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 Kiragi, Nara [Fire Emblem]


Fire Emblem: Fates



Excepteur Upperclassmen



as played by Nara
So fun! So! Fun! It was SO fun, seeing you be all like, you know... YAAAAH! BLAMMIE! I want to be just like you, Dad!
Player Pronouns she/her
Player Age 16


Apr 10 2018, 02:15 AM


Fire Emblem


AGE Fifteen

RACE Hoshidan Human by blood



JOB Excepteur 1st Year Upperclassmen

USERGROUP Either Denizen or Syzygy

"I wanna be just like my Dad when I grow up!"

They say it's impossible. Everyone who raised the boy in his Deeprealm said that there was no chance he could get close to the Second Prince of Hoshido, especially when he was so far away. But they didn't get it. All of those stories, all those legends. Everything just made him seem so amazing. The kind of person you wanted desperately to be.

Why couldn't you be?

What was there to stop you?

Did.... they see something you didn't?

He was an archer, or so they said. Able to wield the Fujin Yumi in a way that no one else could. You'd never met him, but only the best could wield that weapon. Your father could do it, so you wanted to be able to. The only thing in your hand now was a wooden bow. Something made in the yard where your caretakers took care of crops.

He was a warrior.

He was a Prince.

But.... what did that make you?

Something said that there was nothing that could be done. This was a goal, nothing else. Within a hand's reach yet so very far away in a whole other world that was impossible to find. A place where battles were fought and his family lived there. His mother. His father. The people who loved you so very, very much but that you had never met. Left here in this realm with caretakers and a dream.





With no much free time and lo little to do, there were chances everywhere to perfect the skills of your father's Legends. A man who could shoot the Legendary Bow. Someone who would never miss a target. You were going to master those skills. Prove that you were - in fact - the son of the second Hoshidan Prince. A smile, enthusiasm, brightness. Dragging other children along into the forest and mountains as the sun set.

They blamed you.

It was all your fault they said.

Why did you lead them astray?

But.... you'd found your way back. They had been crying and in distress so you couldn't just leave them. Giving up wasn't an option either. Looking up at the stars, it hit you. Almost as though a comet had fallen from the sky, striking you in the brain. Even though it was dark, even though the terrain was difficult to traverse, you knew the way home. You knew a path. A way to help them all.

How awesome is that?

They made you help with the hunting though.

It was still your fault the others could've gotten hurt.

Was.... that fair?

Nothing could deter you. Now that there was the knowledge that you had a skill no one could take that away. There was even pride in that ability. The job at hand was hunting, fathering food for everyone. Something you were capable of doing. No regrets or hesitation, just shooting at what would eventually be a food source for everyone.

But there was something there.

In the bushes.

You couldn't let whatever it was get any closer.

The arrow flies, shot toward the bushes. You expected a large animal, a bear maybe. Or even something like a wolf. Warriors atop Pegasi and Wyverns emerged from the bushes, powerful. Strong. If you hadn't shot maybe they would've left you alone to return. But they were attacking. You let more arrows fly, hitting them and downing a few but they surrounded you from all sides. No one could shoot down that many.

An arrow from behind them.

Shining, blue, hopeful light.

Your eyes shone with a thousand stars as you saw him.

Powerful, just like you knew he would be. There was nothing that said the legends and stories were wrong. He had come to help you even though it had been in another dimension. Your father. Prince Takumi. He had come to save you. Now you were fighting by his side, like you only ever did in your dreams. But this was reality. This was real and he had come to save you. By his side you beat the bad guys, he made you stronger. Someone that you looked up to and admired - how could you let this chance go.

"That was so cool! Watching you hit em all like BAM! I wanna fight together with you; I wanna be just like you Dad!"

More certain than ever.

More sure than before.

Now you could fight with your father.

But everything stopped before it even began....

DOB July 4th



ABILITIES Kiragi has gone out of his way to teach himself how to fire a bow, to the point when it's mentioned that he as the 'sharpest eyes in the army'. One of his goals is to be able to one day wield the Fujin Yumi like his father, although he doesn't have the resolve or reason to do so as of yet. Aside from that, his boundless optimism is often commented on and is one of his greatest abilities.

STRENGTHS Optimism, Pathfinding, Archery

WEAKNESSES Doesn't want to learn traditional subjects, worries over responsibility, always trying to make people happy

PULL POINT From the Birthright Chapter, however Kiragi didn't get to Hoshido and was brought to Ipsum while leaving his deeprealm.

SORTING Kiragi has mastery of the bow, due to the fact it's his one passion in life. While he claims it's not on the level of his father Takumi there's no doubt that he has a way with a bow. In addition he can traverse all sorts of landscapes with ease as a skilled pathfinder.

as written by


AGE Sixteen EXPERIENCE idk how many years anymore LOCATION AEST player triggers
Sexual situations and manslaughter
other characters
Haan Ara, Pidge Gunderson


Earth, Allegedly



Code Wrangler



as played by Roswell
And when I fall to rise with stardust in my eyes In the backbone of night, I'm combustible Dust in the fire when I can't sleep a wink, I'm too tired This old world, this old world
Player Pronouns Any
Player Age ∞


Apr 19 2018, 04:42 AM


One of these days, I'm gonna have to play this game. He sounds absolutely precious, okay. So determined, so hopeful, bad luck being dragged into Ipsum, but I'm sure he can find a place for himself here. At least he won't be completely alone, right?

Welcome to Ipsum Kiragi! You have been sorted into Syzygy! Please be sure to fill out your Claims and your Mini Profile, and let us know that you have finished that here, so we can properly sort you!

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