to keep everyone safe.

But now someone was calling him... a familiar voice ringing through his ears. Wake up. He needed to wake up. He couldn't even remember why he was sleeping so waking up wouldn't be too much of a challenge. But he needed to leave his worries behind and focus on what he was doing now otherwise who knew what would happen to him.

So he opened his eyes....


FAVORITE FOOD Doesn't really have one (although he gets emotional over Sea Salt Icecream)

LIKES Friends, Exploring, Seeing new things

DISLIKES Darkness, Ansem, Hearless

ABILITIES Traditionally, Sora is a human teenager from the Destiny Islands. But everything changed when he was pulled into a large adventure to defeat the Heartless as the Keyblade wielder. Although he's still human, he trained and is now able to perform better in battle along with dodge rolls and certain magics.

Sora's Keyblade appears as a giant key-like sword known as the Kingdom Key, the original Keyblade. Thanks to the blade he's able to seal/open the doors to other worlds by locking or unlocking the keyholes for those worlds which allows travel between them. He can also perform basic magic such as fire, freeze and thunder. There is the possibility of him learning more as time goes on, as long as they're taught from the right teacher. The Keyblade can also appear/disappear on command and can lock/unlock doors, locks ect.


  • Confidence
  • Energy
  • Friendship


  • Overconfidence
  • Attracts Darkness
  • Almost useless without support

PULL POINT After reuniting with Roxas in KH II but he's been around Ipsum for two years

SORTING At the point I've taken him from, Sora doesn't have access to his Drive Forms nor have much knowledge over the connections he has to other people of his world. He's got a decent skill with a sword (but he's still recovering from the aftereffects of CoM) and access to magic. Although he still has a certain level of skill behind him, it's nowhere near where it was at the end of KH I. So I think Denizen would most probably suit him best at the moment.

as written by


AGE Sixteen EXPERIENCE idek anymore LOCATION AEST player triggers
sexual situations and manslaughter
other characters
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as played by Roswell
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Player Age ∞


May 19 2018, 03:23 AM


Sora, precious boy <3 It's a little vague, a little disjointed, in places, but in a way that works for someone trying to recover memories. Two years is a long time to be alone, though, so here's hoping Ipsum will bring him his friends, yeah? At least he's no stranger to the multi-verse idea, right? XD.

Welcome to Ipsum Sora! You have been sorted into DENIZEN! Please be sure to fill out your Claims (Character List, Member List & Employment) and your Mini Profile, and let us know that you have finished that here, so we can properly sort you!

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